South Carolina State Legislative Candidates

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.  Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.   


  1. Do you oppose the use of all public money to fund any lobbying activity including, but not limited to public employees, consultants, or contractors lobbying legislators to increase the size, funding or power of government?
  2. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm openly and concealed without a permit?
  3. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme, known as ObamaCare?
  4. Will you support removing the exemption so that legislators will be required to comply with the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act the same as every other branch and level of government?
  5. Will you oppose any attempt to pass a ban on texting while driving, which has been shown to increase crash rates?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow school tax credits to parents who choose to educate their children in private or home schools?
  7. Will you support full transparency for all “economic development” deals that involve giving public money, land, grants, subsidies or incentives to any private entity as described above?



          Y=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 D John W Hester Salem              
1 R John Dalen Westminster Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
1 R Bill Whitmore Walhalla              
2 R Ed Rumsey Seneca Y+ Y+ Y Y Y Y+ Y+
2 R William Sandifer Seneca              
3 R Ed J Harris Clemson Y N   Y N Y Y
3 R B R Skelton Six Mile              
4 R David  Hiott Pickens              
4 R Vicky  Wynn Sunset Y Y Y Y N Y+ Y
5 R Phillip  Owens Easley              
6 R William B White Anderson              
7 R Michael W Gambrell Honea Path              
8 R Don Bowen Anderson              
8 R Ted W Luckadoo Anderson              
8 R Jonathan Walker Anderson              
9 R Anne  Thayer Belton Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+   Y+  
10 R Hamp Johnson Piedmont              
10 R Joshua Putnam Easley              
11 D Lee Garrett Calhoun Falls              
11 R Craig Gagnon Abbeville              
12 D Julia Anne Parks Greenwood              
13 D Robert E Merritt Greenwood Y N N Y N N N
13 R John R McCravy Greenwood Y+ Y Y        
13 R Robert Shannon Riley Hodges              
14 R Michael A Pitts Laurens              
15 D Marian Redish Hanahan              
15 R Charles Davis Hanahan              
15 R Samuel Rivers  Goose Creek Y Y Y Y N Y Y
16 R Mark N Willis  Fountain Inn Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+   Y Y
17 R Tom  Corbin  Travelers Rest Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
18 R Tommy  Stringer  Greer              
19 R Dwight A Loftis  Greenville              
20 D Israel Romero Taylors              
20 R Daniel Hamilton Taylors Y+ Y+   Y Y+ Y+ Y
21 R Phyllis Henderson Greer              
22 D David R Gahan Greenville              
22 R Wendy  Nanney Greenville              
23 D Chandra Dillard Greenville              
24 R Bruce W Bannister  Greenville              
25 D Jermaine A Boyce Greenville              
25 D Seldon Peden Greenville              
26 R Regina R Felder Fort Mill              
27 R Garry R Smith Simpsonville Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
28 R Eric Bedingfield  Mauldin              
29 R Dennis C Moss  Gaffney              
30 R Van S Moss  Blacksburg              
31 D Harold Mitchell  Spartanburg              
32 R Joseph D Cole  Spartanburg              
33 R Edward Tallon Spartanburg              
34 R Paul M Forrester  Spartanburg              
34 R Gaye  Holt Moore              
35 R William Chumley  Reidville Y Y Y+ Y+ Y Y Y
35 R John K Owens Moore              
36 R Rita Allison Lyman Y Y Y Y   Y Y
36 R Jim McMillan Lyman              
37 R Steve  Parker  Boiling Springs              
37 R Donna Wood Spartanburg Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y+
38 R Norman D Brannon Landrum              
39 R Ralph Shealy  Kennedy  Leesville              
39 R George Eddie McCain Leesville              
39 R Phil Perry Saluda              
39 R Jim Wiz Wiszowaty Batesburg              
40 D Walton McLeod Little Mountain              
41 D MaryGail Douglas Winnsboro              
41 D Herbert P Dove Winnsboro              
41 D John P Nicholson Winnsboro              
41 D Eugene Sutton Winnsboro              
41 R William Gray Ridgeway Y+ Y Y Y N Y Y
42 D Mike Anthony Union              
42 R Randall English Jonesville Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
43 R Francis G Delleney Chester              
44 D Bob M Cook Kershaw              
44 D Mandy Powers Norrell Lancaster              
44 R Joseph Coy Heath Springs              
44 R Michael R Payne Heath Springs Y+ Y+   Y+ Y Y Y+
45 R Deborah Long Indian Land              
46 R Gary Simrill Rock Hill              
47 R Thomas Pope Rock Hill              
48 R Ralph W Norman Rock Hill              
49 D John R King Rock Hill              
50 D Grady Brown Bishopville              
51 D J David Weeks Sumter              
52 D Laurie Slade Funderburk Camden              
