Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.


  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
  4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?
  5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  7. Do you oppose taking federal money to create a state health insurance exchange?


State House "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
District Party First Last City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
Addison 1 D Betty Nuovo Middlebury
Addison 1 D Paul Ralston Middlebury
Addison 2 D Willem Jewett Ripton
Addison-2 I Tim Ryan Salisbury
Addison 3 D Diane Lanpher Vergennes
Addison 3 D Arabella Holzapfel Ferrisburgh
Addison 3 R Gregory Clark Vergennes
Addison 4 D Michael Fisher Lincoln
Addison 4 D Dave Sharpe Britson
Addison 5 R Harvey T. Smith New Haven
Addison 5 D Edward V. McGuire New Haven
Bennington 1 D Bill Botzow Bennington
Bennington 2-1 R Warren Roaf Bennington Y Y Y N N N
Bennington 2-1 D Brian Campion Bennington
Bennington 2-1 D Timothy R. Corcoran Bennington
Bennington 2-2 R Mary A. Morrissey Bennington
Bennington 2-2 D Dale Gerity Bennington
Bennington 2-2 D Anne Mook Bennington
Bennington 3 D Alice Miller Shaftsbury
Bennington 4 D Cynthia Browning Arlington
Bennington 4 D Jeff Wilson Manchester
Bennington-Rutland R Patti Komline Dorset
Caledonia-1 R Leigh Larocque St. Johnsbury Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Caledonia-1 D Claudette Sortino South Ryegate
Caledonia-2 D Kristina I. Michelsen Hardwick
Caledonia-3 R Gary Reis Saint Johnsbury
Caledonia-3 D Michelle Fay Saint Johnsbury
Caledonia-3 D Bob South St. Johnsbury
Caledonia-4 R Martha Feltus Lyndonville
Caledonia-4 R Richard Lawrence Lyndonville
Caledonia-4 D Celeste Marie Girrell Lyndon Center
Caledonia-Washington D Catherine Toll Danville
Chittenden-1 D Anne T. O'Brien Richmond
Chittenden-2 R Jay P. Michaud Williston
Chittenden-2 R Thomas M. Nelson Williston
Chittenden-2 D Terry Macaig Williston
Chittenden-2 D Jim McCullough Williston Y+ Y+ N N Y N N
Chittenden-3 R Debbie Rackliff Jericho
Chittenden-3 D Bill Frank Underhill
Chittenden-3 D George Till Jericho
Chittenden 4-1 R Ed Stone Charlotte
Chittenden 4-1 D Mike Yantachka Charlotte
Chittenden 4-2 D Bill Lippert Hinesburg
Chittenden 5-1 D Kathryn Webb Shelburne
Chittenden 5-2 R George Schiavone Shelburne
Chittenden 5-2 D Joan G. Lenes Shelburne
Chittenden 6-1 R Kurt Wright Burlington
Chittenden 6-1 D Bill Aswad Burlington
Chittenden 6-1 D Joanna Cole Burlington
Chittenden 6-2 D Jean O'Sullivan Burlington
Chittenden 6-3 D Jill Krowinski Burlington
Chittenden 6-3 D Curt McCormack Burlington
Chittenden 6-3 I Chris Cwieka Burlington
Chittenden 6-3 P Kit Andrews Burlington
Chittenden 6-3 P Gene Bergman Burlington
Chittenden 6-4 D Kesha Ram Burlington
Chittenden 6-4 P Christopher A. Pearson Burlington
Chittenden 6-5 D Johannah Leddy Donovan Burlington
Chittenden 6-5 D Suzi Wizowaty Burlington
Chittenden 6-6 D Barbara Rachelson Burlington
Chittenden 6-7 D Clement Bissonnette Winooski
Chittenden 6-7 D George C. Cross Winooski
Chittenden 7-1 D Michele F. Kupersmith South Burlington
Chittenden 7-2 D Ann Pugh South Burlington
Chittenden 7-3 D Helen Head South Burlington
Chittenden 7-4 R Timothy E. Cutler South Burlington
Chittenden 7-4 D Maida F. Townsend South Burlington
Chittenden 8-1 R Linda K. Myers Essex Junction Y N Y Y N N Y
Chittenden 8-1 D Debbie Evans Essex Junction
Chittenden 8-2 R Paul Dame Essex Junction Y Y Y Y Y+ Y+ Y+
Chittenden 8-2 D Tim Jerman Essex Jct.
