Michigan State Legislative Candidates

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.



  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of state funds, including state employees, for lobbying legislators to increase the size, funding, or power of government?
  3. Do you oppose state and local funds being used to support private organizations, which are lobbying government?
  4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?
  5. Will you support legislation that would protect citizens’ right to film public officials performing their official duties, as long as they do not interfere with official business?
  6. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
  7. Do you support the “Right to Work,” which states that no worker can be forced to join or pay union dues as a condition of getting or keeping a job?


State House "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 R Dan Schulte Saint Clair Shores
1 D Brian R. Banks Detroit
2 R Daniel Corrigan Grano Groose Pointe Park N Y N N N N Y
2 D Alberta Tinsley Talabi Detroit
2 G Hans Christopher Barbe Grosse Pointe Park
3 R Dolores I. Brodersen Detroit
3 D John Olumba Detroit
3 G Louis M. Novak Detroit
4 R Ron Michalski Hamtramck
4 D Rose Mary C. Robinson Detroit
5 R Samuel R. Rodriguez Detroit Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
5 D Fred Durhal Detroit
6 R Darrin Daigle Detroit
6 D Rashida Tlaib Detroit
6 G Elena M. Herrada Detroit
7 R Mark Ashley Price Highland Park Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
7 D Thomas F. Stallworth Detroit
8 R David Porter Detroit
8 D David E. Nathan Detroit
9 R Rene Simpson Farmington Y Y Y Y Y Y+ Y
9 D Harvey Santana Detroit
10 R Jasmine Bridges Redford
10 D Phil Cavanagh Redford Township
11 R Kathleen Kopczyk Garden City
11 D David Knezek Dearborn Heights
12 R Joanne Michalik Romulus
12 D Douglas A. Geiss Taylor
13 R Tony Amorose Dearborn Heights
13 D Andrew J. Kandrevas Southgate
14 R Edward Gubics Wyandotte
14 D Paul Clemente Lincoln Park
14 L Loel Robert Gnadt Lincoln Park
15 R Priscilla Parness Dearborn
15 D George T. Darany Dearborn
16 R Mary Stargell Westland
16 D Robert L. Kosowski Westland
16 L Steve Boron Westland Y+ Y Y Y Y+ Y+ N
16 UST Harold H. Dunn Westland
17 R Anne Rossio Carleton N Y Y N Y N N
17 D Bill LaVoy Monroe
18 R Candice B. Rusie Saint Clair Shores
18 D Sarah Roberts Saint Clair Shores
18 L Daniel J. Flamand Eastpointe Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
19 R John J. Walsh Livonia
19 D Richard Tannous Livonia
20 R Kurt Heise Plymouth
20 D Tim Roraback Plymouth
21 R Joe Barnabei Romulus
21 D Dian Slavens Canton
22 R Art Blundell Roseville
22 D Harold L. Haugh Roseville
23 R Pat Somerville New Boston Y Y Y Y Y Y
23 D Tom Boritzki Trenton
24 R Anthony G. Forlini Harrison Township
24 D Philip Kurczewski Clinton Township
25 R Sean Clark Warren
25 D Henry Yanez Sterling Heights
26 R Mark Bliss Madison Heights
26 D Jim Townsend Royal Oak
26 L James K. Young Royal Oak  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  N
27 R Ezra Drissman Oak Park
27 D Ellen Cogen Lipton Huntington Woods
27 L John Wierzbicki Huntington Woods Y+ Y+ Y+ N N Y Y
28 R Steven Klusek Warren
28 D Jon M. Switalski Warren
29 R Brian Stebick Pontiac
29 D Tim Greimel Pontiac
