Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.


  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of state funds, including state employees, for lobbying legislators to increase the size, funding, or power of government?
  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
  4. Do you support “Right to Work,” which states that no worker can be forced to join or pay union dues as a condition of getting or keeping a job?
  5. Will you support a repeal of the ban on texting while driving, which has been shown to increase crash rates?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  7. Do you oppose any attempt to mandate adults wear safety belts in their vehicles?


State House "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
Belknap 1 R Timothy Quinney Center Harbor
Belknap 1 D Ruth Gulick New Hampton
Belknap 2 R Bob Greemore Meredith Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Belknap 2 R Colette Worsman Meredith Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Belknap 2 R Kevin Leandro Gilford Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y
Belknap 2 R Herb Vadney Meredith
Belknap 2 D Lisa DiMartino Gilford
Belknap 2 D William Johnson Gilford
Belknap 2 D Kate Miller Meredith
Belknap 2 D Sandra J. Mucci Meredith
Belknap 2 U John T. O'Brien Gilford
Belknap 3 R Don Flanders Laconia
Belknap 3 R Robert P. Kingsbury Laconia
Belknap 3 R Robert Luther Laconia
Belknap 3 R Frank Tilton Laconia
Belknap 3 D Robert Fisher Laconia
Belknap 3 D David O. Huot Laconia
Belknap 3 D Charles F. Smith Laconia
Belknap 3 D Chad Vaillancourt Laconia
Belknap 4 R Dennis H. Fields Sanbornton
Belknap 4 R Timothy P. Lang Sanbornton
Belknap 4 D Jane Alden Tilton
Belknap 4 D Ian Raymond Sanbornton
Belknap 5 R Richard B. Burchell Gilmanton Iron Works
Belknap 5 R Stephen Holmes Alton Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Belknap 5 D Deborah F. Chase Gilmanton
Belknap 5 D Jean M. Henry Gilmanton Iron Works
Belknap 6 R Charles R. Fink Belmont Y Y Y Y Y Y
Belknap 6 R Michael J. Sylvia Belmont Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y
Belknap 6 D George Condodemetraky Belmont Y Y N N N Y N
Belknap 6 D Ronald J. Cormier Belmont
Belknap 7 R Guy Comtois Center Barnstead
Belknap 7 D Bruce A. Marriott Barnstead
Belknap 8 R Jane Cormier Alton Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Belknap 8 D Roberta Smith Center Barnstead
Belknap 9 R Harry Accornero Laconia Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Belknap 9 D Beth Arsenault Laconia
Carroll 1 R Gene G. Chandler Bartlett
Carroll 1 D Gino Funicella Jackson
Carroll 2 R Frank McCarthy Conway
Carroll 2 R Karen C. Umberger Kearsarge
Carroll 2 R Richard McClure Hale's Location
Carroll 2 D Tom Buco Conway
Carroll 2 D Dick Pollock North Conway
Carroll 2 D Syndi White North Conway
Carroll 3 R Mark McConkey Freedom Y Y Y Y N Y
Carroll 3 R Maynard F. Thomson Freedom Y Y Y Y Y
Carroll 3 D Susan Ticehurst Tamworth
Carroll 4 R Glenn Cordelli Tuftonboro
Carroll 4 R Karel A. Crawford Center Harbor
Carroll 4 D Chip Albee Center Tuftonboro
Carroll 5 R Harry C. Merrow Center Ossipee Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Carroll 5 R Bill Nelson Brookfield
Carroll 5 R J. Lisbeth Olimpio Wakefield
Carroll 5 D Tom Lavender Brookfield
Carroll 6 R Christopher J. Ahlgren Wolfeboro Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Carroll 6 R Stephen Schmidt Wolfeboro
Carroll 6 D John R. White Wolfeboro Falls
Carroll 6 D Beverly G. Woods Wolfeboro
Carroll 7 R Norman A. Tregenza Silver Lake
Carroll 7 D Ed Butler Hart's Location
Carroll 8 R Donald Wright Moultonborough
Carroll 8 D Susan E. Wiley Sandwich
Cheshire 1 R Edwin O. Smith Hinsdale
Cheshire 1 D Bill Butynski Hinsdale
Cheshire 1 D Tara Sad Walpole
Cheshire 1 D Lucy M. Weber Walpole
Cheshire 1 R Whitney Aldrich Walpole
Cheshire 1 R Elaine H. Levlocke West Chesterfield
Cheshire 1 R Robert W. Moore Westmoreland
Cheshire 1 D Paul Berch Westmoreland
Cheshire 1 I Russell A. Kotfila Westmoreland Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cheshire 2 R Anne S. Cartwright Alstead
Cheshire 2 D John Mann Alstead
Cheshire 3 R Ruth B. Ward Stoddard
Cheshire 3 D Daniel A. Eaton Stoddard Y Y N N N Y
Cheshire 4 D Kris E. Roberts Keene
Cheshire 5 R William Chaffee Keene
Cheshire 5 D Larry R. Phillips Keene
Cheshire 6 R Keith Carlsen Keene Y+ Y Y+ Y Y Y Y
Cheshire 6 D Timothy N. Robertson Keene
Cheshire 7 D Gladys Johnsen Keene N Y N N N N Y
Cheshire 8 R Joseph W. Bendzinski Keene
Cheshire 8 D Cynthia Chase Keene
Cheshire 9 R Charlie Moore Jaffrey
Cheshire 9 R Raymond J. Desmarais Jaffrey
Cheshire 9 D Richard Ames Jaffrey
Cheshire 9 D Douglas A. Ley Jaffrey
