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Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because general election information was not available in time, we were not able to send surveys to 3rd Party candidates.


  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
  4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize State and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?
  5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  7. Do you oppose taking Federal Money to create a state health insurance exchange?


"Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
Dist Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 D Patrick J. Harkins Erie
2 D Florindo J. Fabrizio Erie
3 R Jason Owen Erie
3 R Regina K. Smith Erie
3 D Ryan A. Bizzarro Erie
4 R Curt Sonney Erie
5 R Greg Lucas Edinboro
5 D Jason G. White Albion
6 R Brad Roae Meadville
7 D Mark A. Longietti Hermitage
8 R Dick Stevenson Grove City Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
9 D Christopher Sainato New Castle
9 R Jason T. Murtha Enon Valley
10 D Jaret A. Gibbons Ellwood City
10 R John W. Hines Slippery Rock
10 R Michael K. See Beaver Falls Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y+
11 R Brian L. Ellis Butler
12 R Daryl Metcalfe Cranberry Twp.
13 R John Lawrence Landenberg
13 D Eric S. Schott West Grove
14 R Jim Marshall Darlington
14 D Samuel Anthony Rosatone Midland
15 D Robert D. Williams Aliquippa
16 D Robert F. Matzie Ambridge
16 R Jeremy Angus Ambridge
16 R Kathy Coder Pittsburgh
17 R Michele Brooks Jamestown
18 R Gene D. Digirolamo Bensalem
19 D Jake Wheatley Pittsburgh
20 D Adam J. Ravenstahl Pittsburgh
20 D Mark Anthony Purcell Pittsburgh Y+ Y Y N Y Y Y
20 D David I. Schuilenburg Pittsburgh
21 D Dominic James Costa Pittsburgh
22 R Chris Cratsley Pittsburgh
22 D Shawn T. Lunny Pittsburgh
22 D Erin C. Molchany Pittsburgh
22 D Martin Michael Schmotzer Pittsburgh
22 D Stephanie A. Crossey Pittsburgh
23 D Dan B. Frankel Pittsburgh
24 D Joseph Preston Pittsburgh
24 D Todd Elliott Koger Pittsburgh
24 D William D. Anderson Pittsburgh
24 D Edward Charles Gainey Pittsburgh
25 D Joseph Markosek Monroeville
25 R Mike Doyle Plum
25 R John G. Yakim Monroeville
26 R Tim Hennessey Pottstown
26 D Mike D. Hays Spring City
27 D Daniel J. Deasy Pittsburgh
28 R Mike Turzai Bradford Woods
28 R Karen A. Shaheen Allison Park
29 R Bernie O'Neill Warminster
29 R Gloria E. Carlineo Doylestown
29 D Brian Munroe Warminster
30 R Randy Vulakovich Glenshaw
30 D David T. Tusick Pittsburgh
31 D Steven J. Santarsiero Yardley
31 R Anne M. Chapman Yardley
32 D Anthony M. Deluca Verona
32 R Lawrence G. Paladin Penn Hills
33 D Frank Dermody Oakmont
33 R Gerry Vaerewyck Tarentam Y Y N Y+ Y+ Y
34 D Paul Costa Pittsburgh
35 D Marc J. Gergely White Oak
36 D Harry Readshaw Pittsburgh
37 R Stephen D. Black Lititz
37 R Barry Isaiah McFarland Manheim N Y Y Y Y Y Y
37 R Mindy Fee Manheim
37 D Russell U. Stahley Manheim
38 D Bill Kortz Dravosburg
39 R Rick Saccone Elizabeth
39 R Shauna Marie D'Alessandro Jefferson Hills
39 D David K. Levdansky Elizabeth
39 D Robert E. Rhoderick Elizabeth
39 D Dan Connolly South Park
40 R John Maher Upper St. Clair
41 R Ryan P. Aument Lancaster
42 D Matt H. Smith Mount Lebanon
43 R Keith J. Greiner Leola