Chittenden 8-2 D Linda J. Waite-Simpson Essex Jct.
Chittenden 8-2 I Carlton Houghton Essex Junction
Chittenden 8-3 D Martha Heath Westford
Chittenden 9-1 R Bob Bouchard Colchester
Chittenden 9-1 R Joey A. Purvis Colchester Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Chittenden 9-1 D Jim Condon Colchester
Chittenden 9-1 D Curt Taylor Colchester
Chittenden 9-2 R Patrick M. Brennan Colchester
Chittenden 9-2 D Kristy Kurt Spengler Colchester
Chittenden 9-2 I Patricia Porter Colchester
Chittenden 10 R Ronald E. Hubert Milton
Chittenden 10 R Donald H. Turner Milton
Chittenden 10 D Todd Buik Milton
Essex-Caledonia R Connie Quimby Concord
Essex-Caledonia I Amos Bell Lunenburg
Essex-Caledonia-Orleans R William F. Johnson Canaan
Franklin 1 R Carolyn Whitney Branagan Georgia
Franklin 2 R John I. Mitchell Fairfax
Franklin 2 I Bob Shea Fairfax
Franklin 2 P Mike O'Day Fairfax
Franklin 3-1 R Casey J. Toof Saint Albans
Franklin 3-1 R Stephen A. Trahan Saint Albans
Franklin 3-1 D Kathleen C. Keenan Saint Albans
Franklin 3-1 D Mike McCarthy Saint Albans
Franklin 3-2 R Eileen Dickinson Saint Albans
Franklin 4 R Brian K. Savage Swanton
Franklin 4 D Michel Consejo Sheldon Springs
Franklin 5 R Steve Beyor Highgate Springs
Franklin 5 R Albert Pearce Richford
Franklin 5 P Bob Irish Franklin
Franklin 6 D Daniel F. Conner Fairfield
Franklin 7 R Peter E. Perley Enosburg Falls Y Y Y+ Y Y Y+
Franklin 7 D Cindy Weed Enosburg Falls
Grand Isle-Chittenden R Patrick Dupont North Hero
Grand Isle-Chittenden R Jason Lee South Hero Y Y Y N Y+ Y Y
Grand Isle-Chittenden D Mitzi Johnson South Hero
Grand Isle-Chittenden D Robert C. Krebs South Hero
Lamoille 1 R Heidi E. Scheuermann Stowe
Lamoille 2 R Lucien G. Gravel Wolcott
Lamoille 2 D Linda J. Martin Wolcott
Lamoille 2 D Mark Woodward Johnson
Lamoille 3 R Bernard C. Juskiewicz Cambridge
Lamoille 3 D Peter Ingvoldstad Jeffersonville
Lamoille 3 I Justin R. Marsh Cambridge Y Y N N N Y N
Lamoille-Washington R Mickey C. Smith Morrisville
Lamoille-Washington D Peter Peltz Woodbury
Lamoille-Washington D Shap Smith Morrisville
Orange 1 R Rodney Graham Williamstown Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Orange 1 R Philip C. Winters Williamstown
Orange 1 P Susan Hatch Davis West Topsham
Orange 1 P John H. Taylor Williamstown
Orange 2 R Mary Daly Fairlee
Orange 2 D Sarah Copeland Hanzas Bradford
Orange-Caledonia D Chip Conquest Wells River
Orange-Washington-Addison D Patsy French Randolph
Orange-Washington-Addison D Larry Townsend Randolph Y Y Y N Y Y N
Orleans 1 R Lynn D. Batchelor Derby Line Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Orleans 1 R Loren T. Shaw Derby Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Orleans 2 R Duncan Kilmartin Newport Y+ Y Y N Y Y Y
Orleans 2 R Michael J. Marcotte Newport
Orleans 2 I Tim delaBruere Newport