Cheshire 10 R Michael J. Walsh Troy Y+ Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cheshire 10 D Marge Shepardson Marlborough
Cheshire 11 R Susan Emerson Rindge Y+ Y N N Y N
Cheshire 11 R John B. Hunt Rindge
Cheshire 12 R Jane B. Johnson Swanzey
Cheshire 12 R Doug Bersaw Richmond Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y
Cheshire 12 D Gus Lerandeau North Swanzey
Cheshire 12 D F. Barrett Faulkner Swanzey
Cheshire 13 D Henry A.L. Parkhurst Winchester
Cheshire 14 R Franklin W. Sterling Jaffrey
Cheshire 14 D Harry Young Jaffrey
Cheshire 15 D Bruce L. Tatro Swanzey
Cheshire 15 R Rick Thackston Troy Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Cheshire 16 D Charles Weed Keene
Cheshire 16 L Ian Freeman Keene
Coos 1 R Duffy Daugherty Colebrook Y Y Y Y N Y N
Coos 1 R Laurence M. Rappaport Colebrook
Coos 1 D Larry Enman Errol
Coos 2 R James W. Tierney Groveton
Coos 2 D Wayne Moynihan Dummer
Coos 3 R Eric S. Catman Berlin Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Coos 3 D Gary Coulombe Berlin
Coos 3 D Robert L. Theberge Berlin
Coos 3 D Yvonne Thomas Berlin
Coos 4 R Herbert D. Richardson Lancaster
Coos 4 D Troy Merner Lancaster
Coos 5 R John E. Tholl Whitefield Y Y Y N N N Y
Coos 5 D Marcia Hammon Whitefield
Coos 6 D William A. Hatch Gorham
Coos 7 D Evalyn S. Merrick Lancaster
Coos 7 R Leon H. Rideout Lancaster Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Grafton 1 R Lyle Bulis Littleton
Grafton 1 R Ralph J. Doolan Littleton
Grafton 1 D Linda Massimilla Littleton
Grafton 2 R Denis P. Ward Monroe
Grafton 2 D Rebecca A. Brown Sugar Hill
Grafton 3 R Gregory M. Sorg Easton Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Grafton 3 D Susan Ford Easton
Grafton 4 R Rick Ladd Haverhill
Grafton 5 R Edmond D. Gionet Lincoln
Grafton 6 R Lester W. Bradley Thornton
Grafton 6 D Marilyn M. Lieto Rumney
Grafton 7 D Jim Aguiar Campton
Grafton 7 R Jeff Chamberlin Plymouth
Grafton 8 D Mary R. Cooney Plymouth
Grafton 8 D Suzanne Smith Hebron
Grafton 8 D Sid Lovett Holderness
Grafton 8 R Ralph Larson Hebron
Grafton 8 R Neil F. McIver Plymouth Y+ Y Y Y+ N Y Y
Grafton 8 R John H. Randlett Plymouth Y Y Y Y Y N
Grafton 9 R Harold Reilly Hill
Grafton 9 R Jeff Shackett Bristol
Grafton 9 D Philip Preston Ashland
Grafton 9 D Judy Wallick Grafton
Grafton 10 R Paul Mirski Enfield Center Y+ Y Y Y+ Y Y
Grafton 10 D Wendy Piper Enfield
Grafton 11 D Charles L. Townsend Canaan
Grafton 11 R Joseph A. Frazier Canaan
Grafton 12 D Bernie Benn Hanover
Grafton 12 D Sharon Nordgren Hanover
Grafton 12 D Beatriz Pastor-Bodmer Lyme
Grafton 12 D Patricia C. Higgins Hanover
Grafton 13 D Susan W. Almy Lebanon
Grafton 13 D Laurie Harding Lebanon
Grafton 13 D George Sykes Lebanon
Grafton 14 R Brad Bailey Monroe
Grafton 14 D Douglas Grant Franconi
Grafton 15 R Paul Ingbretson Pike
Grafton 15 D Linda D. Lauer Bath
Grafton 16 R Charles E. Sova Orange
Grafton 16 D Carol Friedrich Wentworth
Grafton 17 R Paul H. Simard Bristol Y Y N Y N Y Y
Grafton 17 D Catherine Mulholland Grafton
Hillsborough 1 R Robert A. Fredette Hillsborough Y+ Y Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y
Hillsborough 1 R Holly L. Mecheski Windsor
Hillsborough 1 D Marjorie Porter Hillsborough
Hillsborough 1 D Gilman Shattuck Hillsborough
Hillsborough 2 R Daniel A. Donovan Deering
Hillsborough 2 R Gary S. Hopper Weare
Hillsborough 2 R Neal M. Kurk Weare Y+ Y Y Y+ N Y Y
Hillsborough 2 D James Ashworth Weare
Hillsborough 2 D Evelyn M. Connor Weare
Hillsborough 2 D Arnold Rocklin-Weare Weare
Hillsborough 3 R Desmond M. Ford Hancock
Hillsborough 3 D Jonathan F. Manley Bennington
Hillsborough 4 R William Condra Wilton
Hillsborough 4 R Donnie Sawin Lyndeborough
Hillsborough 4 D Stephen Spratt Greenville
Hillsborough 4 D Kermit R. Williams Wilton
Hillsborough 5 R William L. O'Brien Mont Vernon
Hillsborough 5 R Bob Mead Mont Vernon Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 5 D Kary Jencks New Boston
Hillsborough 5 D David Woodbury New Boston
Hillsborough 6 R John A. Burt Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 R John A. Hikel Goffstown Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 6 R Calvin D. Pratt Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 R Ivan Beliveau Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 R Richard Meaney Goffstown Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 6 D Ruth E. Gage Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 D Benjamin H. Hampton Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 D Reta M. MacGregor Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 D Timothy McKernan Goffstown
Hillsborough 6 D William E. Zackeroff Goffstown
Hillsborough 7 R John Cebrowski Bedford Y Y Y+ N Y Y
Hillsborough 7 R John A. Graham Bedford
