Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.


  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
  4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?
  5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  7. Do you oppose taking federal money to create a state health insurance exchange?


State Assembly "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 R Kenneth B. Lerman Hartford
1 D Matthew D. Ritter Hartford
2 R Dan Carter Bethel
2 D Steven B. DeMoura Bethel
3 D Minnie Gonzalez Hartford
4 R Rico Dence Hartford
4 D Angel Arce Hartford
5 R Paul Panos Windsor
5 D Leo Canty Windsor
6 R Michael J. Lupo Hartford
6 D Edwin Vargas Hartford
7 R Colleen Rankine Hartford
7 D Douglas McCrory Hartford
8 R Tim Ackert Coventry
8 D John P. Murphy Coventry
9 R Rudy Hrubala Manchester
9 D Jason Rojas East Hartford
10 R Eileen A. Powers East Hartford
10 D Henry J. Genga East Hartford
11 R Thomas A. Ogar East Hartford
11 D Timothy Larson East Hartford
12 R Timothy M. Devanney Manchester
12 D Geoff Luxenberg Manchester
13 R Mark Tweedie Manchester
13 D Joe Diminico Manchester
14 R Bill Aman South Windsor
14 D Carol Driscoll South Windsor Y Y N N N
15 R Quentin E. Johnson Bloomfield
15 D David A. Baram Bloomfield
16 R Charity Folk Simsbury
16 D John K. Hampton Simsbury
17 R Timothy B. LeGeyt Canton
17 D David Pena Avon
18 D Andrew M. Fleischmann West Hartford
19 R Jon Landry Farmington
19 D Brian Becker West Hartford
20 R Chad Thompson West Hartford
20 D Joe Verrengia West Hartford
21 R Bill Wadsworth Farmington
21 D Mike Demicco Farmington
22 R Scott Saunders Plainville
22 D Elizabeth "Betty" Boukus Plainville
23 R Marilyn Giuliano Old Saybrook
23 D Adam Stillman Old Saybrook
24 R Peter C. Steele New Britain
24 D Rick Lopes New Britain
25 R Richard H. Gadowski New Britain
25 D Robert (Bobby) Sanchez New Britain Y Y N N Y N
26 R Daniel Davis New Britain Y Y+ N Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
26 D Peter A. Tercyak New Britain
27 R Ben Ancona Newington
27 D Sandy Nafis Newington
28 R John J. Console Wethersfield
28 D Russell A. Morin Wethersfield
29 R Todd Brown Rocky Hill
29 D Antonio "Tony" Guerrera Rocky Hill
30 D Joe Aresimowicz Berlin
31 R Prasad Srinivasan Glastonbury
31 D Chip Flanagan West Glastonbury
32 R Christie M. Carpino Cromwell
32 D Christopher Phelps Portland
33 R Callie L. Grippo Middletown Y Y N Y Y Y Y
33 D Joseph C. Serra Middletown
34 R Melissa H. Ziobron East Haddam
34 D Christopher Goff East Hampton
35 R John A. Samperi Killingworth
35 D Tom Vicino Clinton
36 R Vincent A. Pacileo Ivoryton
36 D Philip J. Miller Ivoryton
37 D Ed Jutila Niantic
38 R Tony Siragusa Uncasville
38 D Elizabeth B. Ritter Quaker Hill
39 R Daniel Docker New London Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
39 D Ernest Hewett New London
40 R Andrew Lavery Groton Y Y Y N Y Y
40 D Edward Moukawsher Groton
41 R Harry A. Watson Groton
41 D Elissa T. Wright Groton
42 D Timothy R. Bowles Preston
42 R Mike France Gales Ferry
43 D Diana S. Urban North Stonington
44 R Harold Reeves Danielson N Y Y Y Y Y Y
44 D Mae Flexer Danielson
45 R Rich Eighme Griswold
45 D Steven Mikutel Griswold
46 R Mikel E. Middleton Norwich
46 D Emmett D. Riley Norwich
47 R Noah P. Enslow Sprague
47 D Brian H. Sear Canterbury
48 R Stan Soby Colchester
48 D Linda A. Orange Colchester
49 R Harry Carboni Windham
49 D Susan Johnson Willimantic
50 R Mike Alberts Woodstock
51 D Daniel S. Rovero Dayville
52 R Penny Bacchiochi Somers
52 D Chris Grohs Stafford
52 CCP Daniel Traceski Somers
53 R Christine Vincent Tolland
53 D Bryan Hurlburt Tolland
54 D Gregory Haddad Mansfield
55 R Pamela Z. Sawyer Bolton
55 D Richard Marzi Hebron
56 D Claire L. Janowski Vernon
57 R Christopher Davis Ellington
57 D Jason E. Bowsza Broad Brook
58 R Tom Sirard Enfield
