Kentucky 2016 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

2. Will you support a bill that would repeal ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Kentucky?

3. Will you oppose any bill that impedes free speech, including any so-called ethics reform bill that would require a citizen organization to divulge its donor or member information?

4. Will you support legislation that would end “policing for profit”, require charges be filed before any assets are seized by law enforcement, and ensure that property is returned if charges are dropped or suspect is acquitted?

5. Will you support legislation to end warrantless drone surveillance?

6. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants for non-violent crimes?

7. Will you support repeal of Kentucky’s participation in Common Core?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 R Steven Jack Rudy Paducah
State House 2 R Richard Heath Mayfield
State House 3 D Gerald Watkins Paducah
State House 4 R Lynn Bechler Marion
State House 5 R Kenny Imes Murray
State House 6 D Will R. Coursey Symsonia
State House 7 R Suzanne Miles Owensboro
State House 8 R Walker Wood Thomas Hopkinsville
State House 9 R Myron B. Dossett Pembroke
State House 10 D Dean Schamore Hardinsburg
State House 11 R Robert M. Mills Henderson
State House 12 R Jim Gooch Providence
State House 13 R D.J. Johnson Owensboro
State House 14 R Matt Castlen Maceo
State House 15 R Melinda Gibbons Prunty Belton
State House 16 R Jason Petrie Elkton
State House 17 R Jim DeCesare Rockfield
State House 18 R Tim Moore Elizabethtown
State House 19 R Michael Lee Meredith Brownsville
State House 20 D Jody Richards Bowling Green
State House 21 R Bart Rowland Tompkinsville
State House 22 D Wilson Stone Scottsville
State House 23 R Steve Riley Glasgow
State House 24 R William Brandon Reed Hodgenville
State House 25 R Jim DuPlessis Elizabethtown
State House 26 R Russell Webber Shepherdsville
State House 27 D Jeff Greer Brandenburg
State House 28 D Charles W. Miller Louisville
State House 29 R Kevin D. Bratcher Louisville
State House 30 D Tom Burch Louisville
State House 31 D Steve Riggs Louisville
State House 32 R Phil Moffett Louisville
State House 33 R Jason Michael Nemes Louisville
State House 34 D Mary Lou Marzian Louisville
State House 35 D Jim Wayne Louisville
State House 36 R Jerry T. Miller Eastwood
State House 37 D Jeffery M. Donohue Fairdale
State House 38 D McKenzie Cantrell Louisville
State House 39 D Russ Meyer Nicholasville
State House 40 D Dennis L. Horlander Louisville
State House 41 D Attica Woodson Scott Louisville
State House 42 D Reginald K. Meeks Louisville
State House 43 D Darryl T. Owens Louisville
State House 44 D Joni Jenkins Shively
State House 45 R Stan Lee Lexington
State House 46 D Alan Gentry Louisville
State House 47 D Rick W. Rand Bedford
State House 48 R Ken Fleming Louisville
State House 49 R Jennifer L. Stepp Shepherdsville
State House 50 R D. Chad McCoy Bardstown
State House 51 R John Carney Campbellsville
State House 52 R Ken Upchurch Monticello
State House 53 R James A. Tipton Taylorsville
State House 54 R Daniel B. Elliott Danville
State House 55 R Kim King Harrodsburg
State House 56 D James Kay Versailles
State House 57 D Derrick W. Graham Frankfort
State House 58 R Rob Rothenburger Shelbyville
State House 59 R David W. Osborne Prospect
State House 60 R Sal Santoro Florence
State House 61 R Brian E. Linder Dry Ridge
State House 62 R Phillip Pratt Georgetown
State House 63 R Diane St. Onge Lakeside Park
State House 64 R Kimberly Poore Moser Taylor Mill
State House 65 D Arnold R. Simpson Covington
State House 66 R Addia Kathryn Wuchner Burlington
State House 67 D Dennis Keene Wilder
State House 68 R Joseph M. Fischer Fort Thomas
State House 69 R Adam Koenig Erlanger
State House 70 D John Sims Flemingsburg
State House 71 R Jonathan Shell Lancaster
State House 72 D Sannie Overly Paris
State House 73 R Donna Mayfield Winchester
State House 74 R David Hale Wellington
State House 75 D Kelly M. Flood Lexington
State House 76 D Ruth Ann Palumbo Lexington
State House 77 D George A. Brown Lexington
State House 78 R Mark Hart Falmouth
State House 79 D Susan Westrom Lexington
State House 80 R David Meade Stanford
State House 81 R C. Wesley Morgan Richmond
State House 82 R Regina Petrey Bunch Williamsburg
State House 83 R Jeff Hoover Jamestown
State House 84 R Chris Fugate Chavies
State House 85 R Tommy Turner Somerset
State House 86 R Jim Stewart Flat Lick
State House 87 D Rick Nelson Middlesboro
State House 88 R Robert J. Benvenuti Lexington
State House 89 R Marie L. Rader McKee
State House 90 R Tim Couch Hyden
State House 91 R Gary Herald Beattyville
State House 92 R John C. Blanton Salyersville
State House 93 D Chris Harris Forest Hills
State House 94 D Angie Hatton Whitesburg
State House 95 R Larry D. Brown Prestonsburg
State House 96 R Jill York Grayson
State House 97 R William Scott Wells West Liberty
State House 98 R Danny R. Bentley Russell
State House 99 D Rocky Adkins Sandy Hook
State House 100 D Kevin P. Sinnette Ashland
State Senate 1 R Stan Humphries Cadiz
State Senate 3 R Whitney H. Westerfield Hopkinsville
State Senate 5 R Stephen L. Meredith Leitchfield
State Senate 7 D Julian M. Carroll Frankfort
State Senate 9 R David P. Givens Greensburg
State Senate 11 R John Schickel Union
State Senate 13 D Reggie Thomas Lexington
State Senate 15 R Rick Girdler Somerset
State Senate 17 R Damon Thayer Georgetown
State Senate 19 D Morgan McGarvey Louisville
State Senate 21 R Albert Robinson London
State Senate 23 R Chris McDaniel Latonia
State Senate 25 R Robert Stivers Manchester
State Senate 27 R Stephen West Paris
State Senate 29 D Johnny Ray Turner Prestonsburg
State Senate 31 D Ray Jones Pikeville
State Senate 33 D Gerald A. Neal Louisville
State Senate 35 D Denise Harper Angel Louisville
State Senate 37 D Perry B. Clark Louisville