Kansas 2014 Statewide General Election Candidate

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for statewide office an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions.

Survey Questions

1. Will you support the passage of a law requiring that all votes made in the Kansas legislature be recorded and made available to the public, including votes made in committee?

2. Will you support repeal of your state’s participation in Common Core?

3. Will you support legislation to end warrantless drone surveillance?

4. Do you oppose the use of state funds to advocate for growing the size of government through the use of hiring government employees as lobbyists, and/or paying for the lobbying activities of private groups or associations?

5. Will you support a full repeal of the state’s renewable energy portfolio standards?

6. Would you support a bill that would remove the state and local government’s power to use eminent domain to confiscate citizen’s private property to transfer it to another private party for economic development purposes?

7. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
Governor R Sam Brownback
Governor D Paul Davis
Governor L Keen Umbehr
Secretary of State R Kris Kobach
Secretary of State D Jean Schodorf
Attorney General R Derek Schmidt
Attorney General D A.J. Kotich
State Insurance Commissioner R Ken Selzer
State Insurance Commissioner D Dennis Anderson
State Treasurer R Ron Estes
State Treasurer D Carmen Alldritt