58 D David Alexander Enfield
59 R Joe Bosco Enfield Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
59 D David William Kiner Enfield
60 R Michael Russo Windsor Locks
60 D Peggy Sayers Windsor Locks
61 R Tami Zawistowski East Granby
61 D Elaine O'Brien Suffield
62 R Bill Simanski Granby
62 D Evan Socrates Dantos Granby Y Y+ N N Y Y+ N
63 R Jay M. Case Winsted
63 D Michael J. Renzullo Winsted
64 R Vivian Rockwell Masiatka Salisbury
64 D Roberta B. Willis Lakeville
65 R Wendy Traub Torrington
65 D Michelle L. Cook Torrington
66 R Craig A. Miner Litchfield
67 R Cecilia Buck-Taylor New Milford
67 D Andrew B. Grossman New Milford
68 R Sean Williams Oakville
69 R Arthur J. O'Neill Southbury
70 R Rosa C. Rebimbas Naugatuck
71 R Anthony J. D'Amelio Waterbury
71 D Ernest Brunelli Waterbury
72 R Mike Stango Waterbury
72 D Larry B. Butler Waterbury
73 R Dennis Odle Waterbury
73 D Jeffrey J. Berger Waterbury
74 R Selim G. Noujaim Waterbury
75 R John F. Alseph, Waterbury Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
75 D Victor Cuevas Waterbury
76 R John Piscopo Thomaston
77 R Jill Fitzgerald Bristol
77 D Christopher A. Wright Bristol
78 R Whit Betts Bristol
78 D Daniel Santorso Terryville
79 R Mary L. Alford Bristol
79 D Frank N. Nicastro, Bristol
80 R Rob Sampson Wolcott Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
80 D Chuck Marsella Wolcott
81 R Cheryl Lownsburg Southington
81 D David Zoni Plantsville
82 D Emil "Buddy" Altobello Meriden
83 R Pablo Soto Meriden Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
83 D Catherine Abercrombie Meriden
84 D Hilda E. Santiago Meriden
84 WTP Damien DeJesus
85 R Gregory N. Bachand Wallingford
85 D Mary Mushinsky Wallingford
86 R Vincent J. Candelora North Branford
87 R Dave Yaccarino North Haven
88 D Brendan Sharkey Hamden
89 R Lezlye Zupkus Prospect
89 D Vickie Orsini Nardello Prospect
90 R Guy Darter Cheshire
90 D Mary G. Fritz Yalesville
91 D Michael C. D'Agostino Hamden
92 D Patricia A. Dillon New Haven
93 D Toni Edmonds-Walker New Haven
94 D Gary Holder-Winfield New Haven
95 D Juan Candelaria New Haven
96 D Roland J. Lemar New Haven
97 D Robert W. Megna New Haven
98 D Patricia M. Widlitz Guilford
99 R Craig Cubellotti East Haven
99 D James M. Albis East Haven
100 R Deborah Kleckowski Middletown Y Y N Y N Y Y
100 D Matthew L. Lesser Middletown
101 R Noreen S. Kokoruda Madison
101 D David Dwyer Madison
102 R Lori Nicholson Branford
102 D Lonnie Reed Branford
103 R Al Adinolfi Cheshire
103 D Elizabeth Linehan Cheshire
104 R Marye Smith Porter Derby Y+ Y+ N N N Y+
104 D Linda M. Gentile Ansonia
105 R Len Greene, Seymour
105 D Theresa W. Conroy Seymour
106 R Mitch Bolinsky Newtown
106 D Lisa Romano Newtown
107 R David A. Scribner Brookfield
108 R Richard A. Smith New Fairfield
109 R Andrew R. Wetmore Danbury
109 D David Arconti, Danbury
110 R Scott DeMuth Danbury
110 D Bob Godfrey Danbury
111 R John H. Frey Ridgefield
111 D Jeff Bonistalli Ridgefield
112 R Debralee Hovey Monroe
112 D Robert S. Dumbroski Monroe
113 R Jason Perillo Shelton
113 D Elaine Matto Shelton
114 R Themis Klarides Derby
114 D Aldon Hynes Woodbridge
115 R Joseph Palmucci, West Haven
115 D Stephen D. Dargan West Haven
116 D Louis P. Esposito, West Haven
117 D Paul Davis Orange
118 R Michael S. Casey Milford
118 D Kim Rose Milford
119 R Pam Staneski Milford
119 D James Maroney Milford
120 R Laura R. Hoydick Stratford
120 D Terry Masters Stratford
121 R Joe Crudo Stratford
121 D Terry Backer Stratford
122 R Lawrence G. Miller Stratford Y Y N Y Y Y Y
123 R David Rutigliano Trumbull
123 D Tom Christiano Trumbull
124 R Jose L. Quiroga Bridgeport
124 D Charles "Don" Clemons, Bridgeport
125 R Tom O'Dea New Canaan
125 D Mark Robbins New Canaan
126 R Anthony Pizighelli Bridgeport
126 D Charlie L. Stallworth Bridgeport
