This Week in Congress

The House is back in session this week and will be in from Tuesday through Friday. Among the legislation to be considered is H.R. 1635 which expands access to counseling on student loan debt available to recipients of student loans. Among other things, it provides for annual counseling to make sure students understand the amount of their debt and their obligations to pay it back.

The House will also consider H.R. 4606, which provides that applicants for permits to drill liquified natural gas of less than .14 billion cubic feet per day be issued immediately.

The House will also consider H.R. 6691, which updates definitions of crimes in the U.S. criminal code.

The House may also consider H.R. 5885, the Energy and Water, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction Appropriations bill. For more on that legislation see here.

The House will also consider a number of bills under suspension of the rules, including:

  1. H.R. 6439– Creates a new program to facilitate the sharing of biometric and biological information among the U.S. and foreign governments to identify terrorist threats. The bill also requires the governments to work together to ensure the data is properly used and requires the data be stored in a federal database.

  1. H.R. 6459– Requires the TSA to adopt a strategy to diversify the technology marketplace used to purchase equipment.

  1. H.R. 6430– Gives the Secretary of Homeland Security new powers to interfere in the marketplace by implementing “certain requirements” for information to “supply chain risk” that could be harmful to “national security.”

  1. H.R. 5869– Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to perform an analysis of threats to the maritime border.

  1. H.R. 6438– Creates an unmanned aircraft (drones) coordinator in the department of Homeland Security.

  1. H.R. 6447– Creates the position of Chief Data Officer in the Department of Homeland Security.

  1. H.R. 6265– Requires that only those who have been cleared for pre-check can use the special pre-check security lanes.

  1. H.R. 6461– Creates a national deployment force in the Department of Homeland Security for “rapid and efficient deployment” to national emergencies . . . This seems like something that should get more than 40 minutes of debate and no amendments.

  1. H.R. 4318– Suspends duties on certain chemicals and other products.

  1. H.R. 5576– Authorizes the president to impose sanctions on individuals involved in cyber terrorism.

  2. H.R. 5274– Establishes a Global Election Exchange to promote best practices in elections . . . I wonder if this includes the architects of the 2012 Tampa powergrab?

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