43 R Robert A. McLane Millersville
43 D John M. Weigel Lancaster
44 R Mark Mustio North Fayette Twp.
44 R Ron L. Steele Moon Twp.
44 D Mark Edward Scappe Moon Twp.
45 D Nick M. Kotik Pittsburgh
45 D Maribeth L. Taylor McKees Rocks
45 R Aaron L. Kime McDonald
46 D Jesse J. White Cecil
47 R Keith J. Gillespie York
47 D Shane V. Richardson York
47 D Sarah D. Speed York
48 D Brandon P. Neuman Canonsburg
48 D Judith L. Fisher Washington
49 D Peter J. Daley Coal Center
49 D Randy J. Barli Coal Center
49 R Richard J. Massafra Monongahela
50 D H. William Deweese Waynesburg
50 R George Toothman Waynesburg
50 R Mark W. Fischer Waynesburg Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
51 D Tim Mahoney Uniontown
51 R Gary Gearing Uniontown
51 R Michael J. Cavanagh Uniontown
52 D Deberah Kula Uniontown
53 R Robert W. Godshall Souderton
54 R Eli Evankovich Murrysville
55 D Joseph A. Petrarca Apollo
55 R John Palaika Latrobe
56 R George S. Dunbar Jeannette Y Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y+
56 D Marybeth Kuznik Irwin
56 D Raymond Bud Geissler Irwin
57 R Tim T. Krieger Delmont
57 D Andrew J. Gales Youngwood
58 D R. Ted Harhai Monessen
59 R Mike Reese Mount Pleasant
59 D Harriet Ellenberger Mount Pleasant
60 R Jeffrey Paul Pyle Ford City
60 D Jo Ellen Bowman Apollo
61 R Kate M. Harper Lower Gwynedd
61 D Jo White Lower Gwynedd
62 R Dave Reed Indiana
63 R Donna Oberlander Clarion
64 R Randall G. Smith Petrolia Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
64 R R. Lee James Oil City Y Y Y Y Y N Y
65 R Kathy L. Rapp Warren
66 R Sam Smith Punxsutawney
66 R James Mark Brown Brockway Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
66 R Cris E. Dush Brookville
67 R Martin T. Causer Turtlepoint
68 R Matthew E. Baker Wellsboro
69 R Carl W. Metzgar Berlin Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
70 D Matthew D. Bradford Eagleville
70 R Alan S. Apt East Norriton
71 D Bryan E. Barbin Johnstown
71 R Sherry L. Stalley Johnstown
72 D Frank J. Burns Johnstown
73 D Gary Haluska Patton
73 R Randall J. Wilson Glasgow Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
74 R Thomas R. Sankey Osceola Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
74 D Mark B. McCracken Clearfield
75 R Matt Gabler Dubois
76 D Mike Hanna Lock Haven
77 D H. Scott Conklin Philipsburg
77 R Josh Troxell State College
78 R Dick L. Hess Bedford
79 R Richard A. Geist Altoona
79 R John D. McGinnis Altoona
80 R Jerry Allen Stern Martinsburg
81 R Michael E. Fleck Three Springs
82 R C. Adam Harris Mifflin
82 R James C. Knepp Mifflintown
82 R James W. Felmlee Lewistown
83 D Rick Mirabito Williamsport
83 R Christopher R Bain Williamsport
83 R Harry J. Rogers Duboistown
84 R Garth D. Everett Muncy
85 R Frederick B. Keller Middleburg
86 R Mark K. Keller Landisburg
87 R Glen R. Grell Mechanicsburg
88 R Sheryl McVitty Delozier New Cumberland
89 R Rob Kauffman Chambersburg
89 D Susan J. Spicka Shippensburg
90 R Todd A. Rock Mont Alto
91 R Dan P. Moul Hanover
92 R Scott A. Derr Dillsburg
92 R Anthony Pugliese New Cumberland
92 R William J. Sieg Etters
92 R Dan A. Johnson York Haven
92 D Charles R. Comrey Dillsburg
93 R Ronald E. Miller Jacobus
93 R Ernest G. Merisotis Dallastown Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y
