Michigan 2014 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?

2. Will you support a bill that would repeal ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Michigan?

3. Will you support a bill that would remove RFID tracking chips from Michigan driver’s licenses?

4. Do you oppose state and local funds being used to support private organizations, which are lobbying government?

5. Will you support legislation that would protect a citizen’s right to film public officials performing their official duties, as long as they do not interfere with official duties?

6. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

7. Will you support legislation that creates a part-time legislature in Michigan?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 R John Hauler Grosse Pointe Woods
State House 1 D Brian Banks Grosse Pointe
State House 2 R Daniel Lamar Detroit
State House 2 D Alberta Tinsley Talabi Detroit
State House 3 R Dolores Brodersen Detroit
State House 3 D Wendell Byrd Detroit
State House 4 R Edith Floyd Detroit
State House 4 D Rose Mary Robinson Detroit
State House 5 R Dorothy Patterson Detroit
State House 5 D Fred Durhal Detroit
State House 6 R Tairia Bridges Detroit
State House 6 D Stephanie Chang Detroit
State House 7 R David Bradley Detroit
State House 7 D LaTanya Garrett Detroit
State House 8 R Christopher Ewald Detroit
State House 8 D Sherry Gay-Dagnogo Detroit
State House 9 R James Stephens Dearborn
State House 9 D Harvey Santana Detroit
State House 10 R Matthew Hauser Redford
State House 10 D Leslie Love Detroit
State House 11 R Jim Rhoades Garden City
State House 11 D Julie Plawecki Dearborn Heights
State House 12 R Kelly Thompson Romulus
State House 12 D Erika Geiss Taylor
State House 13 R Harry Sawicki Dearborn Heights
State House 13 D Frank Liberati Allen Park
State House 14 R Nathan Inks Lincoln Park
State House 14 D Paul Clemente Lincoln Park
State House 15 R Johnnie Salemassi Dearborn
State House 15 D George Darany Dearborn
State House 16 R Steve Boron Westland
State House 16 D Robert Kosowski Westland
State House 17 R Charles Londo Carleton
State House 17 D Bill LaVoy Monroe
State House 18 R Roland Fraschetti Saint Claire Shores
State House 18 D Sarah Roberts Saint Claire Shores
State House 19 R Laura Cox Livonia
State House 19 D Stacey Dogonski Livonia
State House 20 R Kurt Heise Plymouth
State House 20 D Nate Smith-Tyge Plymouth
State House 21 R Carol Fausone Canton
State House 21 D Kristy Pagan Canton
State House 22 R Jeff Bonnell Roseville
State House 22 D John Chirkun Roseville
State House 22 UST Les Townsend Roseville
State House 23 R Pat Somerville New Boston
State House 23 D David Haener New Boston
State House 24 R Anthony Forlini Harrison Twp.
State House 24 D Philip Kurczewski Clinton Twp.
State House 24 UST Daryl Smith Macomb
State House 25 R Nick Hawatmeh Warren
State House 25 D Henry Yanez Sterling Heights
State House 26 R Greg Dildilian Royal Oak
State House 26 D Jim Townsend Royal Oak
State House 27 R Michael Ryan Berkley
State House 27 D Robert Wittenberg Oak Park
State House 28 R Beth Foster Center Line
State House 28 D Derek Miller Warren
State House 29 R David Lonier Auburn Hills
State House 29 D Tim Greimel Auburn Hills
State House 30 R Jeff Farrington Utica
State House 30 D Bo Karpinsky Sterling Heights
State House 31 R Phil Rode Fraser
State House 31 D Marilyn Lane Fraser
State House 32 R Andrea LaFontaine Memphis
State House 32 D Pamela Kraft Chesterfield Twp.
State House 33 R Ken Goike Ray Twp.
State House 33 D Joe Ruffin Macomb
State House 34 R Bruce Rogers Flint
State House 34 D Sheldon Neeley Flint
State House 35 R Robert Brim Lathrup Village
State House 35 D Jeremy Moss Southfield
State House 36 R Peter Lucido Shelby Twp.
