Kansas 2016 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

2. Do you oppose taking federal money to expand Medicaid?

3. Will you oppose all efforts to apply to the U.S. Congress for an Article V Convention?

4. Will you oppose any bill that impedes free speech, including any so-called ethics reform bill that would require a citizen organization to divulge its donor or member information?

5. Will you support legislation that would end “policing for profit”, including equitable sharing with federal authorities, require charges be filed before any assets are seized by law enforcement, and ensure that property is returned if charges are dropped or the suspect is acquitted?

6. Will you support repeal of Kansas’s participation in Common Core?

7. Will you support the passage of a law requiring that all votes made in the Kansas legislature be recorded and made available to the public, including votes made in committee?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House R Michael Houser Columbus 
State House D Adam  Lusker  Frontenac 
State House D Monica  Murnan  Pittsburg 
State House R Trevor  Jacobs  Fort Scott 
State House R Kevin  Jones  Wellsville 
State House R Jene  Vickrey  Louisburg 
State House R Richard  Proehl  Parsons 
State House R Patty  Markley  Overland Park 
State House R Kent  Thompson  La Harpe 
State House 10  D John  Wilson  Lawrence 
State House 11  R Jim  Kelly  Independence 
State House 12  R Doug  Blex  Independence 
State House 13  R Larry  Hibbard  Toronto 
State House 14  R Keith  Esau  Olathe 
State House 15  R Erin  Davis  Olathe 
State House 16  D Cindy  Holscher  Olathe 
State House 17  R Tom  Cox  Shawnee 
State House 18  D Cindy  Neighbor  Shawnee 
State House 19  R Stephanie  Clayton  Overland Park 
State House 20  R Jan  Kessinger  Overland Park 
State House 21  D Jerry  Stogsdill  Prairie Village 
State House 22  D Nancy  Lusk  Overland Park 
State House 23  R Linda  Gallagher  Lenexa 
State House 24  D Jarrod  Ousley  Merriam 
State House 25  R Melissa  Rooker  Fairway 
State House 26  R Larry  Campbell  Olathe 
State House 27  R Sean  Tarwater  Stilwell 
State House 28  R Joy  Koesten  Leawood 
State House 29  D Brett  Parker  Overland Park 
State House 30  R Randy  Powell  Olathe 
State House 31  D Louis  Ruiz  Kansas City 
State House 32  D Pam  Curtis  Kansas City 
State House 33  D Tom  Burroughs  Kansas City 
State House 34  D Valdenia  Winn  Kansas City 
State House 35  D Broderick  Henderson  Kansas City 
State House 36  D Kathy  Moore  Kansas City 
State House 37  D Stan  Frownfelter  K.C. 
State House 38  R Willie  Dove  Bonner Springs 
State House 39  R Shelee  Brim  Shawnee 
State House 40  D Debbie  Deere  Lansing 
State House 41  D Jeff  Pittman  Leavenworth 
State House 42  R Jim  Karleskint  Tonganoxie 
State House 43  R Bill  Sutton  Gardner 
State House 44  D Barbara  Ballard  Lawrence 
State House 45  R Tom  Sloan  Lawrence 
State House 46  D Dennis "Boog"  Highberger  Lawrence 
State House 47  R Ronald  Ellis  Meriden 
State House 48  R Marvin  Kleeb  Overland Park 
State House 49  R Scott  Schwab  Olathe 
State House 50  R Fred  Patton  Topeka 
State House 51  R Ron  Highland  Wamego 
State House 52  R Brenda  Dietrich  Topeka 
State House 53  D Jim  Gartner  Topeka 
State House 54  R Ken  Corbet  Topeka 
State House 55  D Annie  Kuether  Topeka 
State House 56  D Virgil  Weigel  Topeka 
State House 57  D John  Alcala  Topeka 
State House 58  D Vic  Miller  Topeka 
State House 59  R Blaine  Finch  Ottawa 
State House 60  R Mark  Schreiber  Emporia 
State House 61  R Francis  Awerkamp  St. Marys 
State House 62  R Randy  Garber  Sabetha 
State House 63  R John  Eplee  Atchison 
State House 64  R Susie  Swanson  Clay Center 
State House 65  R Lonnie  Clark  Junction City 
State House 66  D Sydney  Carlin  Manhattan 
State House 67  R Tom  Phillips  Manhattan 
State House 68  R Dave  Baker  Council Grove 
State House 69  R J.R.  Claeys  Salina 
State House 70  R John  Barker  Abilene 
State House 71  R Diana  Dierks  Salina 
State House 72  D Tim  Hodge  North Newton 
