The American Empire; A Replica of Rome


The United States of America, now 235 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, is beyond any recognition of the initial Republic the founders envisioned and intended to establish.

The Constitution of the United States of America is unapologetically disregarded and ignored on a daily basis by our corrupt political leaders. Today’s political governing elite now work feverishly to protect, not liberty nor the principles of what America was founded upon, politically accrued wealth and power.

So then, who is to blame for the demise of a once free society? The answer is one which can be complicated but is overlooked in its simplicity. While we can attribute the Republic’s slow transition to totalitarianism to each of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government, the responsibility should be placed on the American citizens. The American citizens of the past, present, and future are more responsible than any of our elected officials or policy makers for the sad state of the nation.

Today, the American populace is alarmingly more and more obsessed with the newest episode of American Idol, MTV Cribs, The Voice, Survivor, or whichever entertainment medium the individual favors.  The people are immersed in the commercialism of entertainment and a culture with materialistic values. Like Rome, America started out a similar Republic and has morphed into an Empire. An Empire with resources scattered extremely thin throughout the world.

The parallels behind the American political state and that of Rome are hauntingly eerie.  The people of Rome, as they became wealthier, started working less and occupying themselves with drunken parties on a daily basis. The amount of people on public assistance grew until nearly half of the population equaled the number of those who produced. The clout of political corruptness induced Roman arms manufacturers to bribe politicians to declare unnecessary wars on a reoccurring basis to allow for a continual source of business and money.  Unsustainable social welfare programs and military adventurism led to devaluating of the Roman currency with cheaper metals (deviating from gold and silver).

The most influential factor in the fall of Rome was the people’s disregard for their responsibility to monitor the actions of the political leaders. The Romans, like Americans today, became lackadaisical and consumed with their vices, particularly sporting events, gluttony, sloth, and lust. The Gladiatorial games were as detrimental to the Roman Republic as the American obsession with all things athletic. Coincidentally, obesity is on the rise in America correlating with the number of people on government assistance. As government intervenes in a people’s economic activities, that same people’s work ethic diminishes. 

An indication of the sorry state of the American geopolitical landscape was the election of Barack Hussein Obama, a radical communist with a clear discontented view of the Constitution for the Republic of the United States of America.

The tendencies, habits, and actions of the American people, by not researching current issues and studying history, assure a silent encroachment of a totalitarian state by a small group of global elites. While the unethical actions of the global elite contribute to the loss of freedom and privacy in the modern world, the people are responsible for allowing their freedoms and privacy to be taken by government.

Both liberals and conservatives have contributed to the American Republic’s demise. Liberals have promoted the welfare state attributing to 47% of the population on some form of government assistance.  The conservatives have advocated an endless perpetual warfare state with an unwinnable agenda to make the world completely safe. Both parties have no concern whatsoever for the diluting monetary policy of a Central Bank intentionally devaluing the American dollar.

So, like Rome, America’s future is somewhat ensured by the fate of repeating history. The question is now “are we too late to reverse the trend?” Some say yes, others say not quite. The only thing that is known is that the unsustainable course America is on cannot continue.

The good news is that there is a remedy for our falling republic. The simple solution to America’s social and economic calamities is liberty. Liberty in the markets and liberty in personal civilian life will promote prosperity and a restoration of American virtues. Unfortunately, we are becoming less free. 

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