State House 36 D Robert Murphy Romeo
State House 37 R Richard Lerner Farmington Hills
State House 37 D Christine Greig Farmington
State House 38 R Kathy Crawford Novi
State House 38 D Jasper Catanzaro Novi
State House 39 R Klint Kesto Walled Lake
State House 39 D Sandy Colvin West Bloomfield
State House 40 R Michael McCready Birmingham
State House 40 D Mary Belden West Bloomfield
State House 41 R Martin Howrylak Troy
State House 41 D Mary Kerwin Troy
State House 42 R Lana Theis Brighton
State House 42 D Timothy Johnson Brighton
State House 43 R Jim Tedder Clarkston
State House 43 D Dennis Ritter Clarkston
State House 44 R Jim Runestad White Lake
State House 44 D Mark Venie Davisburg
State House 45 R Michael Webber Rochester Hills
State House 45 D Joanna VanRaaphorst Rochester
State House 46 R Bradford Jacobsen Oxford
State House 46 D David Lillis Lake Orion
State House 47 R Henry Vaupel Fowlerville
State House 47 D Jordan Genso Howell
State House 47 L Rodger Young Howell
State House 48 R Stephanie Stikovich Davison
State House 48 D Pam Faris Clio
State House 49 R Lu Penton Flint
State House 49 D Phil Phelps Flushing
State House 50 R Craig Withers Grand Blanc
State House 50 D Charles Smiley Grand Blanc
State House 51 R Joseph Graves Linden
State House 51 D Ken Thomas Flint
State House 52 R John Hochstetler Manchester
State House 52 D Gretchen Driskell Saline
State House 53 R John Spisak Ann Arbor
State House 53 D Jeff Irwin Ann Arbor
State House 54 R Ed Moore Ypsilanti
State House 54 D David Rutledge Ypsilanti
State House 55 R Leonard Burk Saline
State House 55 D Adam Zemke Ann Arbor
State House 56 R Jason Sheppard Lambertville
State House 56 D Tom Redmond Lambertville
State House 56 UST Al Bain Monroe
State House 57 R Nancy Jenkins Clayton
State House 57 D Sharon Wimple Tecumseh
State House 58 R Eric Leutheuser Hillsdale
State House 58 D Amaryllis Thomas Coldwater
State House 59 R Aaron Miller Sturgis
State House 59 D Mike Moroz Dowagiac
State House 60 R Mike Perrin Kalamazoo
State House 60 D Jon Hoadley Kalamazoo
State House 61 R Brandt Iden Kalamazoo
State House 61 D John Fisher Portage
State House 61 L Michael Stampfler Portage
State House 62 R John Bizon Battle Creek
State House 62 D Andy Helmboldt Battle Creek
State House 63 R David Maturen Portage
State House 63 D Bill Farmer Scotts
State House 64 R Earl Poleski Jackson
State House 64 D Brenda Pilgrim Jackson
State House 65 R Brett Roberts Charlotte
State House 65 D Bonnie Johnson Jackson
State House 65 L Ronald Muszynski Grass Lake
State House 66 R Aric Nesbitt Lawton
State House 66 D Annie Brown South Haven
State House 67 R John Hayhoe Holt
State House 67 D Tom Cochran Mason
State House 68 R Rob Secaur Lansing
State House 68 D Andy Schor Lansing
State House 69 R Frank Lambert Haslett
State House 69 D Sam Singh East Lansing
State House 70 R Rick Outman Six Lakes
State House 70 D James Hoisington Stanton
State House 71 R Tom Barrett Potterville
State House 71 D Theresa Abed Grand Ledge
State House 72 R Ken Yonker Caledonia
State House 72 D Kemal Hamulic Kentwood
State House 73 R Chris Afendoulis Grand Rapids
State House 73 D Mary Polonowski Rockford
State House 74 R Rob VerHeulen Walker
State House 74 D Richard Erdman Grandville
State House 75 R John Lohrstorfer Grand Rapids
State House 75 D Brandon Dillon Grand Rapids
State House 76 R Donijo DeJonge Grand Rapids
State House 76 D Winnie Brinks Grand Rapids
State House 76 UST William Mohr Grand Rapids
