North Carolina 2014 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?

2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned law enforcement devices being used to penalize citizens?

3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?

4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the health care scheme, known as ObamaCare?

5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?

6. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

7. Will you support repeal of your state’s participation in Common Core?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 R Bob Steinburg Edenton
State House 1 D Garry W Meiggs Camden
State House 2 R Larry Yarborough Roxboro
State House 2 D Ray Jeffers Roxboro
State House 3 R Michael Speciale New Bern
State House 3 D Whit Whitley New Bern
State House 4 R Jimmy Dixon Warsaw
State House 5 R Sidney Pierce Gatesville
State House 5 D Howard J. Hunter Ahoskie
State House 6 R Mattie Lawson Kill Devil Hills
State House 6 D Paul Tine Kitty Hawk
State House 7 D Bobbie J Richardson Louisburg
State House 8 R Susan Martin Wilson
State House 8 D Bobi Gregory Wilson
State House 9 R Brian Brown Greenville
State House 9 D Uriah Ward Greenville
State House 10 R John R Bell Goldsboro
State House 11 R Ray Martin Cary
State House 11 D Duane Hall Raleigh
State House 12 D George Graham Kinston
State House 13 R Patricia McElraft Emerald Isle
State House 13 D Jim Nolan Morehead
State House 14 R George G. Cleveland Jacksonville
State House 15 R Phillip Shepard Jacksonville
State House 16 R Chris Millis Hampstead
State House 16 D Steve Unger Hampstead
State House 17 R Frank Iler Oak Island
State House 17 D Charles Warren Bolivia
State House 18 D Susi Hamilton Wilmington
State House 19 R Ted Davis, Wilmington
State House 20 R Rick Catlin Wilmington
State House 20 D Betsy Jordan Wilmington
State House 21 D Larry M Bell Clinton
State House 22 R Ken Smith Clinton
State House 22 D William Brisson Dublin
State House 23 D Shelly Willingham Rocky Mount
State House 24 D Jean Farmer- Butterfield Wilson
State House 25 R Jeff Collins Rocky Mount
State House 26 R Leo Daughtry Smithfield
State House 27 D Michael H Wray Gaston
State House 28 R James H Langdon, Angier
State House 29 D Larry D Hall Durham
State House 30 D Paul Luebke Durham
State House 31 R Todd Conard Durham
State House 31 D H.M. Michaux, Durham
State House 32 D Nathan A Baskerville Henderson
State House 33 R Perry Whitlock Garner
State House 33 D Rosa U Gill Raleigh
State House 34 D Grier Martin Raleigh
State House 35 R Chris Malone Wake Forest
State House 35 D Brian Mountcastle Wake Forest
State House 36 R Nelson Dollar Cary
State House 36 D Lisa Baker Cary
State House 37 R Paul Stam Apex
State House 38 R Joe Thompson Raleigh
State House 38 D Yvonne Lewis Holley Raleigh
State House 39 D Darren Johnson Raleigh
State House 40 R Marilyn Avila Raleigh
State House 40 D Margaret E Broadwell Morrisville
State House 41 R Tom Murry Morrisville
State House 41 D Gale Adcock Cary
State House 42 D Marvin W Lucas Spring Lake
State House 43 D Elmer Floyd Fayetteville
State House 44 R Richard Button Cumberland
State House 44 D Rick Glazier Fayetteville
State House 45 R John Szoka Fayetteville
State House 46 R Brenden Jones Tabor City
State House 46 D Ken Waddell Chadbourn
State House 47 D Charles Graham Lumberton
State House 48 D Garland E Pierce Wagram
State House 49 R Gary Pendleton Raleigh
State House 49 D Kim Hanchette Raleigh
State House 50 R Rod Chaney Hillsborough
State House 50 D Graig R Meyer Chapel Hill
State House 51 R Mike Stone Sanford
State House 51 D Brad Salmon Mamers
State House 52 R Jamie Boles Whispering Pines
State House 53 R David Lewis Dunn
State House 53 D Susan Byerly Erwin
State House 54 R Andy Wilkie Goldston
State House 54 D Robert T. Reives Sanford
