Take Action Against KasichCare

Governor Kasich is due to release his budget proposal today, and it will include continued funding for his budget-busting ObamaCare expansion scheme.

And House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger recently reported the votes might be there in the House to continue the program.

While claiming not to support ObamaCare expansion, he insists they won’t be voting on “expansion.” He says they’ll be voting on “reauthorization.”

Speaker Rosenberger is trying to provide cover to any so-called “anti-ObamaCare” legislators that vote for the governor’s plan.

Don’t let him get away with it!

Call Speaker Rosenberger at 614-466-3506 and tell him a vote for “reauthorization” IS a vote for ObamaCare expansion.

Then call your own representative and tell them to oppose and vote NO on Governor Kasich’s ObamaCare expansion scheme.

Click here for contact information.

House budget committee hearings are set to begin on February 3, so it’s extremely important you take action right away.

As you know, John Kasich forced ObamaCare expansion down Ohio citizen’s throats last year – without legislative approval.

But the Ohio General Assembly has to vote to continue the failed program this session.

And they can refuse to cave to the governor’s unaffordable ObamaCare scheme.

Many of Ohio’s legislators have claimed to oppose ObamaCare since it passed, but now they’re being pressured by John Kasich and other Establishment forces to continue the program.

You can be sure the horse-trading and backroom deals are reaching a fever pitch.

It’s imperative we let them know loud and clear that Ohio citizens don’t want the expansion renewed.

Governor Kasich’s ObamaCare expansion is already 20% over budget!

But John Kasich wants your legislators to just ignore the truth - ObamaCare is a massively unaffordable, budget-busting failure that is driving UP costs and destroying our health care.

Your taxes will have to be increased to pay for it.

Call Speaker Rosenberger at 614-466-3506 and your own representative and tell them a vote for “reauthorization” IS a vote for ObamaCare.

Tell them to oppose and vote NO on ObamaCare expansion.

Click here for contact information.

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