Tim Carney fought cronyism before it was cool, don't miss him at LPAC!

In addition to hearing from Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul, elected officials like Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash, and receiving top-notch training on how to beat anti-liberty politicians and bureaucrats, attendees at LPAC 2014 will get to hear from some of the liberty movement’s leading writers and activists.

One speaker I am particularly excited about is Journalist Tim Carney, senior editor for The Washington Examiner.  Called "the best political reporter I ever hired," by the legendary Robert Novak, Tim follows in the tradition of his old boss in having at least one new fact in every column. When I worked  in Dr. Paul's Congressional office, Tim was one of the few DC-based reporters we trusted to give Dr. Paul's views a fair shake.

Like Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul, Tim has long been an outspoken critic of the cozy relationship between big government and big business. He began writing about how big businesses actively lobbed for big government in the Bush administration. His first book, The Big Rip-Off, is a pioneering work on corny capitalism that challenges the (at the time) accepted narratives of both left and right. That so many in the liberty movement today take it for granted that behind every statist scheme supposedly aimed at helping the "common people"  is a  well-heeled corporate lobbyist,  is in no small part because of the work of Tim Carney.

Tim's second book, Obamanomics: How Barack Obama Is Bankrupting You and Enriching His Wall Street Friends, Corporate Lobbyists, and Union Bosses, which has a foreword by C4L Chairman Ron Paul, exposes how Obama's major polices, from Obamacare to Cap-and-Trade, benefit powerful corporate interests at the expense of small businesses, consumers, and workers.

Tim's column for The Washington Examiner is must-read for anyone interested in learning the truth about how DC really works (see the end of this post for links to some of Tim's recent columns).

Don't miss your opportunity to see Tim and other great speakers at LPAC 2014!

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