State House 77 R Tom Hooker Byron Center
State House 77 D Jessica Hanselman Wyoming
State House 78 R Dave Pagel Berrien Springs
State House 78 D Cartier Shields Niles
State House 79 R Al Pscholka Stevensville
State House 79 D Eric Lester Saint Joseph
State House 79 UST Carl Oehling Coloma
State House 80 D Geoff Parker Otsego
State House 80 L Arnis Davidsons Martin
State House 81 R Dan Lauwers Brockway
State House 81 D Bernardo Licata Harsens Island
State House 82 R Todd Courser Lapeer
State House 82 D Margaret Guerrero DeLuca Imlay City
State House 83 R Paul Muxlow Brown City
State House 83 D Marcus Middleton Port Huron
State House 84 R Edward Canfield Sebewaing
State House 84 D David Jaroch Ubly
State House 85 R Ben Glardon Owosso
State House 85 D Annie Braidwood Owosso
State House 85 L Roger Snyder Owosso
State House 86 R Lisa Lyons Alto
State House 86 D Lynn Mason Belding
State House 87 R Mike Callton Nashville
State House 87 D Jordan Brehm Hastings
State House 88 R Roger Victory Hudsonville
State House 88 D Janice Gwasdacus Hudsonville
State House 89 R Amanda Price Holland
State House 89 D Don Bergman Holland
State House 90 R Daniela Garcia Holland
State House 90 D James Haspas Holland
State House 91 R Holly Hughes Montague
State House 91 D Collene Lamonte Montague
State House 91 NPA Alan Jager Holton
State House 92 R Ken Berman Whitehall
State House 92 D Marcia Hovey-Wright Muskegon
State House 93 R Tom Leonard Lansing
State House 93 D Josh Derke Bath
State House 93 NPA Michael Trebesh Saint Johns
State House 94 R Tim Kelly Saginaw
State House 94 D Vincent Mosca Saginaw
State House 95 R Jordan Haskins Saginaw
State House 95 D Vanessa Guerra Bridgeport
State House 96 R Carlos Jaime Kawkawlin
State House 96 D Charles Brunner Bay City
State House 97 R Joel Johnson Clare
State House 97 D Mark Lightfoot Lake
State House 98 R Gary Glenn Midland
State House 98 D Joan Brausch Midland
State House 99 R Kevin Cotter Mount Pleasant
State House 99 D Bryan Mielke Mount Pleasant
State House 100 R Jon Bumstead Newaygo
State House 100 D Mark Balcom Hesperia
State House 101 R Ray Franz Onekama
State House 101 D Tom Stobie Frankfort
State House 102 R Phil Potvin Cadillac
State House 102 D John Ruggles Remus
State House 103 R Bruce Rendon Lake City
State House 103 D James Cromwell Alger
State House 103 NPA Brad Richards Saginaw
State House 104 R Larry Inman Williamsburg
State House 104 D Betsy Coffia Traverse City
State House 105 R Triston Cole Mancelona
State House 105 D Jay Calo Gaylord
State House 106 R Peter Pettalia Presque Isle
State House 106 D Robert Kennedy Harrisville
State House 107 R Lee Chatfield
State House 107 D Jim Page Sault Ste. Marie
State House 109 R Pete Mackin Marquette
State House 109 D John Kivela Marquette
State House 110 R Bob Michaels Ironwood
State House 110 D Scott Dianda Calumet
State Senate 1 R Barry Berk Detroit
State Senate 1 D Coleman Young Detroit
State Senate 2 R Mark Price Highland Park
State Senate 2 D Bert Johnson Highland Park
State Senate 2 NPA Jeff Hall Grosse Pointe Park
State Senate 3 R Matthew Keller Dearborn
State Senate 3 D Morris Hood Detroit
State Senate 4 R Keith Franklin Detroit
State Senate 4 D Virgil Smith Detroit
State Senate 5 R Jennifer Rynicki Detroit
State Senate 5 D David Knezek Dearborn Heights
State Senate 6 R Darrell McNeill Taylor
State Senate 6 D Hoon-Yung Hopgood Taylor
State Senate 7 R Patrick Colbeck Canton
State Senate 7 D Dian Slavens Canton
State Senate 8 R Jack Brandenburg Harrison Twp.
