To be without a Foundation


The Foundation of this United States of American is in the Declaration of Independence and is the most significant definition of a Republic in existence. Today this definition is hardly visible because in truth the document as created is not applied at all.


This is purely because of distractions that take the place of the point one is to focus upon. I bet today you have your attention on at least 10 different things going on in your life that you are worried about or working on to accomplish or that bother you but in these 10 things not one piece of attention goes towards your own Republic and this is the exact reason why a Republic does not exist at all.


Let me ask you a few questions and you look for yourself and then you tell me what is missing.

Do you include life in all your daily decisions? I mean what helps it grow, what is better for it on the basis of a Republic or on how it will grow by what it is you do?


Do you include Liberty in all your daily choices? Liberty as in how Government will be controlled so it does not become out of control?


Do you include into all your daily decisions your pursuits in the direction of the first two? 


What do you think actually makes up a Republic by the definition stated in the Declaration of Independence?


What does a Republic look like to you when you visualize it based on such a Definition?


It is a funny thing when you answer all of these questions honestly all of the sudden a Republic actually has no shape, has no existence, or presence in which to verify it exists and you might all the sudden discover it actually doesn’t. WOW, thats funny but I thought we are to be “A Republic”, how?

What is it you put in that made it a Republic, what acts did you do that actually brought out the idea and actually made it a way of life and viewable by result?


Don’t be so hard on yourself, my own self discovery also caught me with my pants down. But at the same time this became a real wake up call for me in my own life and I keep asking myself I wonder if many are where I am? This is your chance to discover for yourself what you have not been doing , that in fact no Republic exist by the definition given in the Declaration of Independence. 


Hopefully this is as staggering for you as it is for me and you will retrain yourself to focus on that life for which you wish to live. I discovered this while exploring the original document pre 1776 when the one we see now was ratified. I had found things that really made me question why they were really taken out and I also realized that this was not a document to simply read that in truth this was the standing definition of a Republic defined and was intended for actual use in order to bring about such a Republic. Now I don’t know why I did not recognize this until the Original but it was definitely food for thought. I thought I would share that experience with you and you could see for yourself.


When I look at what my life has been focused on for the last 10 years and that it was not once focused on the very idea of a Republic that I got we were actually not by my own lack of use and knowledge of such an idea. Yet I have always been passionate about American and life in it but yet here I am questioning myself and my own motives.


For your information; no concept or idea has been brought into being without first acting in its direction. There has to be some drive to achieve it and this drive really came down to simple decision making based on good principals. Now I don't know about you but when I really got this document I could find no better principals in which way I would like to live my life. This has only validated my very own values and this is truly when I got it was intended to be used.


Thought you should share in such a journey so please share your thoughts.



William Schooler

A Producing American in a Republic by choice.

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