Centralized Planning on Fast Track in Madison - Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs)

government_problems_solutionsCentralized planning at its finest is being fast tracked by Republicans in Madison right now.

I'm talking about Regional Transit Authorities.

Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) give unelected bureaucrats the power to tax you and use eminent domain against your property.

Once an RTA is created, they are a corporate and political body that runs themselves as a separate governmental entity.

RTAs are a cornerstone to big government centralized planning. They push for taxpayer-subsidized high-speed rail, and they are NOT directly liable to the people.

  • Do you like the idea that an unelected body of bureaucrats have the authority to tax you, steal your property, and use it how they choose?
  • Do you like the idea that an unelected body of bureaucrats will continue to push to spend your money on high-speed rail even after we defeated high-speed rail in November?
  • Do you like the idea that an unelected body of bureaucrats will circumvent your local control of transit?

While legislation repealing RTAs was passed in 2009, today the Republicans in Madison are on the fast track to bringing them back.

They even suspended the rules to move this as quickly as possible without us noticing. But, we were watching.

Senate Bill 259 starts the ball rolling by authorizing an RTA in the Fox Cities. Of course, once we open that door...you know what can happen.

This bill may be coming up for a voter very soon in the Committee on Rules. I need you to contact the Committee on Rules right now; click here to get their contact information!

Demand that they stop the RTA Creation Bill (SB259). Tell them you do not want unelected bureaucrats in control of your money and your property!

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Wisconsin State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. RTAs are a major tool of big government and centralized planners. You can strike a major blow for liberty right now. Call the Committee on Rules and demand they stop The RTA Creation Bill (SB259). Click here to get their contact information!

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