State Senate 8 D Christine Bell Chesterfield Twp.
State Senate 9 R Hawke Fracassa Warren
State Senate 9 D Steve Bieda Warren
State Senate 10 R Tory Rocca Sterling Heights
State Senate 10 D Kenneth Jenkins Macomb Twp.
State Senate 11 R Boris Tuman Oak Park
State Senate 11 D Vincent Gregory Lathrup Village
State Senate 11 L James Young Farmington Hills
State Senate 12 R Jim Marleau Lake Orion
State Senate 12 D Paul Secrest Bloomfield Hills
State Senate 13 R Marty Knollenberg Troy
State Senate 13 D Cyndi Peltonen Clawson
State Senate 14 R David Robertson Grand Blanc
State Senate 14 D Bobbie Walton Davison
State Senate 15 R Mike Kowall White Lake
State Senate 15 D Michael Smith White Lake
State Senate 16 R Mike Shirkey Clarklake
State Senate 16 D Kevin Commet Jackson
State Senate 17 R Dale Zorn Ida
State Senate 17 D Doug Spade Adrian
State Senate 17 UST Jeff Andring Newport
State Senate 18 R Terry Linden Ann Arbor
State Senate 18 D Rebekah Warren Ann Arbor
State Senate 19 R Mike Nofs Battle Creek
State Senate 19 D Greg Grieves Saranac
State Senate 20 R Margaret O'Brien Portage
State Senate 20 D Sean McCann Kalamazoo
State Senate 20 L Lorence Wenke Galesburg
State Senate 21 R John Proos Saint Joseph
State Senate 21 D Bette Pierman Benton Harbor
State Senate 22 R Joe Hune Hamburg
State Senate 22 D Shari Pollesch Brighton
State Senate 22 L Jeff Wood Howell
State Senate 23 R Craig Whitehead Leslie
State Senate 23 D Curtis Hertel East Lansing
State Senate 24 R Rick Jones Grand Ledge
State Senate 24 D Dawn Levey Elsie
State Senate 25 R Phillip Pavlov Saint Clair
State Senate 25 D Terry Brown Pigeon
State Senate 26 R Tonya Schuitmaker Lawton
State Senate 26 D Jim Walters Lawton
State Senate 26 L William Wenzel Kentwood
State Senate 27 R Brendt Gerics Clio
State Senate 27 D Jim Ananich Flint
State Senate 28 R Peter MacGregor Rockford
State Senate 28 D Deb Havens Grand Rapids
State Senate 28 UST Ted Gerrard Grand Rapids
State Senate 29 R Dave Hildenbrand Grand Rapids
State Senate 29 D Lance Penny East Grand Rapids
State Senate 30 R Arlan Meekhof West Olive
State Senate 30 D Sarah Howard Grand Haven
State Senate 31 R Mike Green Mayville
State Senate 31 D Ron Mindykowski Bay City
State Senate 32 R Ken Horn Frankenmuth
State Senate 32 D Stacy Erwin Oakes Saginaw
State Senate 33 R Judy Emmons Sheridan
State Senate 33 D Fred Sprague Mount Pleasant
State Senate 34 R Geoff Hansen Hart
State Senate 34 D Cathy Forbes Hesperia
State Senate 35 R Darwin Booher Evart
State Senate 35 D Glenn Lottie Brethren
State Senate 36 R Jim Stamas Midland
State Senate 36 D Joe Lukasiewicz Greenbush
State Senate 37 R Wayne Schmidt Traverse City
State Senate 37 D Phil Bellfy Sault Ste. Marie
State Senate 38 R Tom Casperson Escanaba
State Senate 38 D Christopher Germain Escanaba