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The Audit of the Modern Party Mentality


The Audit of the Modern Party Mentality

All of us have concerns, feelings, and that which makes us uniquely who we are. Varying parties and groups are good. However, at the end of the day, all of us legally in this country deal with the same issues. For too long now this very 'un-American' ( I dare say) attitude about class, perpetuating stereotypes, and hate, is beyond schoolyard nonsense, and is just obtusely misdirectional and estranged from anything that this country was intended to be.

Party leaders and political media mega-moguls stand center stage demanding your anger, your love, and your obedient loyalty. Not on my watch. Everyone one of us knows, should we truly think about it, that neither party is anything but extremists. It's one evil or the other. And, its a hypocritical direct slap in the face to our wondrous forefathers. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

The founding party of this country was the US Democratic-Republican party, for those unaware. I support Ron Paul because I do not care what party he is. Its a paper-name to him, nothing more. It doesn't dictate who he is or what he does. I care who he is and what he truly stands for behind the curtain, just as any American should about any candidate they choose to place their valuable faith in; regardless of what they choose to call themselves. He stands for all Americans and their values, and therefore he stands for me as well. That is the kind of dedication and unity we need. Its time Americans draw from the example he is trying to set, and drop these fallacious mentalities about party wars. Such things prove in countless historical examples from ancient China all through modern times, that this internal struggle is precisely the distraction needed for the monetary corruption in this country to continue to deisgn all of our ruin.

No matter what card you carry or what you call yourself, when all is said and done we are all American. Its ok to disagree. I learn and explore more thoughts from someone I disagree with, and I enjoy it. Our varied views is what makes this country great; but when you have nothing but party fed anger and extremists ranting over the ideas of their party leaders, they are simply tools in a selfish and egotistical political struggle – NOT a campaign for liberty, nor any restoration of this wonderful country. They are simply enlisting you for their cause because they think you are too stupid to know any better. However, I believe in my countrymen much more than those fools; And, I believe all Americans will come together in the time of need, that threatens us all as a country – Such as the monetary corruption infiltrating every rank and file of our system as we speak.

Its time for Americans to put the petty manipulation of their opinion handlers in the trash, and to start thinking for themselves. It angers me not a little to see my fellow countrymen tricked into supporting someone who, themselves, supports the very same companies and corporations that have stolen most of your jobs, retirement funds, and lives. That is how they get the money for the spotlight.

Whether I agree with you or disgaree, we can all come together on what reailty is with a simple look outside of our media fed opinions. Just remove the fallacy and subjective opinions, and the truth presents itself. (besides the fact that all the media can produce lately is subjective opinion and fallacy)

And whether we agree or disagree, you better damn well bet I would stand right next to you and defend your right to that freedom. Because, I'm American, just like you. Simple, isn't it?

'The Modern Party Mentality' must fall to reunite this country, as well as to produce any objective results in the longterm.


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