93 D Linda E. Small New Freedom
94 R Stanley E. Saylor Red Lion
94 R Kelly A. Henshaw Red Lion
95 D Eugene A. Depasquale York
96 D Mike Sturla Lancaster
97 R John C. Bear Lititz
98 R David S. Hickernell Mount Joy
99 R Gordon R. Denlinger Narvon
100 R Bryan D. Cutler Peach Bottom
101 R Mauree Gingrich Palmyra
102 R Rosemarie Swanger Jonestown Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
102 R Joe B. Eisenhauer Jonestown
102 R Tom A. Hawk Lebanon
103 D Gloria E. Martin-Roberts Harrisburg
103 D Roy Christ Harrisburg
103 D Patty H. Kim Harrisburg
103 D Karl Lewis Singleton Harrisburg
104 R Susan C. Helm Harrisburg
104 R Jenna L. Lewis Harrisburg Y N N Y N Y Y
104 D Christopher C. Dietz Millersburg
105 R Ron S. Marsico Harrisburg
105 D Kelly Jean McEntee Harrisburg
106 R John D. Payne Hummelstown
106 D Osman Kamara Middletown Y Y N N Y Y N
107 R Kurt A. Masser Elysburg
107 D Ted T. Yeager Elysburg
107 D Chris Pfaff Danville Y Y Y Y+ Y Y Y
108 R Lynda J. Schlegel-Culver Sunbury
109 R David R. Millard Millville
109 D Daniel D. Knorr Bloomsburg
109 D James M. Geffken Benton
110 R Tina L. Pickett Towanda
111 R Sandra J. Major Montrose
111 D Jeffrey C. Dahlander Great Bend
112 D Ken J. Smith Dunmore
112 D Kevin M. Haggerty Dunmore
113 D Kevin P. Murphy Scranton
113 D Martin B. Flynn Scranton
114 D Sid Michaels Kavulich Taylor
115 R Theresa Kane Olyphant
115 D Frank Farina Jessup
115 D Randy A. Castellani Peckville
115 D Girard M. Histed Archbald
116 R Tarah Toohil Drums
116 D Ransom S. Young Drums
117 R Karen Boback Harveys Lake
118 D Mike Carroll Avoca
119 D Gerald J. Mullery Nanticoke
119 R Rick Arnold Mountain Top
120 D Phyllis Mundy Kingston
120 R Aaron D. Kaufer Kingston Y Y+ Y Y Y Y Y
120 D Frank Thomas McCabe Kingston
121 D Eddie Day Pashinski Wilkes-Barre
121 R Peter B. Mailloux Mountain Top
122 R Doyle M. Heffley Palmerton
122 D Gerald Francis Strubinger Jim Thorpe
122 D Ronald J. Rabenold Lehighton
123 D Neal P. Goodman Mahanoy City
124 R Jerry Knowles Tamaqua
124 R Larry J. Padora New Ringgold
125 R Mike G. Tobash Pottsville
125 D Vicki Harman Hegins
126 R James R. Billman Temple Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
126 D Mark Rozzi Reading
126 D Thomas W. Gajewski Reading
126 D Frank Bernard Denbowski Reading
126 D John A. Delcollo Temple
127 D Thomas R. Caltagirone Reading
127 R Vincent M. Rosato Reading
128 R Mark M. Gillen Mohnton
129 R Jim Cox Sinking Spring Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
130 R David M. Maloney Boyertown
131 R Justin J. Simmons Coopersburg
131 D Kevin T. Deeley Center Valley
132 D Michael Thory Schlossberg Allentown
133 D Joseph F. Brennan Bethlehem
133 R David Molony Catasauqua
134 R Wanda Mercado-Arroyo Macungie
134 R Ryan E. Mackenzie Allentown
134 R Rob Hamill Emmaus
134 R Arlene Dabrow Macungie
134 R Dennis F. Nemes Emmaus
134 D Patrick J. Slattery Allentown
135 D Steve Samuelson Bethlehem
135 R Kenneth R. Barreto Bethlehem
136 D Robert Freeman Easton
137 R Joe Emrick Nazareth
137 D Joseph H. Capozzolo Bangor Y Y N N Y N Y
138 R Marcia M. Hahn Bath
138 D Leslie M. Altieri Bethlehem
139 R Michael T. Peifer Greentown
140 D John T. Galloway Levittown
140 R Eric David Fairless Hills
141 D Tina Davis Croydon
141 R Anthony Sposato Levittown Y N Y Y Y Y