52 R Kim Demer Camden              
52 R David Herndon Elgin              
53 D Phil Powell Cheraw              
53 D Ted Martin Vick Chesterfield              
53 R Richard Yow Cheraw Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y Y+ Y+
54 D Elizabeth R Munnerlyn Bennettsville              
54 D Johnny Sellers Bennettsville              
55 D Jackie Hayes Dillon              
56 R Dennis DiSabato  Myrtle Beach              
56 R Michael Ryhal Myrtle Beach              
57 D Joseph W George Mullins              
57 R Eric Fry Nichols              
58 R Liston D Barfield Aynor              
58 R Fonzie Lewis Conway              
59 D Terry Alexander Florence              
60 R Phillip Lowe Florence              
61 D Lester Branham Lake City              
62 D Robert Williams Darlington              
62 R Carl D Johnson Timmonsville              
62 R Nancy Blackmon Lee Darlington              
62 R Ronald Reese Page Darlington              
63 D Austin Smith Florence              
63 R Kris Crawford Florence              
64 D Robert L Ridgeway  Manning              
64 R George  Gray  Summerton              
65 R James H Lucas Hartsville              
66 D Gilda Cobb-Hunter Orangeburg              
67 R Murrell Smith Sumter              
68 R Heather Ammons Crawford Myrtle Beach              
68 R Larry Richardson Myrtle Beach Y Y Y Y     Y
69 R Rick Quinn Lexington              
70 D Joseph Neal Hopkins              
71 R Nathan Ballentine Chapin              
72 D James E Smith Columbia              
73 D Christopher Hart Columbia              
74 D J Todd Rutherford Columbia              
75 D Joe McCulloch Columbia              
75 R Jim  Corbett Columbia              
75 R Kirkman  Finlay  Columbia              
76 D Leon Howard Columbia              
76 R Charles Hill Columbia Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
77 D Michael Bailey Columbia              
77 D Joe McEachern Columbia              
77 D Christopher Sullivan Columbia Y N N Y N N  
78 D Beth Bernstein Columbia              
78 R Joan Brady Columbia              
79 D Mia Butler Garrick Columbia              
79 D Vannie Williams  Columbia              
80 D Jimmy Bales Eastover              
81 R Jane Vaughters Aiken              
81 R Don  Wells Aiken              
82 D William C Clyburn Aiken              
83 R William Hixon  North Augusta              
84 R James Roland Smith Warrenville              
85 R Chip Huggins Columbia              
86 R Bill Taylor Aiken              
87 R Todd Atwater Lexington              
88 D Walid Hakim Lexington              
88 R Mac Toole West Columbia Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y+
89 R Kenneth Bingham Cayce              
90 D Bakari Sellers Denmark              
90 R Dan  Lawrence  Walterboro               
91 D Lonnie Hosey Barnwell              
91 R Ben  Kinlaw  Barnwell Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y Y
92 R Joe Daning Goose Creek              
93 D Harry L Ott  St. Matthews              
94 R Jenny  Horne  Summerville              
95 D Jerry N Govan  Orangeburg              
96 R Lawrence K Spires Pelion              
97 D Patsy G Knight St George              
97 R Jordan Bryngelson Ridgeville Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
97 R Edward  Carter  Dorchester Y+ Y+ Y Y+ N Y+ Y
98 R Christopher Murphy Summerville              
99 R James Merrill Charleston              
100 R Edward L Southard Moncks Corner Y+   Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
101 D Ronnie A Sabb Kingstree              
102 D Joe Jefferson Pineville              
102 R John J Mondo  Harleyville              
102 R Allan Weiss Cross              
103 D Carl L Anderson Georgetown              
103 R Thomas Winslow Georgetown              
104 D Charles Randall Little River              
104 R Greg  Duckworth North Myrtle Beach              
104 R Tracy R Edge North Myrtle Beach              
104 R Gary Stephens N. Myrtle Beach Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
105 R Michael Connett Loris              
105 R Liz Gilland Conway              
105 R Kevin J Hardee Loris              
105 R Blake Hewitt Conway              
105 R William B von Herrmann Conway Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
105 R William E Wiegand Conway Y N Y Y N Y Y
106 R Nelson Hardwick Surfside Beach              
106 R Rod Smith Surfside Beach              
106 R Dick  Withington Myrtle Beach              
107 R Alan  Clemmons Myrtle Beach              
108 D Jarrod Ownbey Pawleys Island              
108 R Stephen Goldfinch  Murrells Inlet Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
109 D David Mack  North Charleston              
110 R Chip Limehouse Charleston              
110 R Peter vonLehe Ruegner Charleston              
111 D Wendell G Gilliard Charleston              
111 R Will  Freeman Charleston Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y+ Y Y
112 R Mike  Sottile Isle of Palms              
113 D Jackson S Whipper North Charleston              
114 D Larry Carter Center Charleston              
114 R Bobby  Harrell Charleston              
115 D Carol Tempel Charleston              
