Maryland 2016 Federal Candidate

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for Federal office an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you cosponsor and support efforts for roll call votes on Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, designed to bring transparency to the Federal Reserve (H.R. 24/S. 264 in the 114th Congress)?

2. Will you vote to oppose any legislation that allows the federal government to prohibit the sale, use, or carrying of firearms?

3. Will you oppose the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act”, which would completely ban online gambling and is pushed by one billionaire Las Vegas casino owner?

4. Will you support legislation to shut down the Transportation Security Administration and place airport security back into private hands?

5. Will you oppose using military action without a declaration of war?

6. Will you support and cast every vote for legislation that will repeal or defund ObamaCare?

7. Will you oppose any legislation that will force online businesses to collect sales taxes across state lines and increase costs on the American consumer, whether it is the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” or any other Internet sales tax sch

8. Will you oppose federal power grabs like roving wiretaps and warrantless searches and oppose Patriot Act renewal that includes such items, including the NSA’s unconstitutional spying program?

9. Will you oppose any legislation that requires states and citizens to participate in a National Identification program, including mandatory E-Verify?

10. Will you support keeping our Internet free from government control and intrusion, including opposing power grabs such as SOPA, CISA, or any other bill that mandates more government intervention in the Internet?

11. Will you oppose all tax increases?

12. Indicate the tax cuts you are willing to vote for:
      A) Across-the-Board Income Tax Cut
      B) Capital Gains Tax Cut
      C) Business Tax Cut
      D) Estate Tax Cut

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12
US House 1 R Jonathan Marvin Goff
US House 1 R Andy Harris
US House 1 R Sean M. Jackson A, B, C, D
US House 1 R Michael D. Smigiel A, B, C, D
US House 1 D Jim Ireton
US House 1 D Joe Werner
US House 2 R Bill Heine
US House 2 R Carl H. Magee A, B, C, D
US House 2 R Pat McDonough A, B, C, D
US House 2 R Yuripzy Morgan
US House 2 R Mark Gerard Shell
US House 2 D C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger
US House 3 R Thomas E. "Pinkston" Harris
US House 3 R Mark Plaster
US House 3 D Matthew Molyett
US House 3 D John Rea A, B, C, D
US House 3 D John Sarbanes
US House 4 R Robert "BRO" Broadus A, B, C, D
US House 4 R Rob Buck
US House 4 R George E. McDermott
US House 4 R David Therrien
US House 4 D Anthony G. Brown
US House 4 D Warren Christopher
US House 4 D Dereck E. Davis
US House 4 D Glenn F. Ivey
US House 4 D Joseline Pena-Melnyk
US House 4 D Lisa R. Ransom
US House 4 D Terence Strait
US House 4 D Alvin Thornton
US House 4 D Ingrid Turner
US House 5 R Mark Arness
US House 5 R Charles Sam Faddis
US House 5 D Kristin Beck
US House 5 D Matthew Fogg
US House 5 D Steny H. Hoyer
US House 5 D Debbie F. Wilson
US House 6 R Terry L. Baker
US House 6 R Scott Cheng
US House 6 R Robin Ficker A, B, C, D
US House 6 R Amie Hoeber
US House 6 R Frank Howard A, B, C, D
US House 6 R Christopher James Mason A, B, C, D
US House 6 R Harold Painter
US House 6 R David E. Vogt A, B, C, D
US House 6 D John K. Delaney
US House 6 D Tony Puca
US House 7 R Ray Bly A, B, C, D
US House 7 R William T. Newton A, B, C, D
US House 7 R Corrogan R. Vaughn A, B, C, D
US House 7 D Elijah Cummings
US House 7 D Adrian Petrus A, B, C
US House 8 R Dan Cox A, B, C, D
US House 8 R Jeffrey W. Jones
US House 8 R Liz Matory
US House 8 R Aryeh Shudofsky
US House 8 R Shelly Skolnick
US House 8 D David M. Anderson
US House 8 D Kumar P. Barve
US House 8 D Dan Bolling
US House 8 D Ana Sol Gutierrez
US House 8 D William Jawando
US House 8 D Kathleen Matthews
US House 8 D Jamie Raskin
US House 8 D Joel Rubin
US House 8 D David Trone
US Senate R Chris Chaffee
US Senate R Sean P. Connor
US Senate R Richard J. Douglas
US Senate R John R. Graziani
US Senate R Greg Holmes
US Senate R Joseph D. "Joe" Hooe
US Senate R Chrys Kefalas
US Senate R Mark McNicholas A, C, D
US Senate R Lynn Richardson
US Senate R Anthony Seda A
US Senate R Richard Shawver A, B, C, D
US Senate R Kathy Szeliga
US Senate R Dave Wallace
US Senate R Garry Thomas Yarrington A, B, C, D
US Senate D Freddie Donald, Dickson
US Senate D Donna F. Edwards
US Senate D Ralph Jaffe
US Senate D Theresa C. Scaldaferri
US Senate D Charles U. Smith
US Senate D Violet Staley
US Senate D Blaine Taylor A
US Senate D Ed Tinus A, B, C, D
US Senate D Chris Van Hollen
US Senate D Lih Young