127 R Anthony Minutolo Bridgeport
127 D John Hennessy Bridgeport
128 R Manuel Bataguas Bridgeport Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y+ Y+ Y
128 D Christina M. Ayala Bridgeport
129 R John Slater Bridgeport
129 D Auden Grogins Bridgeport
130 R John Iannuzzi Bridgeport Y+ N Y N Y Y Y
130 D Ezequiel Santiago Bridgeport
131 R David K. Labriola Oxford
132 R Brenda L. Kupchick Fairfield
132 D Sue Brand Southport
133 R Chris DeSanctis Fairfield
133 D Kim Fawcett Fairfield
134 R Tony Hwang Fairfield
134 D Heather Dean Fairfield
135 R John T. Shaban Redding
135 D Leon J. Karvelis Redding
136 R Stephen Rubin Westport
136 D Jonathan Steinberg Westport
137 R Joanne T. Romano Norwalk
137 D Chris Perone Norwalk
138 R Janice R. Giegler Danbury
139 R Leon Moore Oakdale
139 D Kevin Ryan Oakdale
140 D Bruce V. Morris Norwalk
141 R Terrie E. Wood Darien
141 D Rob Werner Darien
142 R Lawrence F. Cafero, Norwalk
142 D Kate Tepper Norwalk
143 R Gail Lavielle Wilton
143 D Ted Hoffstatter Wilton
144 R Mike Molgano Stamford N N Y Y Y Y
144 D Michael Pollard Stamford
145 R Francky Trofort Stamford Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
145 D Patricia B. Miller Stamford
146 R Eva A. Maldonado Stamford
146 D Gerald Fox, Stamford
147 R Joseph S. Tarzia Stamford
147 D William Tong Stamford
148 R Philip Balestriere Stamford Y Y N Y Y Y Y
148 D Daniel J. Fox Stamford
149 R Livvy Floren Greenwich
149 D John Blankley Greenwich N N N N N N
150 R Stephen G. Walko Greenwich
150 D Stephanie R. Paulmeno Old Greenwich
151 R Fred Camillo Old Greenwich
151 D David A. Rafferty Old Greenwich
State Senate
1 R Barbara Ruhe Wethersfield
1 D John W. Fonfara Hartford
2 R Malvi Garcia Lennon Windsor
2 D Eric D. Coleman Bloomfield
3 R Hector Reveron East Hartford
3 D Gary D. LeBeau East Hartford
4 R Cheri Ann Pelletier Manchester
4 D Steve Cassano Manchester
5 D Beth Bye West Hartford
6 R Dwight F. Blint New Britain
6 D Terry Gerratana New Britain
7 R John A. Kissel Enfield
7 D Karen Jarmoc Enfield
8 R Kevin Witkos Canton
8 D Daniel J. Seger Canton
9 R Joe "D" Dinunzio Rocky Hill
9 D Paul R. Doyle Wethersfield
10 D Toni N. Harp New Haven
11 D Martin M. Looney New Haven
12 R Cindy Cartier Guilford
12 D Edward Meyer Guilford
13 R Len Suzio Meriden
13 D Dante Bartolomeo Meriden
14 R Michael DeGrego Milford
14 D Gayle Slossburg Milford
15 D Joan V. Hartley Waterbury
15 I Andrew Larsen Waterbury
16 R Joe Markley Plantsville
16 D Corky Mazurek Wolcott
17 D Joe Crisco Woodbridge
18 R Theresa Madonna Griswold
18 D Andrew Maynard Stonington
19 R Christopher Coutu Norwich
19 D Catherine A. Osten Baltic
20 R Mike Doyle New London
20 D Andrea L. Stillman Waterford
20 L Marc Guttman East Lyme
21 R Kevin C. Kelly Stratford
22 R Chadwick Ciocci Trumbull Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+ Y+
22 D Anthony Musto Trumbull
23 R Caz Mizera Stratford
23 D Andres Ayala, Bridgeport
23 WF Edwin Gomes Bridgeport
24 R Michael A. McLachlan Danbury
24 D Jason W. Bartlett Danbury
25 D Bob Duff Norwalk
25 R Jack Chiaramonte Norwalk
26 R Toni Boucher Wilton
26 D Carolanne Curry Westport
27 R Barry Michelson Stamford Y Y+ Y Y Y
27 D Carlo Leone Stamford
28 R John McKinney Fairfield
29 R Sally White Thompson
29 D Donald E. Williams Brooklyn
30 R Clark J. Chapin New Milford
30 D William Riiska Lakeville
31 R Jason C. Welch Bristol
31 D Dave Roche Bristol
32 R Robert J. Kane Watertown
32 D James C. Gambardella Watertown N N N N N N
33 R Art Linares Westbrook
33 G Melissa Schlag Higganum
33 D James Crawford Westbrook
34 R Len Fasano North Haven
34 D Steve Fontana North Haven
35 R Tony Guglielmo Stafford
35 D Susan Eastwood Ashford
36 R L. Scott Frantz Riverside
36 D Daniel Dauplaise Stamford Y Y N N N N N

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