Patriot Club

Your monthly gift will help support and sustain Campaign for Liberty's vital work to protect our constitutional freedoms. For a donation of $10 or more a month, you will become a member of our Patriot Giving Club and receive:

In Liberty Newsletter

Our brand new quarterly newsletter filled with information, helpful activism tips, in-depth interviews, profiles in courage, and much more. It is printed in full color and is delivered right to your home. Impress your liberty loving friends by knowing the "who, what, and where" before everyone else.

Supporter Recognition Gifts

Patriot Club members will receive gifts from Campaign for Liberty in appreciation for their tremendous generosity. Upcoming gifts include books, autographed items, and exclusive Campaign for Liberty items not available anywhere else.

"Leaders of Liberty"

This once a quarter telephone town hall call features special guests like Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, and other leaders in the freedom movement. They will provide exclusive insight into current affairs, national events, and current projects they are working on. As an added bonus, each call provides a way for attendees to dial in and speak with our special guests directly. Been saving that question you've always wanted to ask Rand Paul? Call in and you might just get that chance! Donors of $50 or more per month become members of the C4L's Inner Circle!

Join Patriot Club today!

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