Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act Petition

If Obama has his way, he will take all of your guns, regardless of what the Second Amendment says!

Thankfully, as I mentioned in my last email to you, theWisconsin Firearm Freedom Act (LRB 2063) has been introduced.

And the gun-haters in Wisconsin are practically coming apart at the seams. 

The Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act would make it illegal for any local or state law enforcement officer to carry out orders from a federal mandate restricting magazines, otherfirearm accessories, or types and amounts of ammo in your possession.

And it would make it a crime for any state official to carry out federal gun confiscation orders in Wisconsin.

With your help, we can pass this bill...

But we need to have as many friends on board as possible.

Will you sign our petition in support of the Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act, then forward this email to all of your friends?

Click here to sign the petition.

To pass this bill through the legislature, we must have the support of every Second Amendment supporting Wisconsinite.

After signing the petition, please forward this email to all of your friends, and post the petition link on all of your social networks.

With your help, we can pass this bill, and hold the gun-grabbers at bay.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Interim State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. It is imperative that we show huge numbers in support of the Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act.

Click here now to sign your petition; then forward this email to all of your friends.

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