Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.


  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
  4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?
  5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  7. Do you oppose taking federal money to create a state health insurance exchange?


State House "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 R Mike Thomson Maryville
2 R Casey Guernsey Bethany
2 I Jim Nash
3 D Rebecca McClanahan Kirksville
3 R Nate Walker Kirksville
4 R Craig Redmon Monticello
5 R Lindell F. Shumake Hannibal
5 D Tom Shively Shelbyville
6 R Tim Remole Excello
6 D Diana J. Scott La Plata
7 R Mike Lair Chillicothe
7 D Harry Wyse Chillicothe
8 R James W. Neely Cameron
8 D James T. Crenshaw Lathrop
9 R Delus Johnson St. Joseph
10 R Pat Conway St. Joseph
11 R Galen W. Higdon St. Joseph
12 R Ken Wilson Smithville
13 R Nick Marshall Parkville
13 D Gerry Byrne Kansas City
14 R Ron Scheiber Kansas City
14 D Eric Pendell Kansas City Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y Y
15 R Kevin Corlew Kansas City
15 D Jon Carpenter Kansas City
16 R Noel J. Shull Kansas City
16 D Jim Sweere Kansas City
17 R Myron Neth Liberty
17 D Mark Ellebracht Liberty
18 D Jay Swearingen North Kansas City
19 D John J. Rizzo Kansas City
20 R Brent Lasater Independence Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
20 D John A. Mayfield Independence
21 R Vicki Riley Independence Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
21 D Ira Anders Independence
22 D Brandon Ellington Kansas City
23 D Randy D. Dunn Kansas City
24 R Jonathan Sternberg Kansas City Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
24 D Judy Morgan Kansas City
25 R Sally Miller Kansas City
25 D Jeremy LaFaver Kansas City
26 D Gail M. Beatty Kansas City
27 D Bonnaye V. Mims Kansas City
28 R Jim Aziere Raytown
28 D Tom McDonald Independence
29 R Noel Torpey Independence
29 D John Sutton Independence Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
30 R Mike Cierpiot Lees Summit
30 D Shere Alam Kansas City
31 R Sheila Solon Blue Springs
31 D Dale Walkup Blue Springs
32 R Jeanie Lauer Blue Springs
32 D Sherbaz Khan Kansas City
33 R Donna Pfautsch Harrisonville
33 D Ron Harvey Lees Summit
34 R Jeff Grisamore Lees Summit
35 R Gary Cross Lees Summit
36 R Kevin McManus Kansas City
37 R Nola Wood Kansas City
37 D Joe Runions Grandview
38 R T.J. Berry Kearney Y+ Y Y N N Y
38 D Kevin Morgan Excelsior Springs
39 R Joe D. McGaugh Carrollton
39 D Will Talbert Richmond
40 R Jim Hansen Frankford Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
40 D Paul Quinn Monroe City
41 R Beverly  A. Steiniger Troy Y Y N Y Y Y Y
41 D Ed Schieffer Troy
42 R Bart Korman High Hill
43 R Jay D. Houghton Martinsburg Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
43 D Ed Lockwood Kingdom City
44 R Caleb Rowden Columbia
44 D Ken Jacob Columbia Y Y Y N Y Y N
45 D Chris Kelly Columbia
46 R Fred Berry Columbia Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
46 D Stephen Webber Columbia
47 D John A. Wright Rocheport
47 R Mitch Richards Columbia
48 R Dave Muntzel Boonville
48 D Ron Monnig Slater
49 R Jeanie Riddle Mokane
49 D Pamela Murray Holts Summit
50 R Caleb Jones California
51 R Dean A. Dohrman La Monte
51 D Gary L. Grigsby Warrensburg
51 L Bill Wayne Warrensburg  Y+  Y+  Y+  Y+  Y+  Y+  Y+
52 R Stanley Cox Sedalia
