Take Action this August to Audit the Fed!

While your senators are back home this August recess, make sure to pay them a visit and urge them to cosponsor Senator Paul's bill to Audit the Fed, S. 202.

Members of Congress are generally most accessible to their constituents during this time as they hold townhalls and give speeches.

Last Congress, 32 Senators cosponsored S. 604.  Currently, S. 202 is sitting at 7 cosponsors. 

Now, thanks to our members efforts last Congress, we were able to put the Senate on record for Audit the Fed with a vote on the Vitter Amendment to the Dodd/Frank bill.  The vote failed to pass 37-62, but between that roll call vote and the cosponsor list from the 111th Congress, we have a natural starting point for gaining more support in the Senate.

Below is a list of members who were either cosponsors of S. 604 or voted for the Vitter Amendment in the 111th Congress, along with an explanation of what each one did.

Barrasso R-WY * Boxer D-CA
Blunt R-MO * Cardin D-MD
Burr R-NC * Harkin D-IA
Cantwell D-WA   Landrieu D-LA
Coburn R-OK * Leahy D-VT
Cochran R-MS *    
Collins R-ME      
Cornyn R-TX *    
Crapo R-ID *    
Enzi R-WY      
Graham R-SC *    
Grassley R-IA *    
Hutchison R-TX *    
Inhofe R-OK *    
Isakson R-GA *    
Kirk R-IL *    
McCain R-AZ *    
Moran R-KS *    
Murkowski R-AK *    
Risch R-ID *    
Roberts R-KS      
Sanders I-VT *    
Sessions R-AL      
Shelby R-AL      
Snowe R-ME      
Thune R-SD *    
Webb D-VA *    
Wicker R-MS *    
Wyden D-OR *    

Names on the left voted for Vitter Amdt. to the Dodd/Frank bill in the 111th Congress.

Names on the left in italics were House cosponsors of H.R. 1207 in the 111th Congress.

Names on the right in bold were cosponsors who voted against Vitter Amdt. in the 111th Congress

* Denotes a member who cosponsored and voted for the Vitter Amdt. in the 111th Congress.

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