Steve Bierfeldt

Steve Bierfeldt is the Director of Development for Campaign for Liberty.

Steve graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut in 2006.  He served as National Field Director in a non-profit in Arlington, Virginia until 2008 and in the spring of that year managed the Congressional campaign of Amit Singh, a Republican candidate in Virginia’s 8th District.

He served as Sponsorship Director for the Campaign for Liberty's "Rally for the Republic" in Minneapolis in September, 2008 and co-authored the book Who is the Real Barack Obama?

"I was raised catholic my entire life, but never found a relationship with God. I did not enjoy going to church, and felt like I was simply going through the motions. When the priest sex abuse scandals came out, I saw that there were bishops and cardinals who covered up what happened, and I began to "boycott" the church.

Mr freshman year of college, I began to wonder about a number of things. I avoided many of the vices that a lot of college kids fall into, but I still did not feel like my life was fulfilling.

I began dating a girl who was an absolute sweetheart. Unfortunately my mind was really elsewhere because I wasn't set in order. I was not able to treat her as well as she deserved. I transferred schools because I thought perhaps that's what was bothering me, and we faded apart. I've thought of her and that situation nearly every day since then.

In May of 2003, the end of my freshman year of college, a friend of mine showed me a video outlining the debate between creation and evolution. Having never believed in evolution, I was very interested by it. At the end of the tape, the man teaching the seminar leads the audience in something called "The Sinner's Prayer."

The basis is "Jesus, I know I am a sinner, and I know I have broken your laws. I ask you to forgive me and please save me right now. I realize that I need you in my life."

I kind of said that in my head while watching the tape, and later on before I went to bed, I said it privately. I was not completely sure what would happen, whether or not I was once again "going through the motions," but I know now that if you are sincerely looking for God in your life, then the exact words you use are irrelevant."

From then on I was a different person. I desired to read the Bible and learn about God. I wanted to do good things not because someone told me, but because I knew Jesus had died due to my failures.

So many people hear that "Jesus died for your sins," but never know what that means. I know I didn't. It means that your sin caused Christ to be killed, so that he could pay the price for your sin. If you have even one sin on your soul when you die, you are not permitted into Heaven.

If God let everyone with sin in, Heaven would soon turn into earth. As you have sinned, you are guilty of breaking God's laws and will be judged by Him. Therefore you need to find a substitute to take the penalty. If you get a speeding ticket and the law says you must pay 100 dollars, it does not matter if you pay it, or your parents or your friend pays it for you. As long as someone pays it, then the law is satisfied.

The same thing exists for God's laws. Since you have sinned, the price of sin is death. You are not permitted into Heaven. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life however, and is willing to take your place. That is what it means when you hear someone say, "Jesus died for you."

The best way to contact me is through email or mobile phone.  Contact me when needed, do not worry about the time or time difference.  You can also contact me via facebook as well.

Remember, it's not work, if you enjoy it...

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