52 D Phyllis S. Domann Sedalia
53 R Glen Kolkmeyer Wellington
53 D Holmes Osborne Odessa
54 R Denny Hoskins Warrensburg
54 D Nancy Maxwell Holden
54 I Eddie Osborne
55 R Rick Brattin Harrisonville
55 D Jim White Pleasant Hill
56 R Chris Molendorp Belton
56 D Patty Johnson Raymore
57 R Wanda Brown Lincoln
57 D Don Bullock Windsor
58 R David Wood Versailles
59 R Mike Bernskoetter Jefferson City
59 D Vonnieta E. Trickey Russellville
60 R Jason Barnes Jefferson City
60 D Thomas F. Minihan Jefferson City
61 R Dave Schatz Sullivan
61 D Michael Sage Hermann
62 R Tom Hurst Meta
62 D Greg Stratman Vienna
63 R Bryan Spencer Wentzville Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
63 D Bill Stinson Wright City Y Y N N Y Y N
64 R Robert Cornejo St. Peters
64 D Wayne J. Henke Troy
65 R Anne Zerr St. Charles
65 L John R. Alsup St. Charles Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
66 D Tommie Pierson St. Louis
66 L Julie Stone St. Louis
67 D Steve Webb Florissant
68 R Rekha Sharma Florissant
68 D Keith English Florissant
69 R Glen Lindemann Florissant
69 D Margo McNeil Florissant
70 R Eugene Dokes St. Peters Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y
70 D Bill Otto St. Charles
71 D Susan Meredith St. Louis
72 R Patrick J. Brennan St. Louis Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
72 D Mary Nichols Maryland Heights
73 D Courtney Curtis St. Louis
74 D Sharon L. Pace St. Louis
75 D Rochelle W. Gray Florissant
76 D Chris Carter St. Louis
77 D Kimberly M. Gardner St. Louis
78 D Penny V. Hubbard St. Louis
79 D Michael Butler St. Louis
80 D Mike Colona St. Louis
81 D Jacob W. Hummel St. Louis
82 D Michele Kratky St. Louis
82 R Edward Harlow St. Louis
83 D Gina Mitten St. Louis
84 D Karla May St. Louis
85 D Clem Smith St. Louis
86 D Rory Ellinger St. Louis
87 D Stacey Newman St. Louis
88 D Jill Schupp St. Louis
89 R John J. Diehl St. Louis
90 R Rick Stream St. Louis
90 D Deb Lavender St. Louis
91 R Elizabeth Deal St. Louis
91 D Jeanne Kirkton St. Louis
92 R Al Faulstich St. Louis Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
92 D Genise D. Montecello St. Louis
93 R Tony Leech St. Louis Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
93 D Bob Burns St. Louis
94 R Cloria Brown St. Louis
94 D Vicki L. Englund St. Louis
95 R Marsha Haefner St. Louis
95 D Joe Zelle St. Louis
96 R Mike Leara St. Louis
97 R John C. McCaherty High Ridge Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
97 D Sam Komo House Springs
98 R Dwight Scharnhorst High Ridge
99 R Andrew Koenig Ballwin
99 D William H. Pinkston St. Louis N Y+ N N Y+ N Y
100 R Sue Allen Chesterfield
101 R Don Gosen Chesterfield
102 R Kurt Bahr O Fallon Y Y Y Y+ Y N Y
102 D John Callahan O Fallon
103 R Douglas Funderburk St. Peters
104 R Kathie Conway St. Charles Y+ Y+ N Y N Y+ Y
104 D Terry Lesinski St. Peters
105 R Mark A. Parkinson St. Charles
105 D Debbie Bixler St. Charles Y Y N N N
106 R Chrissy Sommer St. Charles
107 R Ron Hicks St. Peters
107 D Rod Hoffman St. Peters
108 R Chuck Gatschenberger Lake St. Louis
109 R Paul Curtman Pacific Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
109 D Ann Schroeder Union
110 R Timothy W. Jones Eureka Y Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
111 R Derrick R. Good Cedar Hill
111 D Michael Frame Eureka
112 R Paul Wieland Imperial Y Y+ Y Y Y Y Y
112 D Daniel E. James Imperial
