Arizona 2014 Statewide Candidate

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for Statewide Office an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Do you oppose the use of unmanned law enforcement devices being used to penalize citizens?

2. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the health care scheme, known as ObamaCare?

3. Do you support the end of public sector monopoly bargaining?

4. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?

5. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

6. Will you support repeal of your state’s participation in Common Core?

7. Will you support legislation to end warrantless drone surveillance?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
Governor R Ken Bennett
Governor R Doug Ducey
Governor R Christine Jones
Governor R Al Melvin
Governor R Frank Riggs
Governor R Scott Smith
Governor R Andrew P. Thomas
Governor D Fred Duval
Secretary of State R Wil Cardon
Secretary of State R Justin Pierce
Secretary of State R Michele Reagan
Secretary of State D Terry Goddard
Attorney General R Mark Brnovich
Attorney General R Tom Horne
Attorney General D Felecia Rotellini
Corporation Commissioner R Tom Forese
Corporation Commissioner R Doug Little
Corporation Commissioner R Lucy Mason
Corporation Commissioner R Vernon B. Parker
Corporation Commissioner D Jim Holway
Corporation Commissioner D Sandra Kennedy
State Mine Inspector R Joe Hart
State Treasurer R Jeff Dewit
State Treasurer R Hugh Hallman
State Treasurer R Randy Pullen
Superintendent of Public Instruction R Diane M. Douglas
Superintendent of Public Instruction R John F. Huppenthal
Superintendent of Public Instruction D David Garcia
Superintendent of Public Instruction D Sharon Thomas