The Holy Grail has been Found!

A few years ago (1999 at the time) I received a telephone call from a stranger who stated that he was an author that was preparing to release a book that he had recently completed. He then said Thank You to me, and went on to share that he was very thankful for the work I had performed in my writings on the subject of the Holy Grail. He then kindly asked if he could have my mailing address so he could send me a copy of his soon-to-be released book. He emphasized that by gifting a personal copy of his book to me along with a personal message inside, that this would be the least he could do to return the favor of giving knowledge and thankfulness in return for what I had offered him."

From Scott Bruno - I was sort of shocked at the time, just by the simple fact that such gestures in kind I had somehow felt were something of the past, a something special that I did not think would still occur in the modern days of our society. So, having absolutely no "creep" factor from our phone discussion, and combined with my instinctive feeling that this indeed was truly an author whom was genuinely thanking me for a few pages of grail centric work I had offered online, I went ahead and gave him my address and we said good bye.

In a matter of a week, no more than two, the book arrived in my mailbox. Upon my reading the book the author had sent to me, and in combination with more late breaking findings in the hunt for the Grail, it was then that the true grail was indeed found. Are you ready to know the Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail is a, "Latent Miracle Power" that resides within each and every single one of us.

- Scott Bruno 2001


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