113 R Dan E. Smith Arnold Y Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+
113 D Jeff Roorda Barnhart
114 R Becky Ruth Festus
114 D T. J. McKenna Crystal City
115 R Elaine F. Gannon De Soto
115 D Rich McCane De Soto
116 R Kevin Engler Farmington
117 D Linda Black Bonne Terre
118 D Ben Harris Hillsboro
119 R Dave Hinson St. Clair
120 R Jason T. Smith Salem
121 R Keith Frederick Rolla Y Y N Y+ Y Y Y+
122 R Steve Lynch Waynesville
123 R Diane Franklin Camdenton
124 R Rocky Miller Tuscumbia
125 R Warren D. Love Osceola
126 R Randy Pike Adrian
127 R Mike Kelley Lamar
128 R Sue Entlicher Bolivar
129 R Sandy Crawford Buffalo
129 D John L. Wilson Conway
130 R Jeff Messenger Republic
130 L Jake Wilburn Republic
131 R Sonya Anderson Springfield
132 R Melissa Leach Springfield
132 D Charlie Norr Springfield
133 R Eric W. Burlison Springfield
133 D Nicholas I. Ladendorf Springfield
134 R Elijah Haahr Springfield
134 D James M. Owen Springfield
135 R Lincoln Hough Springfield
135 D Casey Clark Springfield
136 R Kevin Austin Springfield
137 R Lyndall Fraker Marshfield
137 L Bill Boone Springfield Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
138 R Don Phillips Kimberling City
139 R Kevin Elmer Nixa
139 D Bob Rubino Nixa
140 R Lynn Morris Nixa
141 R Tony Dugger Hartville
142 R Robert Ross Eunice Y Y Y+ Y Y Y Y
143 R Jeffrey Pogue Salem
143 D Shane Van Steenis Eminence Y Y Y Y Y
144 R Paul Fitzwater Potosi Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
144 D Michael L. Jackson Patterson
145 R Shelley Keeney Marble Hill
146 R Donna Lichtenegger Jackson
147 R Kathy Swan Cape Girardeau
148 R Holly Rehder Sikeston
148 D Bart Ziegenhorn Sikeston
149 R Neal E. Boyd Sikeston
149 D Steve Hodges East Prairie
150 R Kent Hampton Malden
150 D Tom Todd Campbell
151 R Dennis Fowler Advance
151 D Ryan W. Holder Advance
152 R Todd Richardson Poplar Bluff
153 R Steve Cookson Fairdealing
153 I Jack Johnson
154 R Shawn Rhoads West Plains
154 D R. A. Pendergrass Bakersfield
155 R Lyle Rowland Cedar Creek
156 R Jeff Justus Branson
157 R Don Ruzicka Mount Vernon
158 R Scott Fitzpatrick Shell Knob
158 C Sue Beck Shell Knob  Y+  Y  Y+  Y+  Y  Y+  Y+
159 R Bill Lant Joplin
160 R BIll Reiboldt Neosho
161 R William White Joplin
162 R Charlie Davis Webb City
163 R Tom Flanigan Carthage
State Senate
1 R Jim Lembke St. Louis Y Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
1 D Scott Sifton St. Louis
3 R Garry Romine Farmington
3 D Joseph Fallert Sainte Genevieve
5 D Jamilah Nasheed St. Louis
7 D Jason Holsman Kansas City
9 D Shalonn Curls Kansas City
11 D Paul LeVota Independence
13 R Jacquelyn Thomas Florissant Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
13 D Gina Walsh St. Louis
15 R Eric Schmitt St. Louis
17 R Ryan Silvey Kansas City
17 D Sandra Reeves Liberty
19 R Kurt Schaefer Columbia
19 D Mary W. Still Columbia
21 R David Pearce Warrensburg
21 D ElGene Ver Dught Higginsville Y Y Y N Y
21 L Steven Hedrick Warrensburg
23 R Tom Dempsey St. Charles
25 R Doug Libla Poplar Bluff
25 D Terry Swinger Caruthersville
27 R Wayne Wallingford Cape Girardeau Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
29 R David Sater Cassville Y Y Y Y Y Y+ Y
31 R Ed Emery Lamar Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y+
31 D Charles A. Burton Drexel
33 R Mike Cunningham Rogersville

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