State Pre-Emption bill (H.F. 2114) moves to Iowa House Public Safety committee

Today, the full House Public Safety Committee is meeting to decide whether or not to pass the State Pre-Emption bill (H.F. 2114) on to the full House. 

Currently, as many as 13 counties in the state have enacted ordinances, resolutions, or statutes that prohibit you from carrying your lawfully owned and carried weapon on all sorts of county or city property like parks, town halls, county shelter houses, sports centers, and more. 
This is different than a private business deciding to ban guns. While a poor decision, that business owner has the right to ban guns in his business, since it’s his property. However, you and I pay for the town hall. Our tax dollars mow the grass at the county park and our resources are used to pay for the upkeep at many sports arenas. 
The worst part is, you likely have no idea which counties and towns have enacted such regulations.
H.F. 2114 is a bill that would prohibit, completely, the ability of cities and counties from enacting these ordinances. This legislation passed out of sub-committee just yesterday by a 2 to 1 vote with Rep. Dwayne Alons casting an important vote. Alons is the kind of legislator who is pro-gun all the time – not just when he is told he can be by leadership. 
Yesterday after an anti-gun lobbyist made a case against this bill, Rep. Alons asked the question, “Why are these cities and counties establishing these criminal safety zones?” Totally ignoring the points that were brought up by the lobbyist, Rep. Alons demanded to know why these municipalities would endanger their own citizens with this legislation.
Please contact these legislators below and urge them to vote yes on H.F. 2114 in today’s committee meeting, with no weakening amendments.
The committee members are listed below: 
Representative Clel Baudler, [email protected],
Representative Tom Shaw, [email protected]
Representative Bob Kressig, [email protected],
Representative Dwayne Alons, [email protected],
Representative Mark Brandenburg, [email protected],
Representative Joel Fry, [email protected],
Representative Chris Hagenow, [email protected]
Representative Jarad Klein, [email protected]
Representative Dan Muhlbauer, [email protected],
Representative Steven Olson, [email protected],
Representative Henry Rayhons, [email protected]
Representative Thomas Sands, [email protected],
Representative Kurt Swaim, [email protected]
Representative David Tjepkes, [email protected]
Representative Matt Windschitl, [email protected]
Representative Mary Wolfe, [email protected]
Representative Gary Worthan, [email protected]
The House switchboard number is 515-281-3221. 
If this bill is passed out of the Committee today, there will likely be a fight on the House Floor over passing this legislation. We need to get the word out to as many Iowans as possible in advance of this vote! 

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