30 R Jeff Farrington Utica
30 D Joseph Bogdan Utica
31 R Lynn Evans Fraser Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y+
31 D Marilyn Lane Fraser
31 L James Miller Clinton Township
32 R Andrea M. LaFontaine Memphis Y Y Y Y Y Y
32 D Sheri Smith Columbus
33 R Ken Goike Ray Township
33 D Martha O'Kray Macomb Township
34 R Bruce Rogers Flint
34 D Woodrow Stanley Flint
35 R Timothy C. Sulowski Southfield
35 D Rudy Hobbs Southfield
36 R Pete Lund Shelby Township
36 D Robert Murphy Romeo Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
37 R Bruce Lilley Farmington
37 D Vicki Barnett Farmington Hills
38 R Hugh D. Crawford Novi
38 D Chuck Tindall Novi
39 R Klint Kesto Commerce Township Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
39 D Pam Jackson Commerce Township
40 R Michael D. McCready Birmingham
40 D Dorian Coston West Bloomfield
40 L Steve Burgis Birmingham
41 R Martin Howrylak Troy Y Y Y Y Y Y+
41 D Mary Kerwin Troy
42 R Bill Rogers Brighton
42 D Shanda Willis Brighton
42 L James H. Lewis Howell Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
43 R Gail Haines Lake Angelus
43 D Neil Billington Waterford
44 R Eileen Kowall White Lake
44 D Tom Crawford Milford
44 L Scott Poquette Milford
45 R Tom McMillin Rochester Hills Y Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y
45 D Joanna VanRaaphorst Rochester
46 R Bradford C. Jacobsen Oxford
46 D Daniel W. Sargent Oxford
47 R Cindy Denby Fowlerville
47 D Shawn Lowe Desai Howell
47 L James Weeks Fenton Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
48 R Jeffrey Woolman Davison
48 D Pam Faris Clio
49 R Robert J. Daunt Flint
49 D Jim Ananich Flint
50 R Miles T. Gadola Grand Blanc
50 D Charles Smiley Burton
51 R Joseph Graves Linden
51 D Steven Losey Linden
52 R Mark Ouimet Ann Arbor
52 D Gretchen Driskell Saline
53 R John J. Spisak Ann Arbor
53 D Jeff Irwin Ann Arbor
54 R Bill Emmerich Ypsilanti
54 D David Rutledge Ypsilanti
55 R Owen Diaz Milan
55 D Adam Zemke Ann Arbor
55 G David A. McMahon Milan
56 R Dale W. Zorn Ida Y Y Y Y Y Y
56 D Larry Crider Dundee
57 R Nancy Jenkins Clayton
57 D Jim Berryman Adrian
58 R Kenneth Kurtz Coldwater Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58 D Thomas Amaryllis Coldwater
59 R Matt Lori Constantine
59 D Mike Moroz Dowagiac
60 R Mike Perrin Kalamazoo Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
60 D Sean McCann Kalamazoo
61 R Margaret E. O'Brien Portage Y+ Y+ Y Y Y Y
61 D Michael E. Martin Portage
62 R Mark A. Behnke Battle Creek
62 D Kate Segal Battle Creek
63 R Jase Bolger Marshall
63 D Bill Farmer Scotts
64 R Earl Poleski Jackson
64 D Barbara Shelton Jackson
65 R Mike Shirkey Clarklake Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
65 D Bonnie Johnson Jackson
66 R Aric Nesbitt Lawton
66 D Richard Rajkovich Mattawan
67 R Jeff Oesterle Mason
67 D Tom Cochran Mason
68 R Timothy Moede Lansing
68 D Andy Schor Lansing
69 R Susan McGillicuddy Okemos
69 D Sam Singh East Lansing
70 R Rick Outman Six Lakes Y Y Y Y+ Y Y
70 D Mike Huckleberry Greenville
71 R Deb Shaughnessy Charlotte
71 D Theresa Abed Grand Ledge
72 R Ken Yonker Caledonia Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y+
72 D Scott Urbanowski Kentwood
72 L William R. Wenzel Kentwood Y Y Y Y Y+ Y+ Y
73 R Peter MacGregor Rockford
73 D G. Scott Schuiling Rockford
