The National Popular Vote is an End Run Around our Constitution

Why should the NATIONAL Popular Vote throw out, overturn and reverse the STATE Popular Vote in your State?  Why even VOTE, if that's the case?

The National Popular Vote is nothing more than a weakly-disguised effort by Leftists who are still mad that the STATES elected George Bush in 2000.

The Electoral College is a wonderfully-designed system of Checks and Balances that has worked beautifully since our nation's founding.  There simply is no significant problem out there that the NPV effort solves. The U.S. Constitution, in fact, does not even CALL FOR ANY POPULAR vote to elect the President of the United States!  That is because our nation was uniquely built as a FEDERATION of sovereign States - it is the STATES who elect the President, not the People.  It provides a wonderful protection against mob rule in this country and it preserves the strength of all of the individual States that make up this great nation.

This is the United STATES of America.  It is not the United People of America, nor is it the United STATE of America.  Preserving the Federation is vital because it keeps keeps our government diverse and dispersed, much closer and more responsive to the people.  The NPV seeks to and will successfully diminish the federation.

The "Winner-Take-All" effect in the Electoral College is not a propblem that NPV solves.  The Constitution does not require that, like NPV advocates allow you to believe.  Each and every State is allowed to cast their Electoral Votes however their State legislatures decide.  IF THE REAL PROBLEM WAS, as NPV advertises, to get presidential campaigns to campaign in every State, the NPV does not achieve that.  If they were honest, they would encourage the State legislatures in the Very Strong Left and in the Very Strong Right States to APPORTION their Electoral Votes by Congressional District.  The States that are more evenly split around the 50-50 Left/Right voting mark will encourage the campaigns if they remain Winner-Take-All.

But leave that up to each State and for each election!

Not only is there no NEED for the NPV, there is no problem SOLVED by the NPV and the NPV, in fact, will erode a major Check & Balance in our system and encourage voter fraud in major cities and the largest population States.

If the National Popular Vote side-deal to elect the President was such a remarkable and positive improvement to life in these United States, WHY ARE THE BACKERS NOT PURSUING THE ADOPTION OF IT VIA THE SAME METHOD?

NO to the National Popular Vote!

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