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TSA misconduct up 26% since 2010


TSA misconduct up 26% since 2010

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirms what most of us suspected–  misconduct among Transportation Security Agency officials increased by 26% over the past year:

Among the report’s findings:

– Misconduct cases involving TSA employees — everything from being late to skipping crucial security protocols — rose from 2,691 a year in 2010 to 3,408 in 2012.

– About a third of the cases involved being late or not reporting for work, the largest single category of offenses.

– 10% of offenses involved inappropriate comments or abusive behavior.

– About a quarter involved screening and security failures — including sleeping on the job — or neglect of duty offenses that resulted in losses or careless inspections.

In the wake of the report some are calling for better training of TSA officials, while others are calling on passengers to be more vigilant in watching for, and reporting TSA misconduct (if you see something, say something).

Camping for Liberty has a better idea.



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