Hillsborough 7 R Keith Murphy Bedford Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
Hillsborough 7 R Maurice Villeneuve Bedford
Hillsborough 7 R David J. Danielson Bedford
Hillsborough 7 R Kelleigh D. Murphy Bedford Y Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ N
Hillsborough 7 D Gerard S. Boyer Bedford
Hillsborough 7 D Jane C. Boyer Bedford
Hillsborough 7 D Jeremy Dupuis Bedford
Hillsborough 7 D Jerry Hanauer Bedford
Hillsborough 7 D Bob Jones Bedford
Hillsborough 7 D Kristie G. Poltronieri Bedford
Hillsborough 8 D Jeff Goley Manchester
Hillsborough 8 D Peter Ramsey Manchester
Hillsborough 8 R Omer F. Beaudoin Manchester
Hillsborough 8 U Joseph Lachance Manchester
Hillsborough 9 R Mike Ball Manchester
Hillsborough 9 R Win Hutchinson Manchester
Hillsborough 9 D Linda A. DiSilverstro Manchester
Hillsborough 9 D Robert B. Thompson Manchester
Hillsborough 10 D Jean Jeudy Manchester
Hillsborough 10 D Peter M. Sullivan Manchester
Hillsborough 11 D Nick Levasseur Manchester
Hillsborough 11 R John J. Callahan Manchester Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 11 R Thomas Martin Manchester
Hillsborough 11 D Robert Walsh Manchester
Hillsborough 12 D Ted Rokas Manchester
Hillsborough 12 D Tim O'Flaherty Manchester
Hillsborough 12 R Daniel Garthwaite Manchester Y+ Y Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y
Hillsborough 13 R Larry G. Gagne Manchester Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 13 R William Infantine Manchester Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 13 D Benjamin C. Baroody Manchester
Hillsborough 13 D Catherine Hackett Manchester
Hillsborough 14 R Ross Terrio Manchester
Hillsborough 14 D Patrick F. Garrity Manchester
Hillsborough 14 R Brian D. Cole Manchester
Hillsborough 14 D Carol A. Williams Manchester
Hillsborough 15 R Mark L. Proulx Manchester
Hillsborough 15 R Steve Vaillancourt Manchester
Hillsborough 15 D Thomas Katsiantonis Manchester
Hillsborough 15 D Ryan Curran Manchester
Hillsborough 16 D Barbara Shaw Manchester Y Y Y N N N Y
Hillsborough 16 D David McCloskey Manchester
Hillsborough 16 R Robert E. Barry Manchester N Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 16 R Timothy R. Sawyer Manchester
Hillsborough 16 I Steven A. Stefanik Manchester Y Y Y+ Y+ N Y Y
Hillsborough 17 R Irene M. Messier Manchester
Hillsborough 17 R Tammy Simmons Manchester
Hillsborough 17 D George Katsiantonis Manchester
Hillsborough 17 D Timothy J. Smith Manchester
Hillsborough 18 R Joshua Holmes Manchester Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
Hillsborough 18 R Emily Sandblade Manchester Y+ Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 18 D Ron Sample Manchester
Hillsborough 18 D Joel Winters Nashua
Hillsborough 19 R Carlos Gonzalez Manchester
Hillsborough 19 R Dick Marston Manchester Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 19 D Bob Backus Manchester
Hillsborough 19 D Zane Knoy Manchester
Hillsborough 20 R Ralph G. Boehm Litchfield Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 20 R Frank A. Byron Litchfield
Hillsborough 20 D Valerie S. Hardy Litchfield
Hillsborough 20 D Mary C. Welch Litchfield
Hillsborough 21 R Dick Barry Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 R Dick Hinch Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 R Jeanine Notter Merrimack Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 21 R Tony Pellegrino Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 R Lenette M. Peterson Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 R Kathleen Stroud Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 R Joseph D. Thomas Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 R Phil Straight Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Evan Fulmer Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Brenda E. Grady Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D John J. Grady Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Kim Kojak Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Spencer Nozell Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Joanne Plante Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Jo Ann Rotast Merrimack
Hillsborough 21 D Jack Rothman Merrimack
Hillsborough 22 R Peter T. Hansen Amherst Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 22 R Robert H. Rowe Amherst
Hillsborough 22 R Stephen B. Stepanek Milford Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 22 D Shannon E. Chandley Amherst
Hillsborough 22 D Stephen V. Morgan Amherst
Hillsborough 22 D John I. Shonle Amherst
Hillsborough 22 RTC Cynthia J. Dokmo Amherst
Hillsborough 22 RTC Bob Heaton Amherst
