Maine 2016 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

2. Do you oppose taking federal money to expand Medicaid?

3. Will you oppose any bill that impedes free speech, including any so-called ethics reform bill that would require a citizen organization to divulge its donor or member information?

4. Will you oppose any attempts to repeal civil asset forfeiture reforms that would end "policing for profit", require charges be filed before any assets are seized by law enforcement, and ensure that property is returned if charges are dropped or the suspect is acquitted?

5. Do you oppose the use of unmanned law enforcement devices being used to penalize citizens?

6. Will you support repeal of Maine’s participation in Common Core?

7. Will you support legislation modeled after Utah’s laws, authorizing the state to use eminent domain to regain control of lands taken by the federal government within its own borders?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 D Deane Rykerson Kittery Point
State House 2 D Mark W. Lawrence South Berwick
State House 3 D Lydia Blume York Beach
State House 4 D Patricia Hymanson York
State House 5 R Beth A. O'Connor Berwick
State House 6 D Jennifer E. Parker South Berwick
State House 7 R Robert A. Foley Wells
State House 8 D Christopher W. Babbidge Kennebunk
State House 9 R H. Stedman Seavey Kennebunkport
State House 10 R Wayne Parry Arundel
State House 11 D Ryan M. Fecteau Biddeford
State House 12 D Martin J. Grohman Biddeford
State House 13 D George Hogan Old Orchard Beach
State House 14 D Donna Bailey
State House 15 D Margaret O'Neil
State House 16 R Donald G. Marean Hollis
State House 17 R Dwayne W. Prescott North Waterboro
State House 18 D Anne-Marie Mastraccio Sanford
State House 19 R Matthew A. Harrington Sanford
State House 20 R Karen A. Gerrish Lebanon
State House 21 R Heidi H. Sampson Alfred
State House 22 R Jonathan L. Kinney Limington
State House 23 R Lester S. Ordway Standish
State House 24 R Benjamin Martin
State House 25 R Patrick W. Corey Windham
State House 26 D Maureen F. Terry Gorham
State House 27 D Andrew Mclean Gorham
State House 28 R Heather W. Sirocki Scarborough
State House 29 R Karen R. Vachon Scarborough
State House 30 D Kimberly J. Monaghan Cape Elizabeth
State House 31 D Lois G. Reckitt South Portland
State House 32 D Scott Hamann South Portland
State House 33 R Kevin J. Battle South Portland
State House 34 D Andrew Gattine Westbrook
State House 35 D Dillon Bates Westbrook
State House 36 D Denise P. Harlow Portland
State House 37 D Richard R. Farnsworth Portland
State House 38 D Matthew W. Moonen Portland
State House 39 D Michael A. Sylvester Peaks Island
State House 40 D Rachel Ross
State House 41 D Erik C. Jorgensen Portland
State House 42 D Benjamin T. Collings Portland
State House 43 D Heather B. Sanborn Portland
State House 44 D Teresa S. Pierce Falmouth
State House 45 D Dale J. Denno Cumberland Center
State House 46 R Paul B. Chace Durham
State House 47 R Richard V. Snow Yarmouth
State House 48 R Paul B. Schulz Pownal
State House 49 R Michael Stevens
State House 50 R Robert Thompson
State House 51 R Jeffrey S. Slocum Harpswell
State House 52 R Bil Weidner Bath
State House 53 R Jeffrey K. Pierce Dresden
State House 54 D Denise A. Tepler Topsham
State House 55 D Seth A. Berry Bowdoinham
State House 56 R Gina M. Mason Libson Falls
State House 57 R Stephen J. Wood Sabattus
State House 58 D James R. Handy Lewiston
State House 59 D Roger J. Fuller Lewiston
State House 60 D Jared Golden Lewiston
State House 61 D Heidi E. Brooks Lewiston
State House 62 D Gina M. Melaragno Auburn
State House 63 R Bruce Bickford
State House 64 D BettyAnn W. Sheats Auburn
State House 65 R Eleanor Espling New Gloucester
State House 66 D Jessica L. Fay Raymond
State House 67 R Susan Marie Austin Gray
State House 68 R Richard Cebra
State House 69 R Phyllis Ginzler Bridgton
State House 70 R Nathan J. Wadsworth Cornish
State House 71 R Tom J. Winsor Norway
State House 72 R Kathleen R.J. Dillingham Oxford
State House 73 R Lloyd C. Herrick Paris
State House 74 D Christina Riley Jay
State House 75 R Jeffrey L. Timberlake Turner
State House 76 R Gary L. Hilliard Belgrade
State House 77 R Michael D. Perkins Oakland
State House 78 D Catherine M. Nadeau Winslow
State House 79 R Timothy S. Theriault China
State House 80 R Richard Bradstreet
State House 81 D Craig V. Hickman Winthrop
State House 83 D Gay M. Grant South Gardiner
State House 84 D Charlotte May Warren Hallowell
