The Constitution Is King

By Luke Marrazzo

Our founding fathers risked execution by defying a tyrannical government that oppressed them with general warrants and policies of zero respect for personal privacy. This country’s inception was based on the individual, not on class, race, or affiliation. The Constitution is king, not politicians-- and certainly not bureaucrats.

So how is it that so many citizens of this country fail to rise up in mass protest when the government we put there to serve us lumps us all into the category of suspects?  Edward Snowden’s recent actions have brought to light a series of unforgivable violations of some of our most cherished rights.  Such heroic actions are immediately demonized by those interested in maintaining their grip on power.

In exposing the scandalous nature of the NSA and other government intelligence agencies Mr. Snowden has given the American people a unique insight into the inner workings of the government. This government, which is supposedly of the people, by the people, and for the people, is actually stripping “we the people” of every right we thought inalienable. We are now unable to hold a private conversation in the presence of any electronics without fearing that our “Big Brother” is listening. Nor can we send an email or text without wondering if this personal conversation will be intercepted and read by some bureaucrat- all in the name of so-called safety. Why don’t we just drain the ocean to a three-foot wading pool to make sure people don’t drown? Freedom comes with risks. The Founders accepted those risks and we ought to accept the risks of freedom as well and demand transparency over communistic safety.

The government is forcing us to give up our rights to support wars and policies that it started, all in the name of “protecting us”. We are being forced to relinquish our freedoms to fight people who supposedly hate us for those freedoms. All this hypocrisy is being ignored as government higher ups continue to claim these leaks will endanger national security. We all know that the greatest threat to our national security is the government’s hawkish nature yet that still doesn’t halt the incessant spying.

The fight for our liberties will not be easily won battle. You can help C4L protect the Fourth Amendment by signing our Pledge of Support.

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