Wyoming 2014 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Would you support a bill that would remove the state and local government’s power to use eminent domain to confiscate citizen’s private property to transfer it to another private party for economic development purposes?

2. Will you support legislation modeled after Utah’s new laws, authorizing the state to use eminent domain to regain control of lands taken by the federal government within its own borders?

3. Will you support efforts to nullify or block implementation of ObamaCare, including but not limited to opposing creation of a state run so-called “Insurance Exchange” and opposing expansion of Medicaid?

4. Will you support legislation that will allow citizens to make their own health care decisions, including the use of alternative medicine, remedies, and procedures?

5. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

6. Will you support repeal of your state’s participation in Common Core?

7. Will you support legislation to end warrantless drone surveillance?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 R Tyler Lindholm Sundance
State House 2 R Hans Hunt Newcastle
State House 3 R Eric Barlow Gillette
State House 4 R Dan R. Kirkbride Chugwater
State House 5 R Cheri Steinmetz Lingle
State House 6 R Richard L. Cannady Glenrock
State House 6 D Liz Batton Douglas
State House 7 R Sue Wilson Cheyenne
State House 8 R Bob Nicholas Cheyenne
State House 9 R David Zwonitzer Cheyenne
State House 9 D Mike Weiland Cheyenne
State House 10 R John Eklund Cheyenne
State House 10 D Gaylan D Wright, Cheyenne
State House 11 R Phil Regeski Cheyenne
State House 11 D Mary A. Throne Cheyenne
State House 12 D Lee R Filer Cheyenne
State House 13 D Cathy Connolly Laramie
State House 14 R Kermit C. Brown Laramie
State House 15 R Donald Burkhart Rawlins
State House 16 R Ruth Ann Petroff Jackson
State House 17 R Stephan Watt Rock Springs
State House 17 D JoAnn Dayton Rock Springs
State House 18 R Fred A Baldwin Kemmerer
State House 18 D Michele Irwin Green River
State House 19 R Allen Jaggi Lyman
State House 19 D Pete Roitz Ft. Bridger
State House 20 R Albert Sommers Pinedale
State House 21 R Robert McKim Afton
State House 22 R Marti Halverson Etna
State House 22 D Natalia Macker Jackson
State House 23 R Jim Darwiche Jackson
State House 23 D Andy Schwartz Jackson
State House 24 R Sam Krone Cody
State House 25 R Dan Laursen Powell
State House 26 R Elaine D Harvey Lovell
State House 26 C Joyce Collins Lovell
State House 27 R Mike Greear Worland
State House 28 R Nathan Winters Thermopolis
State House 29 R John W Patton Sheridan
State House 30 R Mark Jennings Sheridan
State House 31 R Scott Clem Gillette
State House 31 D Billy Montgomery Gillette
State House 32 R Norine A Kasperik Gillette
State House 33 R Jim Allen Lander
State House 33 D Andrea Clifford Riverton
State House 34 R Rita Campbell Shoshoni
State House 35 R Kendell Kroeker Evansville
State House 36 R Gerald S Gay Casper
State House 36 D Eric Nelson Casper
State House 37 R Steve Harshman Casper
State House 37 I Anthony Allen Casper
State House 38 R Tom Walters Casper
State House 39 D Stan Blake Green River
State House 40 R Mike Madden Buffalo
State House 41 R Donna Roofe Cheyenne
State House 41 D Ken A Esquibel Cheyenne
State House 42 R Theodore Blackburn Cheyenne
State House 42 D Gary L Datus Cheyenne
State House 43 R Dan Zwonitzer Cheyenne
State House 44 D James W Byrd Cheyenne
State House 45 R Charles Young Laramie
State House 45 D Charles F Pelkey Laramie
State House 46 R Glenn Moniz Laramie
State House 46 D Mike Selmer Laramie
State House 47 R Jerry Paxton Encampment
State House 48 R Mark Baker Rock Springs
State House 48 D Joe Barbuto Rock Springs
State House 49 R Garry C Piiparinen Evanston
State House 49 D Larissa Sneider Evanston
State House 49 I Clarence Vranish Evanston
State House 50 R David Northrup Powell
State House 51 R Rosie Berger Big Horn
State House 52 R Bill Pownall Gillette
State House 53 R Roy Edwards Gillette
State House 54 R Lloyd Charles Larsen Lander
State House 55 R David Miller Riverton
State House 56 R Tim Stubson Casper
State House 57 R Thomas A Lockhart Casper
State House 58 R Tom Reeder Casper
State House 59 R Bunky Loucks Casper
State House 59 D Laurie Longtine Casper
State House 60 R Bill Hooley Green River
State House 60 D John L Freeman Green River
State Senate 1 R Ogden Driskill Devils Tower
State Senate 3 R Curt Meier La Grange
State Senate 5 R Fred Emerich Cheyenne
State Senate 7 R Stephan Pappas Cheyenne
State Senate 7 D Dameione S. Cameron Cheyenne
State Senate 9 D Chris Rothfuss Laramie
State Senate 11 R Larry Hicks Baggs
State Senate 13 D John M. Hastert Green River
State Senate 15 R Paul R. Barnard Evanston
State Senate 15 D Bret McCoy Evanston
State Senate 17 R Leland Christensen Alta
State Senate 19 R R. Ray Peterson Cowley
State Senate 21 R Bruce Burns Sheridan
State Senate 23 R Jeff Wasserburger Gillette
State Senate 25 R Cale Case Lander
State Senate 25 D Sergio A. Maldonado, Lander
State Senate 27 R Bill Landen Casper
State Senate 29 R Drew Perkins Casper