The Health Care Compact: a distraction from the real solutions.

I've been asked to weigh in on the Health Care Compact that is being presented to limited government groups across the country.  After a careful review of it, I have determined that I cannot support it.  Below is a brief synopsis of why.

The only true option is to resist any new health care regulation and work tirelessly to roll back that which is already in place.  Both the Federal and State government should not be involved past the point of defining and prosecuting fraud, malpractice, and violations of liberty; and ensuring a system is in place for the mitigation of these disputes that is open, accessible, and available to citizens of this state.

It is my opinion that the Health Care Compact does nothing to get government out of healthcare and return it to the free market.  Instead it creates a false sense of security.  In fact, the compact is dependent upon approval from the federal government and can be modified, changed, or superseded at any time by the Federal Government.
It's worthwhile to note that the Federal Government believes there is no limit to its power and that our healthcare must be thoroughly dictated from a central bureaucracy.  Since the Federal Government must approve this compact, no result will come if it that does not include centralized management of our health.  The Federal Government will simply refuse any check on it's power that seeks to ask it permission to conduct that check.
Additionally, it creates a new bureaucracy that will be funded by the taxpayers and for what reason?  It

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