Small Business for ObamaCare, Really?

Do you think ObamaCare will help small businesses?

Yeah, me neither. Higher taxes, more mandates, and a slew of other government mandates will make small business tougher, not easier.

Then why are the National Federation of Independent Business Wisconsin (NFIB) and the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce (WMC) supporting ObamaCare exchanges?

Sole proprietors are required to either purchase health insurance through a state-sponsored mandate or pay a $95 penalty annually.
Businesses with 29 workers will be "exempt." The impact of this law will discourage companies from adding additional workers to stay below the 29-worker threshold.
Business owners with between 30 and 50 workers will be subject to fees of $2,000 per worker, per year, for failing to offer employees health insurance.
Insurance can typically cost up to $4,000 per worker, per year for a small company, so many small businesses will opt to pay the $2,000 penalty per worker annually rather than offer coverage.
Those facts do not sound so small business-friendly to me.

I just canceled my NFIB membership because of Wisconsin NFIB's support of ObamaCare exchanges.

Will you call Wisconsin NFIB state director Bill Smith at608-255-6083 and email him at [email protected] and tell him ObamaCare exchanges are a bad policy for small business in Wisconsin? Tell him to stop supporting ObamaCare or your business will cancel your NFIB membership.

Then will you call WMC director Rebecca Hogan at 608-661-6947 and email her at [email protected] and tell her the same?

Friday is the deadline for Governor Walker to decide whether or not to create ObamaCare exchanges in Wisconsin.

Let’s ensure he does not.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. ObamaCare is bad policy, period. Call Bill Smith(608-255-6083) of NFIB and Rebecca Hogan (608.661.6947) of WMC and tell them to stop hurting small business. Tell them to stop supporting ObamaCare exchanges.

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