Orleans 2 I Paul L. Monette Newport
Orleans-Caledonia R Vicki Strong Irasburg Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Orleans-Caledonia D Sam Young West Glover
Orleans-Lamoille R Mark Higley Lowell
Orleans-Lamoille P Katherine Sims Lowell
Rutland 1 R Andy Donaghy Poultney Y Y N Y Y
Rutland 2 R Thomas Burditt West Rutland
Rutland 2 R Glenn Eno Wallingford
Rutland 2 D Ken Fredette Wallingford
Rutland 2 D Dave Potter Clarendon
Rutland 3 R William Canfield Fair Haven
Rutland 3 R Robert Helm Fair Haven
Rutland 4 R Thomas P. Terenzini Rutland
Rutland 5-1 R Peter J. Fagan Rutland
Rutland 5-2 R Larry Cupoli Rutland
Rutland 5-2 D Margaret Andrews Rutland
Rutland 5-3 R John E. Mattison Rutland
Rutland 5-3 D Herb Russell Rutland
Rutland 5-4 R Douglas Gage Rutland
Rutland 5-4 D Sherri Durgin-Campbell Rutland
Rutland 6 R Seth Hopkins Brandon Y+ Y+ Y N N Y Y
Rutland 6 R Charles Shaw Florence
Rutland 6 D Stephen A. Carr Brandon Y N Y N N N N
Rutland-Bennington D John W. Malcolm Pawlet
Rutland-Bennington I Estella Leach Pawlet
Rutland-Windsor 1 R James Eckhardt Chittenden
Rutland-Windsor 1 D Anne L. Gallivan North Chittenden
Rutland-Windsor 2 R Dennis J. Devereux Belmont
Rutland-Windsor 2 D Eldred French Cuttingsville
Washington 1 R Anne B. Donahue Northfield
Washington 1 R Patti J. Lewis Berlin
Washington 1 D Colin T. Bright Northfield
Washington 2 R Thomas Koch Barre
Washington 2 R Francis McFaun Barre
Washington 3 R John Santorello Barre
Washington 3 D Tess Taylor Barre
Washington 3 I Paul N. Poirier Barre
Washington 4 D Mary S. Hooper Montpelier
Washington 4 D Warren Kitzmiller Montpelier
Washington 4 J Benjamin Eastwood Montpelier Y+ Y+ Y+ N Y+ Y+ N
Washington 5 D Tony Klein Montpelier
Washington 6 D Janet Ancel Calais
Washington 7 D Maxine Grad Moretown
Washington 7 I Adam Greshin Warren
Washington 7 I Sal Spinosa Waitsfield
Washington-Chittenden D Rebecca Ellis Waterbury
Washington-Chittenden D Tom Stevens Waterbury
Windham 1 R Michael Hebert Vernon
Windham 2-1 D Valerie A. Stuart Brattleboro
Windham 2-2 D Mollie S. Burke Brattleboro
Windham 2-3 D Tristan Toleno Brattleboro
Windham 3 D Carolyn W. Partridge Windham
Windham 3 D Matthew A. Trieber Bellows Falls
Windham 4 D David L. Deen Westminster
Windham 4 D Mike Mrowicki Putney
Windham 5 D Richard J. Marek Newfane
Windham 6 D Ann Manwaring Wilmington
Windham-Bennington D John Moran Wardsboro
Windham-Bennington- Windsor I Emmett S. Dunbar South Londonderry
Windham-Bennington- Windsor I Charles "Tim" Goodwin Weston
Windsor 1 R Ryan Palmer Windsor
Windsor 1 R Donna Sweaney Windsor
Windsor 1 D John Bartholomew Hartland
Windsor 2 R Scott Ranney Proctorsville
Windsor 2 D Mark Huntley Cavendish
Windsor 3-1 D Leigh J. Dakin Chester
Windsor 3-2 D Alice M. Emmons Springfield
Windsor 3-2 D Cynthia Martin Springfield