Hillsborough 23 R Stephen J. Palmer Milford Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 23 R Robert F. Willette Milford Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 23 R Andrew Seale Milford
Hillsborough 23 R Shawn Sweeney Milford Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 23 D Ruth Heden Milford
Hillsborough 23 D Andy Hughes Milford
Hillsborough 23 D Herb Salmon Milford
Hillsborough 23 D Roger H. Tilton Milford
Hillsborough 24 R Bruce Marcus Peterborough
Hillsborough 24 D Peter R. Leishman Peterborough
Hillsborough 24 D Jill S. Hammond Peterborough
Hillsborough 25 R James Coffey New Ipswich Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 25 R Jim Parison New Ipswich Y Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y
Hillsborough 25 D Jennifer Daler Temple
Hillsborough 25 D Mary B. Ayvazian Temple
Hillsborough 26 R Jack B. Flanagan Brookline
Hillsborough 26 R Valerie A. Ogden Brookline
Hillsborough 26 D Melanie Levesque Brookline
Hillsborough 26 D Brian Rater Brookline
Hillsborough 26 IM Betty B. Hall Brookline
Hillsborough 27 R Jim B. Belanger Hollis
Hillsborough 27 R Carolyn M. Gargasz Hollis
Hillsborough 27 D Sara Backer Hollis
Hillsborough 27 D Kat McGhee Hollis
Hillsborough 28 R Kevin A. Avard Nashua Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 28 R Sean M. McGuinness Nashua
Hillsborough 28 R Carl W. Seidel Nashua Y Y Y Y+ N Y Y
Hillsborough 28 D Sylvia E. Glae Nashua
Hillsborough 28 D Angeline A. Kopka Nashua
Hillsborough 28 D Jan Schmidt Nashua
Hillsborough 28 I Eric R. Eastman Nashua
Hillsborough 29 R Michael A. Balboni Nashua
Hillsborough 29 R Michael McCarthy Nashua
Hillsborough 29 R Donald B. McClarren Nashua
Hillsborough 29 D Paul Hackel Nashua
Hillsborough 29 D Ward T. Shaff Nashua Y N Y N N N N
Hillsborough 29 D Suzanne M. Vail Nashua
Hillsborough 30 R Lisa Scontsas Nashua
Hillsborough 30 D Brian D. Rhodes Nashua
Hillsborough 30 D Cindy Rosenwald Nashua
Hillsborough 30 R Doris Hohensee Nashua Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 30 R David Schoneman Nashua Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 30 D Mariellen J. MacKay Nashua
Hillsborough 31 D David E. Cote Nashua
Hillsborough 31 D Mary Gorman Nashua
Hillsborough 31 D Stacie M. Laughton Nashua
Hillsborough 31 R Richard Heitmiller Nashua
Hillsborough 31 R Elizabeth Van Twuyver Nashua
Hillsborough 32 R Don LeBrun Nashua Y+ Y Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y
Hillsborough 32 R James Summers Nashua
Hillsborough 32 R David Murotake Nashua Y+ Y Y Y+ N Y Y
Hillsborough 32 D Jack Kelley Nashua
Hillsborough 32 D Rita G. MacAuslan Nashua
Hillsborough 32 D Michael P. Pedersen Nashua
Hillsborough 33 R Michael Buxton Nashua
Hillsborough 33 D David B. Campbell Nashua
Hillsborough 33 D Ken Gidge Nashua
Hillsborough 33 R Troy Saunders Nashua Y Y Y N Y N N
Hillsborough 33 R Greg Surbey Nashua
Hillsborough 33 D Efstathia C. Booras Nashua
Hillsborough 34 R Duane Erickson Nashua Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 34 R Dee Hogan Nashua Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 34 R Timothy Twombly Nashua
Hillsborough 34 D Douglas L. Carroll Nashua
Hillsborough 34 D Michael A. Garcia Nashua
Hillsborough 34 D Timothy Soucy Nashua
Hillsborough 35 R Michael Reed Nashua
Hillsborough 35 R Peter Silva Nashua
Hillsborough 35 R Bill Joransen Nashua
Hillsborough 35 D Daniel C. Hansberry Nashua
Hillsborough 35 D Roland H. LaPlante Nashua
Hillsborough 35 D Mary S. Nelson Nashua
Hillsborough 36 R Bill Ohm Nashua Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 36 R David S. Robbins Nashua
Hillsborough 36 R Willard L. Brown Nashua
Hillsborough 36 D Linda Harriott-Gathright Nashua
Hillsborough 36 D Martin L. Jack Nashua
Hillsborough 36 D Michael B. O'Brien Nashua
Hillsborough 37 R Lars T. Christiansen Hudson
Hillsborough 37 R Bob Haefner Hudson
Hillsborough 37 R Shawn N. Jasper Hudson
Hillsborough 37 R Lynne Ober Hudson Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 37 R Russell T. Ober Hudson Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 37 R Andy Renzullo Hudson
Hillsborough 37 R Jordan Ulery Hudson
Hillsborough 37 R Patrick Culbert Pelham
Hillsborough 37 R Richard D. LeVasseur Hudson Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 37 R Kevin T. McGuire Hudson
Hillsborough 37 R Charlene F. Takesian Pelham Y N N N N Y
Hillsborough 37 D James Battis Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D Jim Caron Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D Ann Clark-Balcom Pelham
Hillsborough 37 D Ralph Fairbanks Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D John Knowles Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D MaryAnn Knowles Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D Harold Lynde Pelham