State House 55 R Mark Brody Monroe
State House 55 D Kim Hargett Marshville
State House 56 R Dave Pratt Carter Hillsborough
State House 56 D Verla Insko Chapel Hill
State House 57 D Mary Price Harrison Greensboro
State House 58 D Ralph C. Johnson Greensboro
State House 59 R Jon Hardlister Greensboro
State House 59 D Scott Jones Greensboro
State House 59 L Paul Meinhart Julian
State House 60 D Cecil Brockman High Point
State House 61 R John Faircloth High Point
State House 61 D Ron Weatherford High Point
State House 62 R John M Blust Greensboro
State House 62 D Sal Leone Greensboro
State House 63 R Stephen M Ross Burlington
State House 63 D Ian Baltutis Burlington
State House 64 R Dennis Riddell Snow Camp
State House 65 R Bert Jones Reidsville
State House 65 D Elretha Perkins Eden
State House 66 D Ken Goodman Rockingham
State House 67 R Justin P. Burr Albemarle
State House 67 D Nalin Mehta Albemarle
State House 68 R D Craig Horn Matthews
State House 69 R Dean Arp Monroe
State House 70 R Pat B Hurley Asheboro
State House 70 D Wesley Fennell Asheboro
State House 71 R Kris A McCann Winston Salem
State House 71 D Evelyn Terry Winston Salem
State House 72 D Edward Hanes, Winston Salem
State House 73 R Lee Zachary Yadkinville
State House 74 R Debra Conrad Winston Salem
State House 74 D Mary Dickinson Winston Salem
State House 75 R Donny C Lambeth Winston Salem
State House 75 D David Gordon Kernersville
State House 76 R Carl Ford China Grove
State House 77 R Harry Warren Salisbury
State House 78 R Allen Ray McNeill Asheboro
State House 79 R Julia Craven Howard Mocksville
State House 79 D Cristina Victoria Vazquez Winston Salem
State House 80 R Sam Watford Thomasville
State House 81 R Rayne Brown Lexington
State House 82 R Larry G. Pittman Concord
State House 82 D Earle H Schecter Concord
State House 83 R Linda P Johnson Kannapolis
State House 84 R Rena W. Turner Olin
State House 84 D Gene Mitchell Mahaffey Union Grove
State House 85 R Josh Dobson Nebo
State House 85 D JR Edwards Marion
State House 86 R Hugh Blackwell Valdese
State House 86 D Jim Cates Morganton
State House 87 R Edgar V Starnes Hickory
State House 88 R Rob Bryan Charlotte
State House 88 D Margie Storch Charlotte
State House 89 R Mitchell Smith Setzer Catawba
State House 90 R Sarah Stevens Mount Airy
State House 90 D John Worth Wiles Elkin
State House 91 R Bryan Holloway King
State House 92 R Charles Jeter Huntersville
State House 92 D Robin Bradford Huntersville
State House 93 R Jonathan C Jordan Jefferson
State House 93 D Sue Counts Boone
State House 94 R Jeffrey Elmore North Wilkesboro
State House 95 R John A. Fraley Mooresville
State House 96 R Jay Adams Hickory
State House 96 D Cliff Moone Hickory
State House 97 R Jason R Saine Lincolnton
State House 97 D Rosemary B Hubbard Lincolnton
State House 98 R John R. Bradford Cornelius
State House 98 D Natasha Marcus Davidson
State House 99 D Rodney W Moore Charlotte
State House 100 D Tricia Cotham Matthews
State House 101 D Beverly Miller Earle Charlotte
State House 102 D Becky Carney Charlotte
State House 103 R Bill Brawley Matthews
State House 104 R Dan Bishop Charlotte
State House 104 L Eric Cable Charlotte
State House 105 R Jacqueline Schaffer Charlotte
State House 106 R Trey Lowe Charlotte
State House 106 D Carla Cunningham Charlotte
State House 107 D Kelly Alexander Charlotte
State House 108 R John A Torbett Stanley
State House 109 R Dana Bumgardner Gastonia
State House 110 R Kelly E Hastings Cherryville
State House 111 R Tim Moore Kings Mountain
State House 111 D Nick Carpenter Shelby
State House 112 R Mike Hager Rutherfordton
State House 112 D Lisa Harris Bralley Forest City
State House 113 R Chris Whitmire Rosman
State House 113 D Norm Bossert Pisgah Forest
State House 114 D Susan C Fisher Asheville