73 L Ron Heeren Grand Rapids Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
73 UST Ted Gerrard Grand Rapids
74 R Rob VerHeulen Walker
74 D Richard C. Erdman Grandville
75 R Wm Nathan Sneller Grand Rapids Y Y Y Y Y+ Y Y
75 D Brandon Dillon Grand Rapids
76 R Roy Schmidt Grand Rapids
76 D Winnie Brinks Grand Rapids
76 L Patricia M. Steinport Grand Rapids
76 UST William Mohr Grand Rapids Y Y Y Y Y Y
76 NPA Keith Allard Grand Rapids Y N N N Y+ Y Y+
77 R Tom Hooker Byron Center Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
77 D Scott Barton Byron Center
77 L Larry Warner Byron Center
78 R Dave Pagel Berrien Springs
78 D Jack Arbanas Buchanan
79 R Al Pscholka Stevensville
79 D Jim Hahn Stevensville
80 R Bob Genetski Saugatuck Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
80 D Stuart D. Peet Shelbyville Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y Y+ N
81 R Dan Lauwers Brockway Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
81 D Patrick Phelan Marine City
82 R Kevin Daley Lum
82 D John Nugent Lapeer
83 R Paul Muxlow Brown City
83 D Carol Cease Campbell Lexington
84 R Dan Grimshaw Vassar
84 D Terry L. Brown Pigeon
84 NPA Edward J. Canfield Sebewaing
85 R Ben Glardon Owosso
85 D Paul Ray Owosso
85 NPA Matthew Shephard Perry Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
86 R Lisa Posthumus Lyons Alto
86 D Brian Bosak Caledonia
87 R Mike Callton Nashville
87 D Sherry Anderson Hastings
87 L Joseph P. Gillotte Lyons Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
88 R Roger Victory Hudsonville
88 L Michael J. Perry Jennison
89 R Amanda Price Holland
89 D Don Bergman Holland
90 R Joe Haveman Holland
91 R Holly Hughes Montague
91 D Collene Lamonte Montague
91 L Nick Sundquist Norton Shores Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ N
92 R Travis Shepherd Muskegon
92 D Marcia Hovey-Wright Musegon
93 R Tom Leonard Lansing
93 D Paul E. Silva Saint Johns N Y Y N Y N N
94 R Tim Kelly Saginaw Y Y Y Y Y Y
94 D Judith Lincoln Saginaw
95 R Jeff Baker Saginaw Y Y Y Y Y+ Y Y
95 D Stacy Erwin Oakes Saginaw
96 R Chad M. Dewey Bay City Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
96 D Charles M. Brunner Bay City
97 R Joel Johnson Clare
97 D Chris Breznau Standish
98 R Jim Stamas Midland
98 D Joan Brausch Midland
99 R Kevin Cotter Mount Pleasant Y Y Y Y Y
99 D Adam Lawrence Mount Pleasant
100 R Jon Bumstead Newaygo
100 D Ida DeHaas Chase
101 R Ray Franz Onekama
101 D Allen O'Shea Copemish
102 R Phil Potvin Cadillac Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
102 D Brendan P. Maturen Stanwood
103 R Bruce R. Rendon Lake City
103 D Lon Johnson Grayling
104 R Wayne A. Schmidt Traverse City
104 D Betsy Coffia Traverse City
105 R Greg MacMaster Kewadin
105 D Willim J. Wieske Gaylor
106 R Peter Pettalia Presque Isle Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
106 D Kenneth C. Hubbard Alpena
106 G John Daniel Longhurst Alpena Y Y Y N Y Y N
107 R Frank Foster Petoskey
107 D Suzanne Shumway Petoskey
108 R Ed McBroom Vulcan Y Y Y Y Y N
108 D Sharon Gray Rapid River
109 R Jack Hubbard Marquette
109 D John Kivela Marquette
110 R Matt E. Huuki Atlantic Mine Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
110 D Scott Dianda Calumet

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