Truth Will Stand

Ron Paul's pointless Internet presidency

Four years ago, the shrewdest presidential candidates used YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and a dash of Twitter. They also tried to gain a strange new psychic edge called—in the contrived conceit of the day—"mindshare in the blogosphere." Apps were nowhere in campaign strategies. The iPhone was new. The iPad didn't exist.

So who e-campaigned best last time? During Super Tuesday week in 2008, Garlik, a British firm that monitors digital reputations, ranked the day's presidential candidates by online popularity. It didn't take Nate Silver or that Zogby person to call the winner. If you hung around social media even a little, you knew the fix was in.

It wasn't Hillary Clinton. Nor Mitt Romney, John McCain or Barack Obama. Blowing them all away—sealing for himself, in fact, the Presidency of the United Cyberstates of Digital America, commander-in-chief of the Information-Wants-To-Be-Free World—was, naturally, Congressman Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul.

Ron Paul, President of the Internet! Hail to the online chief! Four more years!

Ron Paul has about 900,000 Facebook likers, almost precisely the number of votes he has received this election, which he is not—you heard it here first—going to win.

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  I take issue with the premise of the above article, that Congressman Ron Paul's Presidential candidancy is "pointless". True Dr Paul does not have a ghost of a chance to secure the GOP nomination much less the Presidency of the United States. However the Ron Paul candidancy has brought up issues that none of the other candidates would ever visit,, including 'Mr. Big Thinker", Newt Gingrinch, those issues being the Federal Reserve monetary policy and "American Imperialism" foreign policy. These are the issues really destroying America, not entitlements , marriage or abortion issues. Telling the Truth is never "pointless", even if few hear it because after all is said and done, Truth Will Stand.

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