You did it, Virginia!

Thanks to quick action by Campaign for Liberty members and other liberty-minded Virginians, both SB 507 and HB 194 have been defeated in the 2014 session!

Last Tuesday, SB 507 — which would have forced private political parties to select their candidates by taxpayer-funded primaries — was stopped by a 13-1 vote in its Senate committee hearing.  But as I wrote you that day, we were not out of the woods.

The House companion bill, HB 194, was set to quickly be considered by the State House Committee on Privileges and Elections.

So last Tuesday, we asked you to turn up the pressure on the House next.

Well, shortly after that, Delegate Scott Taylor threw up his hands and announced he was withdrawing HB 194!

And we received confirmation this morning that HB 194 was officially removed from the House committee’s agenda during a subcommittee hearing!

In a little over a week, the groundswell of opposition to these bills banning nominating conventions dramatically flipped the prospects from near-certain passage to a resounding defeat.

This legislation is likely to return in the future, so we must continue to be vigilant.

The powers that be despise conventions and the grassroots candidates that are nominated there.

You can be sure they'll be back, and all I can say is we'll be waiting!

Savor this well-deserved and hard-fought victory; you've earned it.

Great work!

In Liberty,

John Tate

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