The Hypocrisy

"I have a right to make sure that
my home is secure."

That's what Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently proclaimed when asked about using taxpayer-funded police to stop BLM and Antifa protestors coming near her home.

Of course, Lightfoot and her ilk are letting rioters and "peaceful protesters" burn American cities, destroy business after business, and threaten average citizens' homes.

Meanwhile, they demand law-abiding American citizens hand over your guns as they let their political allies run roughshod over city after city!

You and I have to remain vigilant with all the chaos going on in the streets and freedom under attack everywhere you look.

With the sustained assaults on our liberty right now, I need all hands on deck to FIGHT BACK against authoritarian politicians who DEMAND we give up our freedoms, prostrate ourselves, and apologize for who we are (especially those of us who dare speak out publicly in the name of freedom)!

That’s why if you sign up as a Patriot Club monthly contributor by midnight on August 31, your name will be automatically entered to win the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 I'm giving away in my Patriot Club AR-15 giveaway.

I think YOU have the right to make sure YOUR home is secure.

And the truth is our country may have never seen anything like the sustained attack on liberty we're witnessing today.

First, the national media elites, Big Tech, the Deep State, and Big Government authoritarians at every level of government all locked arms in coronavirus hysteria.

They’ve driven our country toward a cliff.

Now, with many Americans completely on board -- and determined to take us with them -- there's little the global elites won’t excuse in their mad rush for more power and control over our daily lives.

From forcing you to get a government mark of approval to live your life with H.R. 6666-style contact tracing and forced medical interventions like bureaucrats in Virginia said they would mandate recently. . .

To the total Police State (with government "compliance" squads instead of "police"), they'll usher in after spinning up Antifa/BLM-led violence, riots, and looting in America's inner cities. . .

To more domestic government spying and so-called "Central Bank Digital Currency" to end private financial transactions and give government goons the ability to track every dollar you make and spend -- even determining what you can and cannot spend them on. . .

It’s beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

To top it all off, the bureaucrats, politicians, and their politically-connected corporate cronies are on the worst tear of plunder for American wealth in history, all while demanding you and I live on planet lockdown and watch our cities burn.

And I’m afraid we’re staring at still more Big Government freight trains headed our way with the November 2020 elections right around the corner.

With everything on our plates, I’m hoping I can count on you to sign up for  Campaign for Liberty’s Patriot Club monthly contributor program at once.

There’s a battle going on for the future of our country.

A battle between Americans who love their God-given liberties, and out-of-control Big Government statists hell-bent on destroying them.

Whether or not liberty prevails hinges on how you and I fight day-in and day-out.

I’ve been fighting the battle for liberty for over 40 years.

Despite all the insults, slanders, boos, and cheating coming from the Big Government statists, I’ve never backed down. EVER.

Now, I’m asking you to please join me in this fight day-in and day-out by signing up for  Campaign for Liberty’s Patriot Club monthly contributor program at once.

The truth is, Patriot Club members are so critical to everything Campaign for Liberty does.

It’s incredible the impact good folks like you -- giving $10 or $25 a month (or more) -- can make on the political scene.

This is the best way you can make an impact for liberty.

After all, how many times have you and I seen the statists do their worst when they believe the American people aren’t watching -- or just don’t have time to react?

Often, Congress doesn’t even make legislation public until just before voting to RAM it into law!

This is all part of the insider game in Washington, D.C.

And it’s all designed to ensure the American people are kept in the dark and stripped of any say in their own government.

This is why Campaign for Liberty’s Patriot Club monthly contributor program is so critical.

With email, social media, and phones, we have the technology to respond quickly to anything the statists throw at us.

But that’s only if we have the resources.

Patriot Club monthly contributors ensure Campaign for Liberty is always ready to strike back against Big Government schemes -- AND take advantage of opportunities to restore liberty.

Our Patriot Club members are truly modern-dayMinutemen” who provide the resources it takes for Campaign for Liberty to sound the alarm -- and alert other freedom-loving Americans to take action.

Not only that, but they also help ensure Campaign for Liberty can train new leaders to create a growing liberty movement that lasts far into the future.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to contribute to advance liberty but still want to make a real difference, this is THE program for you.

But the Patriot Club program only works if good folks like you remain active -- just like our country will only be saved if good folks like you fight to save it.

This is the best way you can make an impact for the principles of liberty I know you and I share.

So please sign up right away.

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