The Attack Continues

The attack continues in Wisconsin.

Just this last week the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), using a Dane county judge, shut down a producer who was simply providing a product that consumers wanted: milk.

Yet still many legislators have not signed on to Senate Bill 108 which would legalize raw milk in Wisconsin.

Real milk (or raw milk) comes straight from the cow and is believed by many to have qualities that are lost in pasteurized milk (the kind you buy in the store).

Although some believe that raw milk is dangerous, in fact, it is often better quality milk.  Many raw milk farmers keep grass-fed cows that are not confined in manure-laden pens and fed hormones--common practices with pasteurized milk.

So why is your legislator delaying and putting farmers' livelihoods at risk?

Are they bowing down to the powerful agricultural milk lobby?

Raw milk is a threat to the powerful agriculture milk industry and thus they are using the government to take down anyone who dare drink it or dare try to legalize it.

Currently only Senators Grothman, Darling, S. Fitzgerald, Galloway, Hansen, Holperin, Lasee, and Leibham are sponsors.

You and I need to step up the pressure on the rest of the senators to co-sponsor the new Raw Milk Bill so that farmers can be free to sell their products as they see fit.

Click here to contact your senator right now and demand that they co-sponsor SB108 and legalize raw milk.  Tell them raw milk must be legalized because farmers should not be criminalized and consumers should have a right to choose.

People should have the right to choose what they consume.  If they decide to drink raw milk and eat natural foods, that should be their choice--NOT the government's.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Interim State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  Why is the Wisconsin government afraid of all natural milk?  Why do they want to criminalize farmers for simply selling milk from a cow?  Click here to contact your senator right now and demand that they co-sponsor SB108 and legalize raw milk.

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