142 R Frank A. Farry Langhorne
143 R Marguerite Quinn Furlong
143 D Joseph Frederick Doylestown
144 R Katharine M. Watson Warrington
145 R Paul I. Clymer West Rock Hill Twp.
145 D Mary A. Whitesell Coopersburg
146 R Thomas J. Quigley Royersford
146 D Mark Painter Limerick
147 R Marcy L. Toepel Gilbertsville
147 D Betty J. White Green Lane
148 D Mike Gerber Conshohocken
148 R Mike Ludwig Conshohocken
149 D Tim Briggs King Of Prussia
149 D Nahjee R. Grant Ardmore
150 R Mike A. Vereb Norristown
150 D Kelly Lynn Devine Norristown
151 R Todd Stephens Horsham
152 R Thomas P. Murt Hatboro
152 D Ronald Adam Kolla Horsham
153 R Ronald F. Holt Willow Grove
153 R Nicholas W. Mattiacci Elkins Park
153 D Madeleine Dean Jenkintown
154 D Steve C McCarter Glenside
155 R John Mark Muller Glenmore
155 R Becky Corbin Downingtown
155 D Joshua A. Maxwell Downingtown
156 R Dan Truitt West Chester
156 D Bret M. Binder West Chester
156 D Cassandra L. Jones West Chester
157 R Warren E. Kampf Paoli
157 D Paul J. Drucker Paoli
158 R Chris Ross Kennett Square
158 D Susan F. Rzucidlo Landenberg
159 D Thaddeus Kirkland Chester
159 D Ernestine L. Johnson Chester
159 R James D. Schiliro Marcus Hook
160 R Stephen E. Barrar Upper Chichester Twp. Y Y N Y N Y
161 R Joe Hackett Folsom
161 D Larry Demarco Wallinford
162 R Nick Miccarelli Ridley Park
162 D Eric Sanford Gunlefinger Ridley Park
163 R Nicholas A. Micozzie Clifton Heights
163 D Robert T. Cassidy Upper Darby Township Y Y Y N Y+ Y N
163 D Sheamus Bonner Drexel Hill
164 D Margo L. Davidson Lansdowne
165 R William F. Adolph Springfield
166 D Greg Vitali Havertown
166 R Bill Toal Havertown
167 R Duane D. Milne Malvern
167 R Joe Corrigan Malvern
168 R Thomas H. Killion Newtown Square
168 D Beth Alois West Chester
169 R David M. Kralle Philadelphia
169 R John McCann Philadelphia
169 D Ed Neilson Philadelphia
170 D Brendan F. Boyle Philadelphia
170 R George W. Weiss Philadelphia
171 R Kerry A. Benninghoff Bellefonte
171 D Christopher G. Lee Boalsburg
172 D Kevin J. Boyle Philadelphia
172 D Daniel Collins Philadelphia
172 R Al Taubenberger Philadelphia
173 D Michael Patrick McGeehan Philadelphia
174 D John P. Sabatina Philadelphia
175 D Michael H. O'Brien Philadelphia
176 R Mario M. Scavello Mt. Pocono
176 D Maureen E. Madden Tobyhanna
177 R John J. Taylor Philadelphia
177 D William F. Dunbar Philadelphia
178 R Scott A. Petri New Hope
179 D Tony J. Payton Philadelphia
179 D James W. Clay Philadelphia
180 D Angel L. Cruz Philadelphia
180 D Jonathan Ramos Philadelphia
180 D Anthony Pernell Johnson Philadelphia
181 D W. Curtis Thomas Philadelphia
182 D Babette Josephs Philadelphia
182 D Brian K. Sims Philadelphia
182 D Paul Hagins Philadelphia
183 R Julie Harhart North Catasauqua
184 D William F. Keller Philadelphia
185 D Maria P. Donatucci Philadelphia
185 D Norma McNeil Philadelphia
185 D Fareeda C. Mabry Darby
186 D Jordan A. Harris Philadelphia
186 D Fawwaz Beyha Philadelphia
186 D Timothy Hannah Philadelphia
186 D Harold James Philadelphia
187 R Gary W. Day Germansville
187 D Joseph M. Haas Kutztown
188 D James R. Roebuck Philadelphia
188 D Darryl W. Kegler Philadelphia
188 D Fatimah Loren Muhammad Philadelphia
188 R Ernest Adkins Philadelphia
189 R Rosemary M. Brown East Stroudsburg
189 D Elizabeth A. Forrest Dingmans Ferry
