Colorado 2014 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?

2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned law enforcement devices, such as “Red Light Cameras,” being used to penalize citizens?

3. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?

4. Will you oppose all efforts to equip state police with “extraction devices” that download all of a citizen’s cell phone information without a warrant?

5. Will you support legislation to end warrantless unmanned drone surveillance?

6. Will you support legislation to block implementation of the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens in your state?

7. Do you support a bill that would protect a citizen's 4th amendment rights, and force the State to obtain a warrant prior to forcing a citizen to undergo a blood test, DNA extraction and databasing prior to conviction or for minor offences such as traffic

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1 R Raymond Garcia Denver
State House 1 D Susan Lontine Denver
State House 1 I Jon Biggerstaff Denver
State House 1 L David Hein Littleton
State House 2 R Jon Roberts Denver
State House 2 D Alec Garnett Denver
State House 3 R Candice Benge Englewood
State House 3 D Dan Kagan Cherry Hills Village
State House 4 R David Dobson Denver
State House 4 D Dan Pabon Denver
State House 5 R Ronnie Nelson Denver
State House 5 D Crisanta Duran Denver
State House 6 D Lois Court Denver
State House 7 R Jason DeBerry Denver
State House 7 D Angela Williams Denver
State House 7 I Elet Valentine Denver
State House 8 R Jeffery Washington Denver
State House 8 D Elizabeth McCann Denver
State House 9 R Celeste Gamache Denver
State House 9 D Paul Rosenthal Denver
State House 10 D Lee Hullinghorst Niwot
State House 11 R Charlie Plagainos Longmont
State House 11 D Jonathan Singer Longmont
State House 11 L Bill Gibson Longmont
State House 12 D Mike Foote Lafayette
State House 13 R Michael Hocevar Georgetown
State House 13 D K.C. Becker Boulder
State House 14 R Daniel Nordberg Colorado Springs
State House 14 D Glenn Carlson Colorado Springs
State House 15 R Gordon Klingenschmitt Colorado Springs
State House 15 D Lois Fornander Colorado Springs
State House 16 R Janak Joshi Colorado Springs
State House 16 D Ryan Macoubrie Colorado Springs
State House 17 R Catherine Roupe Colorado Springs
State House 17 D Thomas Exum Colorado Springs
State House 17 L Susan Quilleash Colorado Springs
State House 18 R Michael Schlierf Colorado Springs
State House 18 D Stanford Lee Colorado Springs
State House 19 R Paul Lundeen Monument
State House 20 R Terri Carver Colorado Springs
State House 21 R Lois Landgraf Fountain
State House 22 R Justin Everett Littleton
State House 22 D Mary Parker Littleton
State House 22 L Lynn Weitzel Littleton
State House 23 R Jane Barnes Lakewood
State House 23 D Max Tyler Lakewood
State House 23 L Michael Beckerman Lakewood
State House 24 R Joey Demott Wheat Ridge
State House 24 D Jesse Danielson Wheat Ridge
State House 25 R Jonathan Keyser Morrison
State House 25 D Janet Doyle Evergreen
State House 25 L Jack Woehr Golden
State House 26 R Charles McConnell Steamboat Springs
State House 26 D Diane Mitsch Bush Steamboat Springs
State House 26 L Thom Haupt Avon
State House 27 R Libby Szabo Broomfield
State House 27 D Wade Michael Norris Denver
State House 27 L Niles Aronson Arvada
State House 28 R Stacia Kuhn Lakewood
State House 28 D Brittany Petterson Lakewood
State House 29 R Susan Kochevar Westminster
State House 29 D Tracy Kraft-Tharp Arvada
State House 29 L Hans Romer Westminster
State House 30 R JoAnn Windholz Commerce City
State House 30 D Jenise May Aurora
State House 31 R Carol Beckler Thornton
State House 31 D Joseph Salazar Horton
State House 32 R Edgar Antillon Denver
State House 32 D Dominick Moreno Commerce City
State House 33 R Marijo Tinlin Superior
State House 33 D Dianne Primavera Broomfield
State House 33 L Carter Reid Superior
State House 34 R Alexander Winkler Northglenn
State House 34 D Steve Lebsock Thornton
State House 35 R Mike Melvin Westminster
State House 35 D Faith Winter Westminster
