Terminate SnyderCare Now

Dear Tony,

Your efforts to stop SnyderCare are making a difference, but the issue is not dead yet.

You may have heard that House Republicans have stepped back from their plans to unleash National Health Care on the Michigan.

The latest reports indicate that they are now taking a “wait-and-see” approach, opting to wait for the court to decide before they proceeds with SnyderCare.

The headlines should read, “House Republicans will not stand up for Michiganders unless the Court gives him permission to do so.

House Republicans were not looking out for you when they passed other components of ObamaCare, and now, after an outcry from Michiganders, they are saying they will stand up for you only if the Court gives them the nod.

If the Court fails to overturn National Health Care, the House Republicans plan to betray your trust, abandon their sworn duty, and submissively comply with the dictates contained in ObamaCare.

No matter the outcome of the Supreme Court decision, Governor Snyder has taken $10 million in federal grant funds, and government-run insurance is being set up now.

He will expect you to forget his empty promises and, like obedient little children, blame the President for all of the many losses you will suffer as a result.

Don’t let him get away with it!

Nullification is one of the most important tools in the state’s toolbox. Standing up for state’s rights by refusing to impose the federal government’s dictatorial mandates is a primary weapon for holding them at bay.

Please take action today to protect state sovereignty and your individual rights.

Sign the petition demanding that the Governor Snyder cease all efforts to force National Health Care on Michiganders.

Our state is still holding on to over $10 million in federal grant funds earmarked for use in setting up the SnyderCare Exchange!

As you know, federal money always comes with strings attached. Merely accepting and spending these funds requires absolute obedience to federal government regulations.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will micro-manage every aspect of the exchange—complying requires the state to willingly surrender state sovereignty on all health care issues.

After you sign the petition, please contact your Representative and tell them how you feel about this spineless “wait-and-see” approach.

Tell them that even if the Supreme Court fails to overturn ObamaCare, you expect him to protect your rights and jealously guard state sovereignty by refusing to establish the SnyderCare Exchange.

You have over 10 million reasons to believe that they plan to sell you out if given the chance—and each reason has a dollar sign attached.

These grant funds are being used all over the country to enrich political allies and the well-connected, while you foot the bill and lose your freedoms.

Waiting for a decision from the Supreme Court before acting on ObamaCare is not enough!  The Legislature should pronounce the SnyderCare Exchanges terminated.

In Liberty,

Tony DeMott
State Coordinator
Michigan Campaign for Liberty

P.S. After you sign the petition demanding our state cease all efforts to force ObamaCare on Michiganders, please pass this message along to your contacts.

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