190 D Vanessa L. Brown Philadelphia
190 D Wanda Logan Philadelphia
190 D Audrey Blackwell-Watson Philadelphia
190 D Lemuel L. Thornton Philadelphia
191 D Ronald G. Waters Philadelphia
191 R Casey Ford Philadelphia
192 D Louise Bishop Philadelphia
192 D Will Mega Philadelphia
193 R Will F. Tallman New Oxford Y Y Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
194 D Pamela A. Delissio Philadelphia
194 R Linda M. Wolfe Bateman Philadelphia
194 D Ray Bailey Philadelphia
195 D Michelle F. Brownlee Philadelphia
195 D Andrew J. Kleeman Philadelphia
195 D Takkeem L. Morgan Philadelphia
195 D Mahdi Sufi El Philadelphia
196 R Seth M. Grove Dover
196 R Dan C. Bradley York Y Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+
197 R Steve L. Crum Philadelphia
197 D Jose P. Miranda Philadelphia
197 D Milton T. Street Philadelphia
197 D Gary Williams Philadelphia
197 D Kenneth T. Walker Philadelphia
197 D James K. Johnson Philadelphia
197 D Jewel Williams Philadelphia
198 D Rosita C. Youngblood Philadelphia
198 D Malik L. Boyd Philadelphia
199 R Stephen Bloom Carlisle
200 D Cherelle Lesley Parker Philadelphia
200 D Bobbie T. Curry Philadelphia
201 D Stephen Kinsey Philadelphia
201 D Michael K. Ellis Philadelphia
201 D Karl K. Gamble Philadelphia
202 D Mark B. Cohen Philadelphia
203 D Dwight Evans Philadelphia
203 D Lamont W. Thomas Philadelphia Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y
203 D Sabriya J. Bilal Philadelphia Y+ Y+ N N Y+ Y+ N
1 D Lawrence M. Farnese Philadelphia
1 D John H. Morley Philadelphia
1 R Alfonso Gambone Philadelphia
3 D Shirley M. Kitchen Philadelphia
5 D Mike Stack Philadelphia
5 R Michael J. Tomlinson Philadelphia
7 D Vincent J. Hughes Philadelphia
9 R Dominic F. Pileggi Chester
9 R Roger Howard Kennett Square N Y Y N Y Y Y
9 D Patricia L. Worrell Chester
11 D Judy Schwank Fleetwood
13 R Lloyd K. Smucker Lancaster
13 D Tom G. O'Brien Lititz
15 R Josh First Harrisburg Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
15 R John McNally Harrisburg
15 R William C. Seeds Harrisburg
15 D Alvin Q. Taylor Harrisburg
15 D Rob Teplitz Harrisburg
17 D Daylin Leach Wayne
17 R Charles H. Gehret West Conshohocken
19 D Andrew E. Dinniman Exton
19 R Christopher J. Amentas East Fallowfield
21 R Scott E. Hutchinson Oil City
23 R Gene Yaw Montoursville
23 R David A. Huffman Williamsport Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
23 D Luana Cleveland Williamsport
25 R Joseph B. Scarnati Brockway
27 R John R. Gordner Berwick
29 R David G. Argall Nesquehoning
29 D Tim Seip Pine Grove
31 R Andrew H. Shaw Carlisle
33 R Richard L. Alloway Chambersburg Y+ N Y+ Y Y Y+ Y
33 R James B. Taylor Mercersburg
35 D John N. Wozniak Johnstown
35 R Timothy P. Houser Ebensburg
37 R Sue A. Means Bethel Park Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
37 R Mark Mustio North Fayette Twp
37 R D. Raja Pittsburgh
39 R Kim L. Ward Hempfield Twp
39 D Kristine M. Melville Derry
41 R Don White Indiana
43 D Jay Costa Forest Hills
45 D James R. Brewster McKeesport
47 D Kimberly P. Villella Baden
49 R Janet S. Anderson Erie
49 D Buzz Andrezeski Erie
49 D John C. Harkins Erie
49 D Brian K. Pitzer Edinboro
49 D Terry M. Scutella Erie
49 D Sean D. Wiley Erie


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