Take Action: ObamaCare in House February 2

The bill to continue funding ObamaCare expansion (SB 101) and the ObamaCare expansion task force bill (SB 96) passed the Senate on January 29th, and both have been transmitted to the House.

SB 101 is on the House calendar for TODAY, February 2nd, at 1:30 p.m.

And SB 96 could move at any time.

It’s critical you contact your state representative IMMEDIATELY and demand he or she vote NO on the governor’s ObamaCare expansion funding bill and dangerous “task force” scheme.

Governor Hutchinson caved on ObamaCare expansion, and your state representative might be the deciding vote on this critical issue.

You see, the governor wants to “phase out” Arkansas’ current ObamaCare expansion and “replace” it with expansion under a different name.

One bill will create a “task force” that will explore a NEW Medicaid expansion option, and the renewal will continue the current private option with NO CHANGES.

Here’s the reality. . .

If both measures pass, the so-called “anti-ObamaCare” legislators will claim they voted to end ObamaCare expansion, while “ensuring” recipients have time to prepare before the program ends.

But the task force bill permits funding for the current program for 2 more years, and it almost guarantees a continuation of expansion under a different name in 2017.

Don’t let them get away with it!

You and I both know that Medicaid expansion by any name is still ObamaCare.

There is still time to end ObamaCare expansion in Arkansas, but you MUST take action before it’s too late.

It’s critically important you contact your state representative RIGHT NOW and demand he or she vote NO on SB 101 and SB 96.

If the Arkansas House of Representatives capitulates on the governor’s scheme, the private option will be extended, “tweaked,” and continued under a new name.

If that happens, ObamaCare expansion will remain in Arkansas for a long time to come.

We only need 26 votes to kill this bill.

Time is running short to stop this disaster from happening.  Please take action today.

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