Hillsborough 37 D Vivian L. McGuire Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D Jeremy Muller Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D Stuart Schneiderman Hudson
Hillsborough 37 D J. Alejandro Urrutia Hudson
Hillsborough 38 R Frank Edelblut Wilton
Hillsborough 38 R Alexandra B. Riley Wilton Y+ Y N Y+ N Y+ N
Hillsborough 38 D Richard S. Eaton Greenville
Hillsborough 38 D Richard D. McNamara Hillsborough
Hillsborough 39 R Mark Warden Manchester Y Y Y Y Y+ Y Y
Hillsborough 39 D Aaron Gill Deering
Hillsborough 39 L Lisa M. Wilber Weare Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y
Hillsborough 40 R Gary Daniels Milford Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 40 D Henry Mullaney New Boston
Hillsborough 41 R Laurie Sanborn Bedford
Hillsborough 41 D Len Gerzon Amherst
Hillsborough 42 D Pat Long Manchester
Hillsborough 42 D Daniel J. Sullivan Manchester
Hillsborough 42 R Jeff Frost Manchester
Hillsborough 42 R Chuck Thibault Manchester Y Y Y N N Y Y
Hillsborough 43 R Kathleen F. Souza Manchester Y Y Y Y N Y
Hillsborough 43 R Roy Shoults Manchester Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 43 R Tim Prescott Manchester Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Hillsborough 43 D Jeremy S. Dobson Manchester Y Y Y N Y Y Y
Hillsborough 43 D Eric Palangas Manchester
Hillsborough 43 D Ernesto A. Pinder Manchester Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hillsborough 44 R George Lambert Litchfield
Hillsborough 44 R Andre Martel Manchester
Hillsborough 44 D Garry A. Haworth Manchester
Hillsborough 44 D Jack Scheiner Litchfield Y Y N Y N Y N
Hillsborough 45 R Matthew J. Swank Manchester Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y
Hillsborough 45 R Keith Hirschmann Manchester
Hillsborough 45 D Jane E. Beaulieu Manchester
Hillsborough 45 D Ronald R. Boisvert Manchester
Merrimack 1 R Jenn Coffey Andover Y+ Y Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
Merrimack 1 D Mario Ratzki East Andover
Merrimack 2 R Dennis Reed Franklin Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Merrimack 2 R Jim Mason Franklin
Merrimack 2 D Scott A. Burns Franklin
Merrimack 2 D Delaney F. Carrier Franklin
Merrimack 3 R Gregory Hill Northfield
Merrimack 3 R Carolyn A. Virtue Northfield
Merrimack 3 D Joy K. Tilton Northfield
Merrimack 3 D Leigh A. Webb Franklin
Merrimack 4 R Stuart Cooper North Sutton
Merrimack 4 D Thomas Schamberg Wilmot
Merrimack 5 R David H. Kidder New London
Merrimack 5 R Steve Winter Newbury Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Merrimack 5 D Karen Ebel New London
Merrimack 5 D Steven Russell Newbury
Merrimack 6 R Mark H. Lindsley Henniker
Merrimack 6 D Barbara C. French Henniker
Merrimack 6 D Geoffrey Hirsch Bradford
Merrimack 7 R Susan Olsen Warner
Merrimack 7 D Clyde Carson Warner
Merrimack 8 D Caroletta C. Alicea Boscawen
Merrimack 9 R Kenneth Kreis Canterbury
Merrimack 9 R Priscilla P. Lockwood Canterbury
Merrimack 9 D Howard Moffett Canterbury
Merrimack 9 D George Saunderson Loudon
Merrimack 10 D Gary B. Richardson Hopkinton
Merrimack 10 D Mary J. Wallner Concord
Merrimack 10 D Mel Myler Contoocook
Merrimack 10 R Debra Johnson Concord
Merrimack 10 R Richard E. Kennedy Contoocook Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Merrimack 10 R Frank Rosano Concord
Merrimack 11 D Steve Shurtleff Penacook
Merrimack 12 D Paul Henle Concord
Merrimack 13 D June M. Frazer Concord
Merrimack 14 D Jim MacKay Concord
Merrimack 15 D Jane J. Hunt Concord
Merrimack 16 D Rick Watrous Concord
Merrimack 17 D Dick Patten Concord
Merrimack 17 R Chris Wood Concord
Merrimack 18 R Kevin Moore Concord Y N Y Y Y Y N
Merrimack 18 D Candace C.W. Bouchard Concord
Merrimack 19 R Kenneth L. Georgevits Concord
Merrimack 19 D Christy D. Bartlett Concord
Merrimack 20 R J. Brandon Giuda Chichester
Merrimack 20 R Brandon D. Ross Concord
Merrimack 20 D Frank Davis Pembroke
Merrimack 20 D Sally Kelly Chichester
Merrimack 20 D Dianne E. Schuett Pembroke
Merrimack 21 R Dan McGuire Epsom
Merrimack 21 R Gerard A. LeDuc Pittsfield
Merrimack 21 D Fred B. Carlson Epsom
Merrimack 21 D Mary E. Frambach Epsom
Merrimack 22 R Jon Richardson Allenstown
Merrimack 22 D Alan J. Turcotte Allenstown
Merrimack 23 R J.R. Hoell Dunbarton Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y
Merrimack 23 R Jack Finan Bow
Merrimack 23 R John F. Martin Bow Y Y Y Y N N Y
Merrimack 23 D Chris Andrews Bow
Merrimack 23 D Robert E. Martel Dunbarton
Merrimack 23 D Mary B. Walz Bow
Merrimack 24 R David W. Hess Hooksett
Merrimack 24 R Frank R. Kotowski Hooksett
Merrimack 24 R Todd P. Smith Hooksett
Merrimack 24 R Thomas C. Walsh Hooksett
Merrimack 25 R Frank A. Cummings Salisbury
Merrimack 25 D David B. Karrick Warner