115 R Peter McCoy Charleston              
116 D Robert L Brown Hollywood              
117 R Bill  Crosby North Charleston              
118 R Bill Herbkersman Bluffton               
119 D Leon Stavrinakis Charleston              
119 R Chris Cannon Johns Island              
119 R Sean Hughes Charleston              
120 R Weston  Newton  Bluffton               
120 R Laura  Sterling  Bluffton               
120 R Jerry  Stewart  Bluffton              
121 D Kenneth F Hodges Green Pond              
123 R Andy  Patrick  Hilton Head Island               
124 R Shannon S Erickson Beaufort               
1 R Thomas C Alexandar Walhalla              
2 R Larry A Martin Pickens              
2 R Rex F Rice Easley Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y+
3 R Don C Bowen  Anderson              
3 R Kevin L Bryant Anderson Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y Y Y
4 R Riley Harvell Belton              
4 R William H O'Dell Greenwood              
5 R Phillip W. Shoopman Greer              
5 R Amanda Tieder Somers Greer              
6 R Michael L Fair Greenville              
6 R Tommie Reece Greenville              
6 R Chris Sullivan Greenville              
7 D Karl B Allen Greenville              
7 D Ennis Fant Greenville              
7 D Lillian Brock Flemming Greenville              
7 R Jane Kizer Mauldin Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
8 D Jeffrey Dishner Greenville              
8 R Chad  Groover Mauldin              
8 R Jim Lee Mauldin              
8 R Joe Swann Greeville              
8 R David Thomas Fountain Inn              
8 R Ross  Turner Greenville              
9 R Daniel B Verdin Laurens              
10 D Floyd Nicholson Greenwood              
10 R Jennings G McAbee  McCormick              
10 R Chet Royston Greenwood              
11 D Glenn Reese Inman              
11 R Kerry  Wood Inman              
12 D Henri Thompson Lyman              
12 R Lee  Bright Spartanburg Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+ Y+
12 R John Hawkins Spartanburg              
13 R Shane Martin Spartanburg              
14 R Harvey Peeler Gaffney              
15 R Wes Hayes Rock Hill Y     Y N    
16 R Greg Gregory Lancaster              
17 D Creighton B Coleman Winnsboro              
17 R Bob Carrison Winnsboro Y+ Y+ Y Y+   Y+ Y
17 R Morgan Bruce Reeves Winnsboro              
18 R Rich  Bolen Lexington Y Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
18 R Ronnie Cromer Prosperity              
18 R Alan  Hunter Columbia Y+ N   Y+ N N N
18 R Kara Gormley Meador Leesville Y Y Y Y   Y+ Y
19 D John L Scott  Columbia              
20 D Robert Rikard Columbia              
20 R John Courson Columbia              
21 D Darrell Jackson Hopkins              
22 D Joel Lourie Columbia              
22 R Debra Langley Kennedy Columbia Y Y Y Y Y+ Y Y
23 R Jake Knotts W. Columbia              
23 R Katrina Shealy Lexington Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
24 R Tom  Young Aiken              
25 R Shane Massey Edgefield              
25 R John W Pettigrew  Edgefield              
26 D Nikki Setzler West Columbia              
26 R Perry Finch Pelion              
26 R Duane Naquin W. Columbia Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
26 R Deedee Vaughters Aiken Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
27 D Vincent Sheheen Camden              
28 R Greg Hembree Little River              
29 D Gerald Malloy Hartsville              
29 R Nancy Blackmon Lee Darlington              
30 D Patrick T Richardson Britton's Neck              
30 D Kent Williams Marion              
31 R Hugh Leatherman Florence              
32 D John Yancey McGill Kingstree              
32 D Cezar E McKnight Kingstree              
33 R Luke A Rankin Myrtle Beach               
34 R Raymond Cleary Murrells Inlet              
34 R Dick Withington Myrtle Beach              
35 D Thomas McElveen Sumter              
35 D Eugene B  McLeod Pinewood              
35 R Tony  Barwick Sumter Y+   Y+ Y N   Y+
35 R Eddie Drayton Sumter Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
35 R Wade Kolb Sumter Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
36 D Kevin L Johnson Manning              
36 D Shaun C Kent Manning              
36 R Leon Winn Sumter              
37 R Larry Grooms Bonneau              
38 R Sean Bennett Summerville              
38 R Mike Rose Summerville              
39 D John Matthews Bowman              
40 D Brad Hutto Orangeburg              
41 D Paul Tinkler Charleston              
41 R Wally Burbage Charleston              
41 R Sean Pike Charleston Y Y Y+ Y Y Y Y
41 R John Steinberger Charleston              
41 R Paul Thurmond Charleston              
42 D Master P Bines Charleston              
42 D Frederick A Fielding Charleston              
42 D Robert Ford Charleston              
43 R Chip Campsen Isle of Palms              
44 D Barbara McGowin Goose Creek Y+ N N Y+ N N Y+
44 R Paul G Campbell  Goose Creek              
45 D Clementa Pinckney Ridgeland              
45 R Leilani Bessinger Beaufort               
46 R Tom  Davis Beaufort               


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