Georgia 2016 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

2. Do you oppose taking federal money to expand Medicaid, including the use of government waivers?

3. Will you support legislation to rescind all state applications for an Article V Convention, and oppose further efforts to apply to the U.S. Congress for an Article V Convention?

4. Will you oppose any bill that impedes free speech, including any so-called ethics reform bill that would require a citizen organization to divulge its donor or member information?

5. Will you support legislation that would end “policing for profit”, require charges be filed before any assets are seized by law enforcement, and ensure that property is returned if charges are dropped or the suspect is acquitted?

6. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants for non-violent crimes?

7. Will you support repeal of Georgia’s participation in Common Core?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 R John Deffenbaugh Lookout Mtn
State House 2 R Steve Tarvin Chickamauga
State House 3 R Dewayne Hill Ringgold
State House 4 R Bruce Broadrick Dalton
State House 5 R John Meadows Calhoun
State House 6 R Jason Ridley Chatsworth
State House 7 R David Ralston Blue Ridge
State House 8 R Matt Gurtler Tiger
State House 9 R Kevin Tanner Dawsonville
State House 10 R Terry Rogers Clarkesville
State House 11 R Rick Jasperse Jasper
State House 12 R Eddie Lumsden Armuchee
State House 13 R Katie Dempsey Rome
State House 14 R Christian Coomer Cassville
State House 15 R Paul Battles Cartersville
State House 16 R Trey Kelley Cedartown
State House 17 R Howard Maxwell Dallas
State House 18 R Kevin Cooke Carrollton
State House 19 R Paulette Rakestraw Hiram
State House 20 R Michael Caldwell Woodstock
State House 21 R Scot Turner Canton
State House 22 R Wes Cantrell Woodstock
State House 23 R Mandi Ballinger Canton
State House 24 R Sheri Smallwood Gilligan Cumming
State House 25 R Todd Jones Cumming
State House 26 R Geoff Duncan Cumming
State House 27 R Lee Hawkins Gainesville
State House 28 R Dan Gasaway Homer
State House 29 R Matt Dubnik
State House 30 R Emory Dunahoo Gillsville
State House 31 R Tommy Benton Jefferson
State House 32 R Alan Powell Hartwell
State House 33 R Tom McCall Elberton
State House 34 R Bert Reeves Marietta
State House 35 R Ed Setzler Acworth
State House 36 R Earl Ehrhart Powder Springs
State House 37 R Sam Teasley Marietta
State House 38 D David Wilkerson Powder Springs
State House 39 D Erica Thomas Austell
State House 40 R Rich Golick Smyrna
State House 41 D Michael Smith Marietta
State House 42 D Stacey Evans Smyrna
State House 43 R Sharon Cooper Marietta
State House 44 R Don Parsons Marietta
State House 45 R Matt Dollar Marietta
State House 46 R John Carson Marietta
State House 47 R Jan Jones Milton
State House 48 R Betty Price Roswell
State House 49 R Charles Martin Alpharetta
State House 50 R Brad Raffensperger Johns Creek
State House 51 R Wendell Willard Sandy Springs
State House 52 R Deborah Silcox Sandy Springs
State House 53 D Sheila Jones Smyrna
State House 54 R Beth Beskin Atlanta
State House 55 D Marie Metze
State House 56 D Able Mable Thomas Atlanta
State House 57 D Pat Gardner Atlanta
State House 58 D Park Cannon Atlanta
State House 59 D David Dreyer
State House 60 D Keisha Waites Atlanta
State House 61 D Roger Bruce Atlanta
State House 62 D William Boddie Atlanta
State House 63 D Debra Bazemore Riverdale
State House 64 D Derrick Jackson Tyrone
