Colorado 2022 Federal

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for Congress an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions.

Survey Questions

1. Will you cosponsor and support efforts for roll call votes on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, designed to bring accountability to the Federal Reserve?

2. Will you oppose legislation allowing roving wiretaps, warrantless searches, and other mass surveillance efforts against law-abiding Americans and oppose U.S.A. Freedom Act renewal that includes such items?

3. Will you oppose any bill that impedes free speech, including any so-called “campaign finance” or “campaign practice” bill that would require a citizen organization to divulge its donor or member information?

4. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases and vote for tax cuts?

5. Will you support efforts to slash wasteful spending and oppose any debt limit increase?

6. Will you support legislation that would ban forced vaccination and vaccine passports and bind down the federal “health care” bureaucracy to an advisory only position?

7. Will you support legislation to fully repeal ObamaCare and oppose efforts to give the federal government more control of health care?

8. Will you oppose all infringements on law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights?

9. Will you oppose using military action without a congressional declaration of war?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9
U.S. House 1 Democrat Diana Degette
U.S. House 1 Democrat Neal Walia
U.S. House 1 Independent Scott Christian
U.S. House 1 Independent Dom Waters
U.S. House 2 Democrat Joseph Neguse
U.S. House 2 Independent Stephan Yurash
U.S. House 2 Republican Marshal Dawson
U.S. House 3 Democrat Colin Buerger
U.S. House 3 Democrat Debora Burnett
U.S. House 3 Democrat Kerry Donovan
U.S. House 3 Democrat Adam Frisch
U.S. House 3 Democrat Susan Martinez
U.S. House 3 Democrat Kellie Rhodes
U.S. House 3 Democrat Root Routledge
U.S. House 3 Democrat Tafoya Sandoval
U.S. House 3 Democrat Harrison Smith
U.S. House 3 Democrat Donald Valdez
U.S. House 3 Democrat Alex Walker
U.S. House 3 Democrat Colin Wilhelm
U.S. House 3 Democrat Scott Yates
U.S. House 3 Independent Elise Skowronski
U.S. House 3 Republican Lauren Boebert
U.S. House 3 Republican Donald Coram
U.S. House 3 Republican Marina Zimmerman
U.S. House 4 Democrat Isaac Mccorkle
U.S. House 4 Libertarian Joshua Rodriguez
U.S. House 4 Republican Kenneth Buck
U.S. House 5 Democrat Orlando Avion
U.S. House 5 Democrat Michael Colombe
U.S. House 5 Democrat Jeremy Dowell
U.S. House 5 Democrat Torres Santiago
U.S. House 5 Independent Matthew Feigenbaum
U.S. House 5 Independent Alex Jones
U.S. House 5 Independent Murphy Marcus
U.S. House 5 Independent Christopher Mitchell
U.S. House 5 Independent Ryan Thompson
U.S. House 5 Republican David Andrew
U.S. House 5 Republican Rebecca Keltie
U.S. House 5 Republican Douglas Lamborn
U.S. House 5 Republican Brandon Mimiaga
U.S. House 6 Democrat Jason Crow
U.S. House 6 Libertarian Eric Mulder
U.S. House 6 Republican Rebecca Leatherwood
U.S. House 6 Republican Steven Monahan
U.S. House 6 Republican Glenn Rickerson
U.S. House 6 Republican Brian Smith
U.S. House 7 Democrat Kyle Faust
U.S. House 7 Democrat Julus Mopper
U.S. House 7 Democrat Brittany Pettersen
U.S. House 7 Republican Erik Aadland
U.S. House 7 Republican Carl Anderson
U.S. House 7 Republican Brad Dempsey
U.S. House 7 Republican Laurel Imer
U.S. House 7 Republican Tim Reichert
U.S. House 8 Democrat Yadira Caraveo
U.S. House 8 Democrat Steve Douglas
U.S. House 8 Democrat Johnny Humphrey
U.S. House 8 Democrat Chas Tedesco
U.S. House 8 Independent Timothy Long
U.S. House 8 Independent Matthew Payette
U.S. House 8 Independent Steve Zorn
U.S. House 8 Republican Tyler Allcorn
U.S. House 8 Republican Ryan Gonzalez
U.S. House 8 Republican Giulianna Gray
U.S. House 8 Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer
U.S. House 8 Republican Janifer Kulmann
U.S. House 8 Republican Lori Saine
U.S. Senate Democrat Michael Bennet
U.S. Senate Independent Karen Breslin
U.S. Senate Independent Daniel Hendricks
U.S. Senate Republican Eli Bremer
U.S. Senate Republican Gino Campana
U.S. Senate Republican Deborah Flora
U.S. Senate Republican Ron Hanks
U.S. Senate Republican Juli Henry
U.S. Senate Republican Joseph Mathew
U.S. Senate Republican John Moore
U.S. Senate Republican Peter Yu