Merrimack 26 R Jason R. Parent Northfield
Merrimack 26 D Lorrie J. Carey Boscawen
Merrimack 27 D Mary S. Gile Concord
Merrimack 27 D Chip Rice Concord
Merrimack 27 R Ron Noyes Concord
Merrimack 28 R Al Jones Concord Y+ Y Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
Merrimack 28 D Katherine D. Rogers Concord
Merrimack 29 R Carol McGuire Epsom Y+ Y Y Y Y Y Y
Merrimack 29 D Nancy Heath Epsom
Rockingham 1 R Bruce Hodgdon Northwood
Rockingham 1 D Lucy C. Edwards Northwood
Rockingham 2 R Joe Duarte Candia Y Y Y+ Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 2 R Kyle Tasker Nottingham
Rockingham 2 R Romeo Danais Nottingham Y Y Y Y+ Y N
Rockingham 2 D Carol A. Levesque Deerfield
Rockingham 2 D Gail A. Mills Nottingham
Rockingham 2 D Richard H. Snow East Candia
Rockingham 3 R Kathleen M. Hoelzel Raymond Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Rockingham 3 R L. Mike Kappler Raymond Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 3 R Franklin C. Bishop Raymond
Rockingham 4 R Gene P. Charron Chester
Rockingham 4 R James E. Devine Sandown
Rockingham 4 R Joseph M. Hagan Chester  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
Rockingham 4 R Stella Tremblay Auburn
Rockingham 4 R Dan Dumaine Auburn Y+ Y Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y
Rockingham 4 D Charlotte A. Lister Chester
Rockingham 4 D Kelly Upham-Torosian Auburn
Rockingham 5 R Al Baldasaro Londonderry
Rockingham 5 R Robert Introne Londonderry Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 5 R David C. Lundgren Londonderry
Rockingham 5 R Betsy McKinney Londonderry Y Y Y N N Y Y
Rockingham 5 R Sherman Packard Londonderry
Rockingham 5 R Daniel Tamburello Londonderry
Rockingham 5 R Frank R. Emiro Londonderry
Rockingham 5 D Edward Combes Londonderry
Rockingham 5 D Miranda Fairbrother Londonderry
Rockingham 5 D Bryan Merrill Londonderry
Rockingham 5 D Gary Vermillion Londonderry
Rockingham 5 D Lisa I. Whittemore Londonderry
Rockingham 6 R Brian K. Chirichiello Derry
Rockingham 6 R Beverly A. Ferrante Derry
Rockingham 6 R Robert Fesh Derry Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Rockingham 6 R John T. O'Connor Derry
Rockingham 6 R Kevin E. Reichard Derry
Rockingham 6 R Frank V. Sapareto Derry
Rockingham 6 R Christian Bright Derry
Rockingham 6 R David E. Milz Derry
Rockingham 6 R David Thompson Derry
Rockingham 6 R Jim Webb Derry
Rockingham 6 D Nick Arancio Derry
Rockingham 6 D Elizabeth Burtis Derry
Rockingham 6 D Bobby Jones Derry
Rockingham 6 D Mary Till Derry
Rockingham 7 R Mary E. Griffin Windham Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 7 R Walter Kolodziej Windham Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 7 R Charles E. McMahon Windham
Rockingham 7 R Kevin Waterhouse Windham
Rockingham 7 D Neil Fallon Windham
Rockingham 7 D Anthony Keevan Windham
Rockingham 7 D Kristi L. St. Laurent Windham
Rockingham 7 D Carolyn B. Webber Windham
Rockingham 8 R Gary S. Azarian Salem
Rockingham 8 R Ronald J. Belanger Salem
Rockingham 8 R Robert J. Elliott Salem
Rockingham 8 R Marilinda Garcia Salem
Rockingham 8 R John Sytek Salem N Y Y Y N N Y
Rockingham 8 R Patrick J. Bick Salem Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 8 R Bianca R. Garcia Salem Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 8 R Anne K. Priestley Salem
Rockingham 8 R Joe Sweeney Salem
Rockingham 8 D Lawson Brouse Salem
Rockingham 8 D Susan Desmet Salem
Rockingham 8 D Harley G. Featherston Salem
Rockingham 8 D Rebecca C. Fee Salem
Rockingham 8 D Camron Iannalfo Salem
Rockingham 8 D Dee Lewis Salem
Rockingham 8 D John F. Murphy Salem
Rockingham 8 D Michael Murray Salem
Rockingham 8 D Ralph Stein Salem Y N N N N N N
Rockingham 9 R Jason P. Antosz Epping
Rockingham 9 R Jeffrey F. Harris Epping
Rockingham 9 D Barbara Helmstetter Epping
Rockingham 9 D Mark Andrews Epping
Rockingham 10 R Daniel C. Itse Fremont
Rockingham 10 D Felicia C. Augevich Fremont
Rockingham 11 R Curtis Grace Brentwood
Rockingham 11 I Michael Hubbard Kingston
Rockingham 11 D Edward J. Wojnowski Brentwood
Rockingham 12 R Betsy Sanders Danville
Rockingham 12 D Thomas Billbrough Danville
Rockingham 13 R Regina Birdsell Hampstead
Rockingham 13 R John B. Sedensky Hampstead Y+ Y Y+ Y+ N N Y
Rockingham 13 R Kenneth L. Weyler Kingston Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Rockingham 13 R Kevin P. St. James Kingston
Rockingham 13 D Derrick Moyer Hampstead
Rockingham 13 D Kathleen Pynn East Hampstead
Rockingham 13 D Andrew Stockwell Kingston
Rockingham 13 D William F. Waters Kingston
Rockingham 14 R Debra L. DeSimone Atkinson
Rockingham 14 R Norman L. Major Plaistow
Rockingham 14 R William G. Friel Atkinson
Rockingham 14 R Jack Hayes Atkinson
Rockingham 14 D Kay Galloway Atkinson