State House 85 D Donna R. Doore Augusta
State House 86 R Matthew Pouliot Augusta
State House 87 R Jeffrey P. Hanley Pittston
State House 88 R Deborah J. Sanderson Chelsea
State House 89 R Stephanie Hawke Boothbay Harbor
State House 90 D Michael G. Devin Newcastle
State House 91 R Abden S. Simmons Waldoboro
State House 92 D John A. Spear South Thomaston
State House 93 D Anne H. Beebe-Center Rockland
State House 95 R Paula G. Sutton Warren
State House 96 D Stanley P. Zeigler Montville
State House 97 D Erin D. Herbig Belfast
State House 98 R James S. Gilllway Searsport
State House 99 R MaryAnne Kinney Knox
State House 100 R Kenneth W. Fredette Newport
State House 101 R David G. Haggan Hampden
State House 102 R Stacey K. Guerin Glenburn
State House 103 R Roger E. Reed Carmel
State House 104 R Raymond A. Wallace Dexter
State House 105 R Joel Stetkis Canaan
State House 106 R Scott W. Strom Pittsfield
State House 107 D Betty A. Austin Skowhegan
State House 108 R John J. Picchiotti Fairfield
State House 109 D Thomas R.W. Longstaff Waterville
State House 110 D Colleen M. Madigan Waterville
State House 111 R Bradlee T. Farrin Norridgewock
State House 112 R Thomas H. Skolfield Weld
State House 113 R Lance E. Harvell Farmington
State House 114 R Russell J. Black Wilton
State House 115 D John E. Madigan Rumford
State House 116 R Richard A. Pickett East Dixfield
State House 117 R Frances M. Head Bethel
State House 118 R Chad W. Grignon Athens
State House 119 R Paul A. Stearns Guilford
State House 120 R Norman H. Higgins Dover-Foxcroft
State House 121 R Gary A. Drinkwater Milford
State House 121 D Robert S. Duchesne Old Town
State House 122 D Michelle Dunphy Old Town
State House 123 D Ryan Tipping-Spitz Orono
State House 124 D Aaron M. Frey Bangor
State House 125 D Victoria P. Kornfield Bangor
State House 126 D John C. Schneck Bangor
State House 127 D Barbara A. Cardone Bangor
State House 128 R William T. Rogers Brewer
State House 129 R Peter A. Lyford Eddington
State House 130 R Richard H. Campbell Orrington
State House 131 R Karleton S. Ward Dedham
State House 132 D Louis J. Luchini Ellsworth
State House 133 D Ralph Chapman Brooksville
State House 134 D Walter A. Kumiega Little Deer Isle
State House 135 D Brian L. Hubbell Bar Harbor
State House 136 R Richard S. Malaby Hancock
State House 137 R Lawrence E. Lockman Amherst
State House 138 D Robert W. Alley Beals Island
State House 139 R Will Tuell East Machias
State House 140 D Anne C. Perry Calais
State House 141 R Beth P. Turner Burlington
State House 142 R Sheldon M. Hanington Lincoln
State House 143 D Stephen S. Stanley Medway
State House 144 R Roger L. Sherman Houlton
State House 145 R Chris A. Johansen Monticello
State House 146 R Dustin M. White Presque Isle
State House 147 R Harold L. Stewart Presque Isle
State House 148 D David H. McCrea Fort Fairfield
State House 149 R Carol A. Mcelwee Caribou
State House 150 D Ronald D. Martin Sinclair
State House 151 D John L. Martin Eagle Lake
State Senate 1 D Troy D. Jackson Allagash
State Senate 2 D Michael Carpenter
State Senate 3 R Rodney L. Whittemore Skowhegan
State Senate 4 R Paul T. Davis Sangerville
State Senate 5 D James F. Dill Old Town
State Senate 6 R Joyce A. Maker Calais
State Senate 7 R Brian D. Langley Ellsworth
State Senate 8 R Kimberly C. Rosen Bucksport
State Senate 9 D Geoffrey M. Gratwick Bangor
State Senate 10 R Andre E. Cushing Hampden
State Senate 11 R Michael Thibodeau
State Senate 12 D David Miramant Camden
State Senate 13 R Dana L. Dow Waldoboro
State Senate 14 D Shenna L. Bellows Manchester
State Senate 15 R Roger J. Katz Augusta
State Senate 16 R Scott W. Cyrway Benton
State Senate 17 R Thomas B. Saviello Wilton
State Senate 18 R L. Gary Knight Livemore Falls
State Senate 19 R James M. Hamper Oxford
State Senate 20 R Eric L. Brakey Auburn
State Senate 21 D Nathan L. Libby Lewiwston
State Senate 22 R Garrett P. Mason Libson Falls
State Senate 23 D Eloise A. Vitelli Arrowsic
State Senate 24 D Brownie Carson Harpswell
State Senate 25 D Cathy E. Breen Falmouth
State Senate 26 D George W. Diamond Windham
State Senate 27 D Benjamin Chipman Portland
State Senate 28 D Mark N . Dion Portland
State Senate 29 D Rebecca Millett Cape Elizabeth
State Senate 30 R Amy F. Volk Scarborough
State Senate 31 D Justin M. Chenette Saco
State Senate 32 D Susan A. Deschambault Biddeford
State Senate 33 R David C. Woodsome North Waterboro
State Senate 34 R Ronald F. Collins Wells
State Senate 35 D Dawn Hill Cape Neddick