Are more Ticket Cameras Coming to Texas?

I’m sure you’ve heard the story about the Trojan Horse. . . where something you thought was a gift turns out to have a dangerous and unwanted hidden surprise inside. There are plenty of examples of “Trojan Horse” bills that do the opposite of what their misleading names would have you believe.

For instance, the “Patriot Act” was used to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. . .

. . . or the “Affordable Care Act,” which turned out to be anything but affordable.

Unfortunately for Texas drivers, a dangerous “Trojan Horse” bill has been introduced that pretends to ban red light cameras, but it could actually EXPAND their use in Texas. Senator Hall's S.B. 88 would guarantee current red light cameras would be in place for the next 20 years or more. . . And it would even legalize speed ticket cameras!

I’ll tell you more in a minute, but I need your help right now to stop this Trojan Horse. Would you please call Senator Hall at 512-463-0102, and tell him you don't want S.B. 88 to pass?

You can also email him by clicking here.

Imagine a police officer hiding behind a bush in his patrol car. . .

. . . his camera records your speed and license plate. . .

. . . and a ticket is automatically generated -- for an unlimited dollar amount -- for traveling even one mile per hour over the speed limit. He would never have to pull you over or even prove you were the one driving the car!

Right now, these automatic speed ticket cameras are illegal in Texas. But Senator Hall's S.B. 88 would change that.

This so-called “camera ban bill” would PROTECT existing red light cameras and INCREASE the number of automatic ticket cameras in Texas! What kind of ban is that?


Texas Campaign for Liberty warned Senator Hall against doing this in the last legislative session.

 You and I made it clear to Senator Hall -- the only acceptable bill is one that would shut the cameras off immediately.

Senator Hall then claimed he would work on passing a real ban bill.

But instead of doing that, he has once again filed this “Trojan Horse” bill, betraying you and all of the grassroots activists who have worked so hard to get these cameras thrown out of Texas.

These cameras were slipped into Texas through unethical wheeling and dealing, and since then, Texas drivers have seen:

  • A federal bribery scandal;
  • Increasing accidents;
  • Denial of the right to a trial by jury;
  • Denial of the right to confront your accuser;
  • Interference with Texas elections;
  • Violations of the presumption of innocence.

It seems Senator Hall is deliberately misleading you.

 He’s claiming his bill would ban automatic ticket cameras, but it would actually further enrich the corrupt camera companies and their Texas lobbyists. Don’t let him get away with it!

With enough pressure, you and I may be able to get Senator Hall to support a real camera ban in Texas.

Please call Senator Hall at 512-463-0102, and tell him you don't want S.B. 88 to pass.

You can also email him by clicking here.

Let Senator Hall know S.B. 88 -- which would protect and expand automatic ticket cameras in Texas -- is not what the people want.

Texans deserve a real ban bill that would make the cameras go dark immediately. With enough pressure, Senator Hall could turn away from his pro-camera bill and support a real camera ban instead.

Senator Hall may try to tell you a ban on ticket cameras in Texas can’t be done, because the cities have signed contracts with the out-of-state camera companies.

Don't be fooled.

The contracts were illegal to begin with, so the argument to keep the cameras in place for decades just doesn't hold water. Senator Hall shouldn’t care more about preserving illegal contracts that violate your rights than he does about fixing the problem the legislature created when they let these cameras into Texas.

Did you know the contracts for red light cameras in Texas have clauses releasing the city from their agreements if the state passes a ban? There is no conflict!

Texas’ cities are already planning to cancel their contracts if a real ban bill passes in the legislature.

Consider the following excerpt from a document discovered in a workshop in Denton, Texas. . .

“Under the provisions of the red light camera contract, if the State legislature passes a law that removes the ability of the City to operate a red light camera program, there is no obligation to the City to continue paying for any remaining months of the contract."

“Similarly, if a Court were to make a ruling that the red light camera program (or Chapter 707 of the Transportation Code) was unconstitutional, the City has no obligation to pay for any remaining months of the contract.” (Denton, TX Memorandum, dated August 16, 2016.)"

 This proves Texas’ cities can cancel these contracts if you and I can get a real ban passed!

So please call Senator Hall at 512-463-0102, and tell him you don't want S.B. 88 to pass.

You can also email him by clicking here.

Urge Senator Hall to turn away from this so-called “red light ban camera bill.”

Demand a bill that actually bans the cameras in Texas.


In Liberty,

Byron Schirmbeck

State Coordinator

Texas Campaign for Liberty

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