State House 115 R Nathan Ramsey Fairview
State House 115 D John Ager Fairview
State House 116 R Tim Moffitt Asheville
State House 116 D Brian Turner Asheville
State House 117 R Chuck McGrady Hendersonville
State House 117 L Shelby Mood
State House 118 R Michele D Presnell Burnsville
State House 118 D Dean Hicks Burnsville
State House 119 R Dodie Allen Sylva
State House 119 R Mike Clampitt Bryson City
State House 119 D Joe Sam Queen Waynesville
State House 120 R Roger West Marble
State Senate 1 R Bill Cook Chocowinity
State Senate 1 D Stan M. White Nags Head
State Senate 2 R Norman W. Sanderson Minnesott Beach
State Senate 2 D Carroll G. Ipock New Bern
State Senate 3 D Erica Smith-Ingram Gaston
State Senate 4 R Richard Scott Scotland Neck
State Senate 4 D Angela R. Bryant Rocky Mount
State Senate 5 D Don Davis Snow Hill
State Senate 6 R Harry Brown Jacksonville
State Senate 7 R Louis M. Pate Mount Olive
State Senate 7 D Erik Anderson Winterville
State Senate 8 R Bill Rabon Southport
State Senate 8 D Ernie Ward Ocean Isle Beach
State Senate 9 R Michael Lee Wilmington
State Senate 9 D Elizabeth Redenbaugh Wilmington
State Senate 10 R Brent Jackson Autryville
State Senate 10 D Donald B. Rains Princeton
State Senate 11 R Buck Newton Wilson
State Senate 12 R Ronald Rabin Spring Lake
State Senate 12 D Joe Langley Angier
State Senate 13 R Bernard White Whiteville
State Senate 13 D Beverly Collins Hall Shannon
State Senate 13 D Jane W. Smith Lumberton
State Senate 14 D Dan Blue Raleigh
State Senate 15 R Jim Fulghum Raleigh
State Senate 15 D Tom Bradshaw Raleigh
State Senate 16 R Molotov Mitchell Cary
State Senate 16 D Josh Stein Raleigh
State Senate 17 R Tamara Barringer Cary
State Senate 17 D Bryan Fulghum Cary
State Senate 18 R Chad Barefoot Wake Forest
State Senate 18 D Sarah Crawford Raleigh
State Senate 19 R Wesley Meredith Fayetteville
State Senate 19 D William O. Richardson Fayetteville
State Senate 20 D Floyd B. McKissick, Durham
State Senate 21 D Ben Clark Raeford
State Senate 22 D Mike Woodard Durham
State Senate 23 R Mary Lopez- Carter Hillsborough
State Senate 23 D Valerie P. Foushee Chapel Hill
State Senate 24 R Rick Gunn Burlington
State Senate 25 R Tom McInnis Ellerbe
State Senate 25 D Gene McLaurin Rockingham
State Senate 25 L P.H. Dawkins
State Senate 26 R Philip E. Berger Eden
State Senate 26 D William Osborne Eden
State Senate 27 R Trudy Wade Greenboro
State Senate 28 D Gladys A Robinson Pleasant Garden
State Senate 29 R Jerry W. Tillman Archdale
State Senate 29 D Tommy Davis Aberdeen
State Senate 30 R Shirley Blackburn Randleman Wilkesboro
State Senate 30 D Eva P. Ingle Laurel Springs
State Senate 31 R Joyce Krawiec Kernersville
State Senate 31 D John K. Motsinger, Walkertown
State Senate 32 D Earline W. Parmon Winston Salem
State Senate 33 R Stan Bingham Denton
State Senate 34 R Andrew C Brock Mocksville
State Senate 34 D Constance L Johnson Salisbury
State Senate 35 R Tommy Tucker Waxhaw
State Senate 36 R Fletcher L Hartsell, Concord
State Senate 37 D Daniel Clodfelter Charlotte
State Senate 38 R Richard Rivette Charlotte
State Senate 38 D Joel Ford Charlotte
State Senate 39 R Robert Rucho Matthews
State Senate 40 D Joyce Waddell Newell
State Senate 41 R Jeff Tarte Cornelius
State Senate 41 D Latrice McRae Charlotte
State Senate 42 R Andy Wells Hickory
State Senate 43 R Kathy Harrington Gastonia
State Senate 44 R David L Curtis Denver
State Senate 45 R Dan Soucek Boone
State Senate 45 D Jim Sponenberg Lenoir
State Senate 46 R Warren Daniel Morganton
State Senate 46 D Emily B Church Valdese
State Senate 47 R Ralph Hise Spruce Pine
State Senate 48 R Tom Apodaca Hendersonville
State Senate 48 D Rick Wood Hendersonville
State Senate 49 R Mark Crawford Montreat
State Senate 49 D Martin L Nesbitt Asheville
State Senate 50 D Jane Hipps Waynesville