State of the States: June 2018 Update

From passing Sound Money bills, to annihilating law enforcement weaponized drones, to thwarting the spread of ObamaCare expansion, to beating back statist schemes to impose "gag rules" on C4L, Campaign for Liberty grassroots leaders and activists are fighting and winning battles at the state and local level.

Campaign for Liberty State Operations has the honor of working with volunteer leaders across the country as they mobilize for action on some of the most important issues of our time.

“I have some bad news for the statists and their allies in the ‘mainstream’ media," says Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton. “Despite their best efforts, the liberty r3VOLution Ron Paul inspired in 2008 and 2012 is alive and well!”

C4L’s Director of State Operations Heather Danielowski agrees. “Campaign for Liberty's state leaders are achieving remarkable victories for liberty in their neighborhoods and state capitols. They’re going toe-to-toe with establishment politicians and winning all across the country.”

What follows are highlights from just a few of the successes our Campaign for Liberty grassroots activists have experienced in 2018.


Thanks to the efforts of C4L grassroots activists, Wyoming became the second Campaign for Liberty group in as many years to pass major legislation defining gold, silver, and other precious metals as “legal tender,” thus protecting Wyomingites’ right to use precious metals instead of Federal Reserve notes and exempting precious metals from state taxation.

This is a major step toward ending the Federal Reserve's money monopoly.

Similar legislation was signed into law in Utah several years ago and in Arizona just last year -- two more important battles led by Campaign for Liberty grassroots activists.

Campaign for Liberty activists in at least three other states are right now working on their battle plans to pass similar sound money legislation next year.

Passage of this state-level sound money legislation not only gives residents of those states the ability to protect themselves from the Federal Reserve degrading the currency, it helps send a signal to Washington, D.C. that the American people want their elected officials to stand up to the secretive central  bank -- and that includes passing Audit the Fed!


Rand Paul's 2013 drone filibuster brought the issue of the potential use of armed drones on U.S. soil against U.S. citizens to the forefront of public debate, and his fears were realized in 2015, when North Dakota became the first state to officially legalize their use by law enforcement. The new law made headlines months after its passage, when the author of the bill publicly claimed the original bill banned the practice and the language was changed without his knowledge.

In the 2018 West Virginia state legislative session, C4L activists discovered a bill that was intended to limit drone use for civilians but made an exception allowing law enforcement to weaponize their drones. After passing the state House and a Senate committee with the dangerous language intact, our activists got the bill successfully amended on the state Senate floor to remove the law enforcement exception.

Campaign for Liberty state groups in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Tennessee also fought back against similar bills in previous sessions and won.


Grassroots activists and the organizations they affiliate with -- like Campaign for Liberty -- are under attack and laws are being proposed that would suppress their outreach efforts, while powerful corporate lobbyists are gaining more control over politicians.

Legislation is being actively pushed in states across the country that would protect legislators from criticism and severely restrict your First Amendment rights under the guise of “ethics” reform.

Many of these liberty-shredding assaults attempt to gag and intimidate groups like C4L from letting citizens know how their legislators voted on key liberty issues.

Campaign for Liberty groups across the country have successfully blocked "gag rule" legislation forbidding organizations like C4L from so much as mentioning the name of a candidate for office in any communication sent 180 days before an election.

In the 2017/2018 session, Missouri, Colorado, Washington, and Arkansas C4L groups were added to the list of states that beat back the unconstitutional Gag Acts.


ObamaCare attempts to coerce the states into expanding their Medicaid programs to include young, able-bodied individuals who make less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level. States that have opted to expand their programs have gone millions -- and in some cases billions -- of dollars over budget, causing some states to resort to taking funds from their pre-expansion programs that covers the truly needy to pay for it.

Campaign for Liberty state groups have led the charge against ObamaCare expansion since 2010 and they’ve thwarted the schemes of governors and state legislators from both major parties in seventeen states seeking to impose the costly, optional provision.

This year, our activists in Kansas and Idaho killed renewed attempts from so-called “conservative” legislators to pass this budget-busting legislation, and the groundwork is being laid in West Virginia to work toward repeal.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping to preserve and protect liberty, please contact us at StateOperations@CampaignForLiberty.com.

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