State House 65 D Sharon Beasley-Teague Red Oak
State House 66 D Kimberly Alexander Hiram
State House 67 R Micah Gravley Douglasville
State House 68 R Dustin Hightower Carrollton
State House 69 R Randy Nix Lagrange
State House 70 R Lynn Smith Newnan
State House 71 R David Stover Newnan
State House 72 R Josh Bonner Peachtree City
State House 73 R Karen Mathiak Griffin
State House 74 D Valencia Stovall Ellenwood
State House 75 D Mike Glanton Jonesboro
State House 76 D Sandra Scott Rex
State House 77 D Rhonda Burnough Riverdale
State House 78 D Demetrius Douglas Stockbridge
State House 79 R Tom Taylor Dunwoody
State House 80 R Meagan Hanson Atlanta
State House 81 D Scott Holcomb Atlanta
State House 82 D Mary Margaret Oliver Atlanta
State House 83 D Howard Mosby Atlanta
State House 84 D Renitta Shannon Decatur
State House 85 D Karla Drenner Avondale
State House 86 D Michele Henson Stone Mountain
State House 87 D Earnest Williams Avondale Estates
State House 88 D Billy Mitchell Stone Mountain
State House 89 D Stacey Y Abrams Atlanta
State House 90 D Pam Stephenson Lithonia
State House 91 D Vernon Jones Lithonia
State House 92 D Doreen Carter Lihonia
State House 93 D Darshun Kendrick Lithonia
State House 94 D Karen Bennett Stone Mountain
State House 95 R Scott Hilton Peachtree Corners
State House 96 D Pedro Marin Duluth
State House 97 R Brooks Coleman Duluth
State House 98 R David Clark Buford
State House 99 D Brenda Lopez
State House 100 D Dewey McClain Lilburn
State House 101 D Samuel Park Lawrenceville
State House 102 R Buzz Brockway Lawrenceville
State House 103 R Timothy Barr Lawrenceville
State House 104 R Chuck Efstration Dacula
State House 105 R Joyce Chandler Grayson
State House 106 R Brett Harrell Snellville
State House 107 R David Casas Lilburn
State House 108 R Clay Cox
State House 109 R Dale Rutledge McDonough
State House 110 R Andy Welch McDonough
State House 111 R Brian Strickland McDonough
State House 112 R Dave Belton Buckhead
State House 113 D Pam Dickerson Conyers
State House 114 R Tom Kirby Loganville
State House 115 R Bruce Williamson Monroe
State House 116 R Terry England Auburn
State House 117 R Regina Quick Athens
State House 118 D Spencer Frye Athens
State House 119 R Chuck Williams Watkinsville
State House 120 R Trey Rhodes Greensboro
State House 121 R Barry Fleming Evans
State House 122 R Jodi Lott Evans
State House 123 R Mark Newton Augusta
State House 124 D Henry Howard Augusta
State House 125 D Sheila Clark Nelson
State House 126 D Gloria Frazier Hephzibah
State House 127 D Brian Prince Augusta
State House 128 D Mack Jackson Sandersville
State House 129 R Susan Holmes Monticello
State House 130 R David Knight Griffin
State House 131 R Johnnie Caldwell Thomaston
State House 132 D Bob Trammell Luthersville
State House 133 R John Pezold Forston
State House 134 R Richard Smith Columbus
State House 135 D Calvin Smyre Columbus
State House 136 D Carolyn Hugley Columbus
State House 137 D Debbie Buckner Junction City
State House 138 D Bill McGowan Americus
State House 140 R Robert Dickey Musella
State House 141 R Allen Peake Macon
State House 142 D Miriam Paris
State House 143 D James Beverly Macon
State House 144 R James Bubber Epps Dry Branch
State House 145 R Ricky Williams Milledgeville
State House 146 R Shaw Blackmon Warner Robins
State House 147 R Heath Clark Warner Robins
State House 148 R Buddy Harden Cordele
State House 149 R Jimmy Pruett Eastman
