They're Back, and They Want Your Guns

The Illinois legislature is back in session, and your rights are already under assault.

While many state legislatures are working to loosen gun restrictions and some are even adopting Constitutional Carry laws, Illinois remains the most anti-Second Amendment state in the nation.

Last year, our legislators saw fit to chase residents and businesses out of Illinois by passing extreme tax increases, and this year, they are looking to eject gun manufacturers, such as Rock River Arms and Armalite from the state as well.

Lest we forget, when manufacturers leave the state, their jobs and tax payments go with them.

But expelling gun manufacturers and jobs from the state is not all you have to fear this session--your right to own certain guns and ammunition, or any gun at all is being debated in Springfield right now.

Representative Edward Acevedo, an extreme gun-grabbing Democrat from Chicago's 2nd District, is the primary sponsor for 2 bills of great concern. Both bills have already advanced to their third reading--meaning a vote could come at any time.

First up is HB1294. The measure will make it illegal for any person to manufacture, deliver, sell, purchase, or possess so-called 'assault' weapons, 'assault' weapon attachments, any .50 caliber rifle, and some types of ammunition and magazines.

While the bill makes an exception for owners of such guns and ammunition at the time of passage, they must provide "proof of ownership to the Department of State Police within 90 days."

Chicago extremists are demanding that you register your guns. I'm sure I don't have to tell you--right after gun registration comes confiscation.

HB1855 gives the Department of State Police the power to revoke your Firearm Owners Identification Card, and thus, your right to possess a gun, if your gun is lost or stolen a second time and you fail to report it within 72 hours.

That's right--if you are a victim of a crime, the state will victimize you again by taking your Second Amendment rights from you.

The city of Chicago has oft earned the distinction of "murder capital of the nation," while having the most restrictive gun laws. Criminals in Chicago have the upper hand because they can be pretty certain that their victims are defenseless.

High-crime and rendering innocent civilians defenseless is not what most people would call utopia, though Representative Acevedo seems to feel otherwise.

Don't allow Chicago politicians to dismantle your Second Amendment rights!

Call your representative today and demand that they vote against HB1294 and HB1855.

You can find your state representative by clicking here.

These bills could come up for a vote at any time. You must act now to preserve your right to own a gun in Illinois.

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