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July 12, 2011 – Liberty NewsWire


July 12, 2011 – Liberty NewsWire

"House Republicans are pushing legislation that would overturn measures in a 2007 energy act requiring efficiency upgrades in the old-fashioned incandescent light bulb, little changed since it was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879." – The Washington Times

Obama, Lawmakers Regroup to Seek Debt Deal – Reuters

Obama Flexes Executive Powers to Bypass Congressional Opposition – The Hill

House to Vote to Ban Rules on New Light Bulbs – The Washington Times

House Could Cut Rail Stimulus Funds – The Hill

Study Finds Small Businesses Not Ready to Hire – The Washington Times

U.S. and France Step Up Pressure on Syria's Assad – Reuters

Lawmakers Agree Obama Botched Libya Action – The Washington Times

Feds' Healthcare Anti-Fraud System Failing – CBS News 

China's Reserves Rise to Nearly $3.2 Trillion – CBS News


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