State House 150 R Matt Hatchett Dublin
State House 151 R Gerald Greene Cuthbert
State House 152 R Ed Rynders Albany
State House 153 D Darrel Ealum Albany
State House 154 D Winfred Dukes Albany
State House 155 R Clay Pirkle Sycamore
State House 156 R Greg Morris Vidalia
State House 157 R William Werkheiser Glennville
State House 158 R Butch Parrish Swainsboro
State House 159 R Jon Burns Newington
State House 160 R Jan Tankersley Brooklet
State House 161 R Bill Hitchens Rincon
State House 162 D Carl Gilliard Garden City
State House 163 D J. Craig Gordon Savannah
State House 164 R Ron Stephens Savannah
State House 165 D Mickey Stephens Savannah
State House 166 R Jesse Petrea Savannah
State House 167 R Jeff Jones Brunswick
State House 168 D Al Williams Midway
State House 169 R Dominic Lariccia Douglas
State House 170 R Penny Houston Nashville
State House 171 R Jay Powell Camilla
State House 172 R Sam Watson Moultrie
State House 173 R Darlene Taylor Thomasville
State House 174 R John Corbett Lake Park
State House 175 R Amy Carter Valdosta
State House 176 R Jason Shaw Lakeland
State House 177 D Dexter Sharper Valdosta
State House 178 R Chad Nimmer Blackshear
State House 179 R Don Hogan St Simons Island
State House 180 R Jason Spencer Woodbine
State Senate 1 R Ben Watson Savannah
State Senate 2 D Lester Jackson Savannah
State Senate 3 R William Ligon Brunswick
State Senate 4 R Jack Hill Reidsville
State Senate 5 D Curt Thompson Tucker
State Senate 6 R Hunter Hill Atlanta
State Senate 7 R Tyler Harper Ocilla
State Senate 8 R Ellis Black Valdosta
State Senate 9 R P.K. Martin Lawrenceville
State Senate 10 D Emanuel Jones Decatur
State Senate 11 R Dean Burke Bainbridge
State Senate 12 D Freddie Sims Dawson
State Senate 13 R Greg Kirk Americus
State Senate 14 R Bruce Thompson White
State Senate 15 D Ed Harbison Columbus
State Senate 16 R Marty Harbin Tyrone
State Senate 17 R Richard Jeffares Locust Grove
State Senate 18 R John Kennedy Macon
State Senate 19 R Blake Tillery Vidalia
State Senate 20 R Larry Walker Perry
State Senate 21 R Brandon Beach Alpharetta
State Senate 22 D Harold Jones Augusta
State Senate 23 R Jesse Stone
State Senate 24 R Lee Anderson Grovetown
State Senate 25 R Burt Jones Jackson
State Senate 26 D David Lucas Macon
State Senate 27 R Michael Williams Cumming
State Senate 28 R Matt Brass Newnan
State Senate 29 R Josh McKoon Columbus
State Senate 30 R Michael Dugan Carrollton
State Senate 31 R Bill Heath Bremen
State Senate 32 R Judson Hill Marietta
State Senate 33 D Michael Rhett Marietta
State Senate 34 D Valencia Seay Riverdale
State Senate 35 D Donzella James Atlanta
State Senate 36 D Nan Orrock Atlanta
State Senate 37 R Lindsey Tippins Marietta
State Senate 38 D Horacena Tate Atlanta
State Senate 39 D Vincent Fort Atlanta
State Senate 40 R Fran Millar Atlanta
State Senate 41 D Steve Henson Tucker
State Senate 42 D Elena Parent Atlanta
State Senate 43 D Tonya Anderson Lithonia
State Senate 44 D Gail Davenport Jonesboro
State Senate 45 R Renee Unterman Buford
State Senate 46 R Bill Cowsert Athens
State Senate 47 R Frank Ginn Danielsville
State Senate 48 R David Shafer Duluth
State Senate 49 R Cecil Butch Miller Chestnut Mountain
State Senate 50 R John Wilkinson Toccoa
State Senate 51 R Steve Gooch Dahlonega
State Senate 52 R Chuck Hufstetler Rome
State Senate 53 R Jeff Mullis Chickamauga
State Senate 54 R Charlie Bethel Dalton
State Senate 55 D Gloria Butler Stone Mountain
State Senate 56 R John Albers Roswell