Tired of asking my representive to represent me, to no avail... have letter telling me he's going the other way.  HEY, i elected you!

Tired of seeing my 83 year old mother worry about getting the social security she paid in.  And seeing the exhorbitant price she is paying for fill in the gap insurance.

Tired of worrying about my husbands job with the Postal Service.  He has been there over 15 years.  Bush, Issa and Donohoe seem to be draining the life out of an institution that has been around longer than the Constitution.  A few of Congress are standing up to try and make a change before it is too late, is it the revenue 15.5 billion a year to fund retirement for people who have not even been born yet...?   Or the overpayment Bush and Issa signed into law but refuse to ignowledge.  Three audits, 2 private and 1 governmental.  The two prifate or independent say the Post Office over paid by the billions, while the government audit says they didn't?  And congress is going with the latter.  What in your face lies..It is so frustrating when  I see how hard my husband works.  Oh, and one more tiny Postal thing.  They want to close sorting centers (some) that the equipment alone costs millions, plus the training to use the equipment and the land that was purchased to build the buildings (another cost) and the hundreds of thousands that will be out of work, also the closing of small post offices, and Saturday deliveries.  Ron Paul I would like to know exactly how you feel about these few facts about the current state of the post office.

Tired of worrying about our planet, the rain forrest, all species of animals with no homes or being killed for parts and sold, and then becoming extinct.  Viruses and other medical ailments also coming from them as they are being uprooted, and finally, the people who are indignious, losing their homes.  And GIlobal Warming, which we can plainly see!!!


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