The Pleasures of the Ivory Tower Warrior

Blood-lust long has ruled the commanding heights of the top neoconservative publications and think tanks.  War and more war is the policy of the Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal, and American Enterprise Institute.  However, much of the Left has proved to be as war-happy in practice.  Start with the president, who has twice doubled down in Afghanistan and started his own war in Libya.

And then there is the Washington Post.  These journalistic warriors are almost giddy at the thought of sending military personnel off on new military crusades.  The latest country they want to others to wage war is ... Mali!  Yes, Mali, where the U.S. has, well, no discernible interests. 

Observes Mark Adomanis:

I will confess that, when I first saw this editorial, I thought the Post’s website had been hacked. Surely the editorial board couldn’t possibly be so glib and reflexive in its interventionism as to recommend yet another American military adventure in a country that we don’t understand and in which we have no real interest.

But no!  It turns out that the editorial scribes had one cocktail too many while on a nice expense account lunch at the Palm or some other desirable watering hole in the nation's capital.  So it's off to another war!  Explained the Post:

The West should not allow its intervention in Libya to lead to the destruction of democracy — and entrenchment of Islamic militants — in a neighboring state.

The logical response after having intervened unnecessarily and foolishly destalibized a neighboring state would be to learn a lesson and intervene less in the future.  But not for the Sofa Samurai at the Post.  We just need to jump into another war.  That will solve everything!

After all, imagine what might happen if the U.S. doesn't get involved in Mali.  The Hitler of Africa might arise.  He likely would sweep across the Sahara and conquer North Africa.  Then it would be but a small bit of water to cross before he took Italy, just like the allies did in World War II.  Then the Malian hordes would be in the heart of Europe with nothing to stop them.  Finally, they would cross the Atlantic and America would find itself under the yoke of the new Mali dictator.  And the modern Dark Ages would descend on the world.

Yes, I guess we need to intervene.  NOT!


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