Stop DNA on Arrest, Decrease Taxes, Decrease Borrowing

dna-swabDNA on Arrest passed in the Joint Finance Committee, but this fight is just getting started. Legislators are standing up.

Because of pressure from supporters like you, eleven legislators have stood up and said NO to DNA on Arrest; and they will not vote for a budget including it.

But the Finance Committee plans to advance the budget today, so you and I must turn up the heat.

As you know, Governor Walker's invasive proposal, backed by Assembly Leader Robin Vos, mandates that DNA be taken and put forever on record when someone is charged with a felony -- not proven guilty, only charged.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The eleven legislators opposing DNA on Arrest are also pushing for slashing the income tax, eliminating the marriage tax penalty, and slashing $500 million in bonding (borrowing).

You can read the letter they sent to Speaker Robin Vos here.

As you may already know, Robin Vos is for DNA on Arrest, against cutting the income tax, and for increased borrowing.

But if these eleven stand strong, they can stop the budget from being passed.

If you and I are going to make this happen -- we must keep up and intensify the pressure.

Please do the following two things right now:

1. Call Assembly Speaker Robin Vos at 608-266-3387 and demand to know why he is acting like a big government politician.

Demand to know why he supports DNA on Arrest.  Demand that he stop standing in the way of tax cuts.

2. Call your Assembly Representative and tell him or her to oppose DNA on Arrest, slash the income tax, and slash bonding.

Click here for contact information.

The United States is unique because we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

You have a right to a trial before you should be treated like a criminal.

Speaker Robin Vos is pushing hard to turn the Constitution on its head to consider you guilty until proven innocent.

The Speaker is also doing all he can to stop tax cuts.

Call Robin Vos at 608-266-3387 right now and then call your Assembly Representative. Click here for contact information.

Tell them to remove DNA on Arrest from the budget and slash the income tax and borrowing as well.

I am making my calls and sending my emails right now -- I hope you will do the same.

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