Rockingham 14 D Jean Sanders Atkinson
Rockingham 15 R Mary M. Allen Newton
Rockingham 15 D Bob Bartlett Newton
Rockingham 16 R Bob Nigrello East Kingston
Rockingham 16 D James B. Webber Kensington
Rockingham 17 R Joshua Davenport Newmarket
Rockingham 17 R Adam R. Schroadter Newmarket
Rockingham 17 R Carolyn Scanlon Newfields Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y
Rockingham 17 D Marcia Moody Newmarket
Rockingham 17 D Michael Cahill Newmarket
Rockingham 17 D William H. Connery Newmarket
Rockingham 18 R Lee Quandt Exeter
Rockingham 18 R Matt Quandt Exeter
Rockingham 18 D Donna Schlachman Exeter
Rockingham 18 R Brian T. Griset Exeter Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 18 R Christopher Suprock Exeter Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y
Rockingham 18 D Steven J. Briden Exeter
Rockingham 18 D Eileen Flockhart Exeter
Rockingham 18 D Frank H. Heffron Exeter
Rockingham 19 R Patrick F. Abrami Stratham
Rockingham 19 R Timothy D. Copeland Stratham
Rockingham 19 D Richard Curtis Stratham
Rockingham 19 D Trinka Russell Stratham
Rockingham 20 R Amy S. Perkins Seabrook
Rockingham 20 R Lawrence Perkins Seabrook
Rockingham 20 R Aboul B. Khan Seabrook
Rockingham 21 R Frederick C. Rice Hampton
Rockingham 21 R Kenneth Sheffert Hampton
Rockingham 21 R Tracy Emerick Hampton Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 21 R Joseph Korowski Hampton Y Y Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
Rockingham 21 D Robert Cushing Hampton
Rockingham 21 D Dick Desrosiers Hampton
Rockingham 21 D Mike Edgar Hampton
Rockingham 21 D Chris Muns Hampton
Rockingham 22 R Michele Peckham North Hampton
Rockingham 22 D Judith E. Day North Hampton
Rockingham 23 R Pamela Tucker Greenland
Rockingham 24 R Will Smith New Castle Y Y Y Y+ Y
Rockingham 24 R Raymond Tweedie Rye
Rockingham 24 D David A. Borden New Castle
Rockingham 24 D Tom Sherman Rye
Rockingham 25 D Laura C. Pantelakos Portsmouth
Rockingham 25 R James Reilley Portsmouth
Rockingham 26 D Terie Norelli Portsmouth
Rockingham 26 R Mark A. Brighton Portsmouth
Rockingham 27 D Rebecca Emerson-Brown Portsmouth
Rockingham 28 R Maurice H. Foster Portsmouth
Rockingham 28 D Gerry Ward Portsmouth
Rockingham 29 R Arthur Clough Portsmouth
Rockingham 29 D Brian Wazlaw Portsmouth
Rockingham 30 D Jackie Cali-Pitts Portsmouth
Rockingham 30 R Kevin J. Kervick Portsmouth Y Y N Y Y N Y
Rockingham 31 R Robert Boyle North Hampton Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y
Rockingham 31 D Joe Scarlotto Portsmouth
Rockingham 32 R Donald Gorman Deerfield Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 32 D Maureen Mann Deerfield
Rockingham 33 R Timothy P. Comerford Fremont Y Y Y+ Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 33 D George Manos Danville
Rockingham 34 R Jeffrey D. Oligny East Hampstead
Rockingham 34 D Harlan Cheney Atkinson
Rockingham 35 R Richard E. Gordon East Kingston
Rockingham 35 D Kim Casey East Kingston
Rockingham 36 D Patricia T. Lovejoy Stratham
Rockingham 36 R Bob Goodman Exeter Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rockingham 37 R Sharleene P. Hurst Hampton Y Y Y N Y Y
Rockingham 37 D E. Elaine Ahearn Hampton Falls
Strafford 1 R Robbie Parsons Milton
Strafford 1 R John A. Mullen Middleton
Strafford 1 D Larry Brown Milton
Strafford 1 D Candace Cole-McCrea Milton
Strafford 2 R Joseph Pitre Farmington
Strafford 2 R Antonio Luciani Farmington
Strafford 2 D Rachel Burke Farmington
Strafford 2 D Richard W. Stanley Farmington
Strafford 3 D Bob Perry Strafford
Strafford 3 D Joe Cicirelli Strafford
Strafford 3 R David H. Bickford New Durham
Strafford 3 R Kurt Wuelper Strafford
Strafford 4 R Bill O'Connor Barrington Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strafford 4 R Devon C. Boyd Barrington Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strafford 4 D Ken Grossman Barrington
Strafford 4 D Dennis Malloy Barrington
Strafford 5 D Naida Kaen Lee
Strafford 5 R Amos R. Townsend Lee Y Y Y N Y N
Strafford 5 L Aidan K. Ankarberg Lee
Strafford 6 D Philip E. Ginsburg Durham
Strafford 6 D Timothy Horrigan Durham
Strafford 6 D Judith Spang Durham
Strafford 6 R Janet G. Wall Madbury Y Y Y N N Y Y
Strafford 6 D Marjorie Smith Durham
Strafford 6 R David Childs Madbury
Strafford 6 R James C. Ziegra Durham
Strafford 7 R Deborah Kaczynski Rochester
Strafford 7 D Audrey M. Stevens Rochester
Strafford 8 R James P. Gray Rochester
Strafford 8 D Jeremy R. Bourgeois Rochester
Strafford 9 D Sandra B. Keans Rochester
Strafford 9 R Steven Beaudoin Rochester
Strafford 10 R Warren Groen Rochester
Strafford 11 R Susan DeLemus Rochester Y Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
Strafford 11 D Anne C. Grassie Rochester