State House 36 R Richard J Bowman Aurora
State House 36 D Su Ryden Aurora
State House 37 R John Tate Centennial
State House 37 D Nancy Cronk Aurora
State House 38 R Kathleen Conti Littleton
State House 38 D Robert Bowen Centennial
State House 39 R Polly Lawrence Lafayette
State House 39 D James Clark Huff Parker
State House 40 R Julie Marie Shepherd Aurora
State House 40 D John Buckner Aurora
State House 40 L Geoff Hierholz Aurora
State House 41 D Jovan Melton Aurora
State House 42 R Mike Donald Aurora
State House 42 D Rhonda Fields Aurora
State House 43 R Kevin Van Winkle Highlands Ranch
State House 43 D Henry Barlow Highlands Ranch
State House 44 R Jack Hilbert Parker
State House 44 D Karen Jae Smith Lone Tree
State House 44 L Lily Williams Parker
State House 45 R Patrick Neville Franktown
State House 45 D Brandon W Wicks Castle Pines
State House 45 L James Jeansonne Castle Rock
State House 46 R Brian Mater Pueblo
State House 46 D Daneya Esgar Pueblo
State House 47 R Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff Pueblo
State House 47 D Lucretia Robinson Pueblo
State House 48 R Stephen Humphrey Severance
State House 49 R Perry L Buck Windsor
State House 50 R Isaia Aricayos Evans
State House 50 D Dave Young Greeley
State House 50 L Justin Borowski Evans
State House 51 R Brian Delgrosso Loveland
State House 52 R Donna Walter Fort Collins
State House 52 D JoAnne Ginal Fort Collins
State House 53 R Tim Bessler Fort Collins
State House 53 D Jeni Arndt Fort Collins
State House 54 R Yeulin Willett Grand Junction
State House 54 D Brad Webb Palisade
State House 54 I James Fletcher Palisade
State House 55 R Dan Thurlow Grand Junction
State House 55 D Chris Kennedy Grand Junction
State House 56 R Kevin Priola Henderson
State House 56 D Vicki Snider Brighton
State House 56 L Chris Baerns Aurora
State House 57 R Robert Rankin Carbondale
State House 57 L Sacha Mero Craig
State House 58 R Don Coram Montrose
State House 59 R J. Paul Brown Ignacio
State House 59 D Michael McLachlan Durango
State House 60 R Jim Wilson Salida
State House 60 I Curtis Imrie Buena Vista
State House 61 R Debra Irvine Breckenridge
State House 61 D Millie Hamner Frisco
State House 61 L Mac Trench Dillon
State House 62 R Marcy Freeburg Rye
State House 62 D Edward Vigil Fort Garland
State House 63 R Lori Saine Firestone
State House 63 D Dustin Urban Mead
State House 64 R Timothy Dore Elizabeth
State House 65 R Jon Becker Fort Morgan
State Senate 1 R Jerry Sonnenberg Sterling
State Senate 1 C Doug Aden Fort Lupton
State Senate 2 R Kevin Grantham Canon City
State Senate 2 G Martin Wirth Bailey
State Senate 3 R George Rivera Pueblo
State Senate 3 D Leroy Garcia Pueblo
State Senate 5 R Don Suppes Eckert
State Senate 5 D Donald Donovan Wilcott
State Senate 5 L Lee Mulcahy Aspen
State Senate 6 R Ellen Roberts Durango
State Senate 7 R Claudette Scott Grand Junction
State Senate 7 D Ray Konola Grand Junction
State Senate 9 R Kent Lambert Colorado Springs
State Senate 11 R William Herpin Colorado Springs
State Senate 11 D Michael Merrifield Colorado Springs
State Senate 11 L Norman Dawson Manitou Springs
State Senate 13 R John Cooke Greeley
State Senate 13 D Joe Perez Greeley
State Senate 15 R Kevin Lundberg Berthoud
State Senate 16 R Timothy Neville Littleton
State Senate 16 D Jeanne Nicholson Blackhawk
State Senate 19 R Laura Woods Arvada
State Senate 19 D Rachel Zenzinger Arvada
State Senate 19 L Gregg Miller Arvada
State Senate 20 R Larry Queen Wheat Ridge
State Senate 20 D Cheri Jahn Wheat Ridge
State Senate 20 L Chris Heismann Lakewood
State Senate 22 R Tony Sanchez Littleton
State Senate 22 D Andrew Kerr Lakewood
State Senate 24 R Beth Matinez Humenik Thornton
State Senate 24 D Judy Solano Brighton
State Senate 30 R Chris Holbert Parker
State Senate 30 D Bette Davis Lone Tree
State Senate 30 L Eric Price Littleton
State Senate 32 R Dawne Murray Denver
State Senate 32 D Irene Aguilar Denver
State Senate 32 L Darrell Dinges Denver
State Senate 34 R Stuart Siffring Denver
State Senate 34 D Lucia Guzman Denver
State Senate 34 L Brian Scriber Denver