Windsor 4-1 D Teo Zagar Barnard Y Y Y N Y N N
Windsor 4-2 R Alex S. Defelice Wilder
Windsor 4-2 D Kevin Christie White River Jct
Windsor 4-2 D Sheila Vowinkel White River Jct
Windsor 4-2 I Paul Keane White River Junction
Windsor 5 D Alison Clarkson Woodstock
Windsor-Orange 1 R David M. Ainsworth South Royalton
Windsor-Orange 1 D Sarah E. Buxton Tunbridge
Windsor-Orange 2 D Margaret Cheney Norwich
Windsor-Orange 2 D Jim Masland Thetford Center
Windsor-Rutland D Sandy Haas Rochester
State Senate
Addison D Claire Ayer Addison
Addison D Christopher A. Bray New Haven
Addison I Robert Wagner Ripton Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
Addison-Rutland I Will Stevens Shoreham
Bennington D Bob Hartwell Manchester Center
Bennington D Dick Sears North Bennington
Caledonia R Joe Benning Lyndonville Y Y Y Y Y Y
Caledonia R David Dill Lyndonville
Caledonia D Stephen H. Amos Wheelock
Caledonia D Jane Kitchel Danville
Chittenden R Shelley Palmer Williston
Chittenden R Diane B. Snelling Hinesburg
Chittenden D Tim Ashe Burlington
Chittenden D Philip Baruth Burlington
Chittenden D Sally Fox South Burlington
Chittenden D Debbie Ingram Williston
Chittenden D Virginia Lyons Williston
Chittenden D David E. Zuckerman Hinesburg
Chittenden I Patrick N. Brown Burlington
Chittenden G Larkin Forney Milton Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Chittenden I Bob Kiss Burlington
Chittenden I Robert Letovsky Jericho
Chittenden TP Shelley Palmer Williston
Chittenden I Sean Selby Burlington
Chittenden P Richard "Terry" Jeroloman Burlington
Essex-Orleans R Jay Dudley Orleans Y+ Y+ Y N Y+ Y+ Y+
Essex-Orleans R Robert W. Lewis Derby
Essex-Orleans D John S. Rodgers Glover
Essex-Orleans D Robert A. Starr North Troy
Franklin R Dustin Allard Degree Saint Albans
Franklin R Norm McAllister Franklin Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Franklin D Caroline Bright Saint Albans
Franklin D Donald Collins Swanton
Franklin I Judith McLaughlin Enosburg Falls
Franklin P&P Peter Moss Fairfax
Grand Isle D Richard Mazza Colchester
Lamoille R Richard A. Westman Cambridge
Lamoille D Jerry Colby Cambridge
Orange D Mark A. MacDonald Williamstown
Rutland R Peg Flory Pittsford
Rutland R Kevin J. Mullin Rutland
Rutland D Bill Carris Rutland
Washington R Bernard Barnett Barre
Washington R William Doyle Montpelier
Washington R Dexter LeFavour Middlesex
Washington D Ann Cummings Montpelier
Washington D Anthony Pollina North Middlesex
Washington I Jeremy Hansen Berlin Y+ Y Y+ N Y+ Y N
Windham D Peter W. Galbraith Townshend
Windham D Jeanette White Putney
Windsor R Paul E. Gibbs Springfield
Windsor R Dick Tracy Sharon Y Y Y Y+ Y Y
Windsor R Jeff Whittemore Perkinsville
Windsor D John Campbell Quechee
Windsor D Richard McCormack Bethel
Windsor D Alice W. Nitka Ludlow

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