Strafford 12 R Robert D. Jaffin Rochester
Strafford 12 D Pamela J. Hubbard Rochester
Strafford 13 D James Verschueren Dover
Strafford 14 D Bill Baber Dover
Strafford 15 R Marga M. Coulp Dover Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y
Strafford 15 D Janice S. Gardner Dover
Strafford 16 D Dorothea Hooper Dover
Strafford 16 R David K. Martin Dover Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Strafford 17 R Donald C. Andolina Dover Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Strafford 17 R Michael W. Weeden Dover Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Strafford 17 R Michael Castaldo Dover
Strafford 17 D Peter W. Bixby Dover
Strafford 17 D Greg Burdwood Dover
Strafford 17 D Stephen Ketel Dover
Strafford 18 R Philip L. Munck Somersworth
Strafford 18 D Roger R. Berube Somersworth
Strafford 18 D Dale Spainhower Somersworth
Strafford 18 R Christien DuBois Somersworth
Strafford 18 R Harry H. Irwin Somersworth
Strafford 18 D Deanna S. Rollo Rollinsford
Strafford 19 D Peter B. Schmidt Dover
Strafford 20 D Marsha L. Pelletier Dover
Strafford 20 R Marc W. Jennings Dover
Strafford 21 R Michael J. Rhode Rollinsford
Strafford 21 D Kenneth J. Ward Rollinsford
Strafford 22 R Fred Leonard Rochester
Strafford 22 D Rose M. Rogers Rochester
Strafford 23 R Cliff Newton Rochester
Strafford 23 D David P. Miller Rochester
Strafford 24 R Laura Jones Rochester Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y
Strafford 24 D Karen Stokes Rochester
Strafford 25 R Len Turcotte Barrington Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Strafford 25 D H. Robert Menear Lee
Sullivan 1 R Bill Walker Plainfield Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y
Sullivan 1 R Laura S. Ward Plainfield
Sullivan 1 D Benjamin Lefebvre Grantham
Sullivan 1 D Andy Schmidt Grantham
Sullivan 2 R Spec Bowers Georges Mills
Sullivan 2 D Sue Gottling Sunapee
Sullivan 3 R Steven J. Picano Claremont
Sullivan 3 D Andrew S. O'Hearne Claremont
Sullivan 4 R Charlene M. Lovett Claremont
Sullivan 4 D Thomas Donovan Claremont
Sullivan 5 D Raymond Gagnon Claremont
Sullivan 5 Richard P. Madigan Claremont
Sullivan 5 I Gerald G. Donatelli Claremont Y Y Y N Y Y
Sullivan 6 R Beverly T. Rodeschin Newport
Sullivan 6 R Skip Rollins Newport
Sullivan 6 D Peter E. Franklin Newport
Sullivan 6 D Virginia Irwin Newport
Sullivan 7 R Jim Grenier Goshen
Sullivan 7 D Matthew Baird-Torney Goshen
Sullivan 8 R Thomas W. Laware Charlestown
Sullivan 8 D Cynthia P. Sweeney Charlestown
Sullivan 9 R Thomas J. Howard Croydon
Sullivan 9 D Linda Tanner Georges Mills
Sullivan 10 R Paul LaCasse Claremont
Sullivan 10 D John R. Cloutier Claremont
Sullivan 11 R Steven D. Smith Charlestown Y Y Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y
Sullivan 11 D Russell Boland Washington
State Senate
1 R Debi Warner Littleton Y Y Y Y N Y Y
1 D Jeff Woodburn Dalton
2 R Jeanie Forrester Meredith
2 D Robert C. Lamb Holderness
3 R Jeb Bradley Wolfeboro
3 D Jeffery Ballard Brookfield
4 R Phyllis Woods Dover
4 D David H. Watters Dover
5 R Joe Osgood Claremont Y Y Y Y N Y Y
5 D David Pierce Etna
6 R Sam Cataldo Farmington Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y
6 D Richard Leonard New Durham
7 R Joshua F. Youssef Laconia Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y
7 D Andrew J. Hosmer Laconia
8 R Bob Odell Lempster
8 D Christopher Wallenstein Bennington
9 R Andy Sanborn Bedford Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
9 D Lee C. Nyquist New Boston
10 D Molly Kelly Keene
10 R Richard A. Foote Swanzey
11 R Peter Bragdon Milford
11 D Fredrick Dyke Amherst
12 R Jim Luther Hollis
12 D Peggy Gilmour Hollis
13 R Joseph F. Krasucki Nashua Y Y Y Y Y Y N
13 D Bette R. Lasky Nashua
14 R Sharon M. Carson Londonderry
14 D Katherine Messner Hudson
14 L Richard B. Kahn Hudson  Y+  Y  Y+  Y+  Y+  Y+  Y
15 D Sylvia B. Larsen Concord
15 R Lydia D. Harman Concord
16 R David Boutin Hooksett
16 D Kathleen M. Kelley Manchester
16 L Richard Tomasso Manchester  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
17 R John Reagan Deerfield Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y
17 D Nancy R.B. Fraher Chichester
18 R J. Gail Barry Manchester Y Y Y Y N N Y
18 D Donna M. Soucy Manchester
18 I Arthur J. Beaudry Manchester
19 R Jim Rausch Derry
19 D R. Christopher Reisdorf Derry
20 D Lou D'Allesandro Manchester
20 R Phil Greazzo Manchester Y Y Y Y N Y Y
21 R Peter Macdonald Lee
21 D Martha F. Clark Portsmouth
22 R Chuck Morse Salem
22 D Victoria Czaia Atkinson
23 R Russell Prescott Kingston Y Y Y Y N Y Y
23 D Carol E. Croteau Kingston
24 R Nancy F. Stiles Hampton
24 D Beverly Hollingworth Hampton

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