State House 73  R Les  Mason  McPherson 
State House 74  R Don  Schroeder  Hesston 
State House 75  R Mary  Good  El Dorado 
State House 76  R Eric  Smith  Burlington 
State House 77  R Kristey  Williams  Augusta 
State House 78  R Ron  Ryckman  Olathe 
State House 79  D Ed  Trimmer  Winfield 
State House 80  R Anita  Judd-Jenkins  Arkansas City 
State House 81  R Blake  Carpenter  Derby 
State House 82  R Pete  DeGraaf  Mulvane 
State House 83  D Henry  Helgerson  Wichita 
State House 84  D Gail  Finney  Wichita 
State House 85  R Chuck  Weber  Wichita 
State House 86  D Jim  Ward  Wichita 
State House 87  R Roger  Elliott  Wichita 
State House 88  D Elizabeth  Bishop  Wichita 
State House 89  D KC  Ohaebosim  Wichita 
State House 90  R Steve  Huebert  Valley Center 
State House 91  R Greg  Lakin  Wichita 
State House 92  D John  Carmichael  Wichita 
State House 93  R John  Whitmer  Wichita 
State House 94  R Leo  Delperdang  Wichita 
State House 95  D Tom  Sawyer  Wichita 
State House 96  D Brandon  Whipple  Wichita 
State House 97  R Leslie  Osterman  Wichita 
State House 98  D Steven  Crum  Haysville 
State House 99  R Susan  Humphries  Wichita 
State House 100  R Daniel  Hawkins  Wichita 
State House 101  R Joe  Seiwert  Pretty Prairie 
State House 102  D Patsy  Terrell  Hutchinson 
State House 103  D Ponka-We  Victors  Wichita 
State House 104  R Steven  Becker  Buhler 
State House 105  R Brenda  Landwehr  Wichita 
State House 106  R Clay  Aurand  Belleville 
State House 107  R Susan  Concannon  Beloit 
State House 108  R Steven  Johnson  Assaria 
State House 109  R Troy  Waymaster  Bunker Hill 
State House 110  R Ken  Rahjes  Agra 
State House 111  D Eber  Phelps  Hays 
State House 112  R Tory  Arnberger  Great Bend 
State House 113  R Greg  Lewis  St. John 
State House 114  R Jack  Thimesch  Spivey 
State House 115  R Boyd  Orr  Fowler 
State House 116  R Kyle  Hoffman  Coldwater 
State House 117  R Leonard  Mastroni  LaCrosse 
State House 118  R Don  Hineman  Dighton 
State House 119  R Bradley  Ralph  Dodge City 
State House 120  R Adam  Smith  Weskan 
State House 121  R S.  Kiegerl  Olathe 
State House 122  R J.  Jennings  Lakin 
State House 123  R John  Wheeler  Garden City 
State House 124  R J.  Alford  Ulysses 
State House 125  R Shannon  Francis  Liberal 
State Senate R Dennis  Pyle  Hiawatha 
State Senate D Marci  Francisco  Lawrence 
State Senate D Tom  Holland  Baldwin City 
State Senate D David  Haley  Kansas City 
State Senate R Steve  Fitzgerald  Leavenworth 
State Senate D Pat  Pettey  Kansas City 
State Senate R Barbara  Bollier  Mission Hills 
State Senate R Jim  Denning  Overland Park 
State Senate R Julia  Lynn  Olathe 
State Senate 10  R Mary  Pilcher Cook  Shawnee 
State Senate 11  R John  Skubal  Overland Park 
State Senate 12  R Caryn  Tyson  Parker 
State Senate 13  R Jake  LaTurner  Pittsburg 
State Senate 14  R Bruce  Givens  El Dorado 
State Senate 15  R Dan  Goddard  Parsons 
State Senate 16  R Ty  Masterson  Andover 
State Senate 17  R Jeff  Longbine  Emporia 
State Senate 18  D Laura  Kelly  Topeka 
State Senate 19  D Anthony  Hensley  Topeka 
State Senate 20  R Vicki  Schmidt  Topeka 
State Senate 21  R Dinah  Sykes  Lenexa 
State Senate 22  D Tom  Hawk  Manhattan 
State Senate 23  R Rob  Olson  Olathe 
State Senate 24  R Randall  Hardy  Salina 
State Senate 25  D Lynn  Rogers  Wichita 
State Senate 26  R Dan  Kerschen  Garden Plain 
State Senate 27  R Gene  Suellentrop  Wichita 
State Senate 28  R Mike  Petersen  Wichita 
State Senate 29  D Oletha  Faust Goudeau  Wichita 
State Senate 30  R Susan  Wagle  Wichita 
State Senate 31  R Carolyn  McGinn  Sedgwick 
State Senate 32  R Larry  Alley  Winfield 
State Senate 33  R Mary  Taylor  Stafford 
State Senate 34  R Edward  Berger  Hutchinson 
State Senate 35  R Richard  Wilborn  McPherson 
State Senate 36  R Elaine  Bowers  Concordia 
State Senate 37  R Molly  Baumgardner  Louisburg 
State Senate 38  R Bud  Estes  Dodge City 
State Senate 39  R John  Doll  Garden City 
State Senate 40  R Richard (Rick)  Billinger  Goodland